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Blackberry may release a smartphone with Android on Board

Not sure exactly what this news can be taken entirely on faith, even despite the fact that the source indicated to Reuters. Yet it is more like rumors, which, however, rarely arise quite out of nowhere. And such a move is actually not devoid of meaning, if a company wants profit. Meanwhile, the version of the Blackberry 10 system recognized the failure.

Canadians Blackberry have some difficulty with the demand for their devices. They obviously can't compete with Android and iOS, which are now successfully dominate the world of mobile operating systems. The last 7 years the share of Blackberry on the market is gradually declining. Apparently, to change the situation, Blackberry think about how to let your own Android device.


SVEN Standard 304: keyboard on crisis price

The keyboard Case is made of black light plastic. The total mass of the device is 900 g. however, it cannot be called flimsy. All elements of the case are fit to each other perfectly, no squeaks and wobbles. Overall, this is a classic keyboard, with its practical design.

Keyboard SVEN Standard 304 is the standard keyboard. In terms of functionality and appearance. The model has basic functionality and familiar to the experienced user appearance. Practical purchase for reasonable users.


SmartMonitor Philips S221C4 to replace the home PC

In essence, the model S221C4 is a regular monitor, but without the usual stand, but with touch screen and mobile OSes Android. On the surface it is mounted on rubber feet on the bottom of the case. They hold fast and doesn't allow the monitor to slide. Support for monitor stands folding legs, which is quite wide limits adjusts the monitor angle. The device can be compactly placed on almost any surface. And even take to bed with me, if you'd only be bored.

Monitors "all-in-one" rather interesting kind of products, whose popularity among users is not very high. Which is weird because they combine the capabilities as a full-fledged computer or tablet, and the image output device from external sources. The hero of our today's review will be a 21.5-inch SmartMonitor S221C4 Philips with touch screen and Android OS at the Board.


BlackBerry will release an Android smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard

It Seems That BlackBerry tired to swim against the current is a canadian manufacturer plans to release a smartphone running Android.


TRI: Of Friendship and Madness [v1.0.4] (2014) PC | Litsenziya

Year: 2014


9 high-end smartphones with support for microSD, which you can buy now



Keyboard Ozone Blade: stylish assistant to the gamer

Keyboard Case, as well as her keys made of sturdy and reliable plastic. The whole Assembly never bend or squeak, despite the large size of the device. Still, it is equipped two-level palm rest. Chopped shapes, oblique angles and lines give the keyboard an aggressive look even with the backlight off.

Today we explore a bright and stylish gaming keyboard Ozone Blade, can boast of additional keys, onboard memory, aggressive design and quiet keys. All the details look below.


Google Keyboard is pleasantly refreshed, got sync

It's even weird that Google had not paid attention to this issue. After all, the strength of smartphones is that they live in one ecosystem with other devices, different timing allow us to access one and eat same data from different devices from anywhere where there is access to the Network. Now, finally, it became true for Google Keyboard.

Google Keyboard once again updated. In principle, there is nothing unusual, Google is constantly rolling out updates for their products, eliminating bugs, or adding something new. But this time there's a feature that you all waited a very long time. Cloud era came the ability to sync custom dictionaries Google Keyboard became available only today.


Sberbank online any transactions and pay from your smartphone

No, you can't call the current mobile application "Sberbank Online" ideal, sometimes it is quite ambiguous. But in General, comparing with the application of the mobile Bank competing structures, I would put the score closer to 5 than to 0 point scale. 4, for example.

the savings, of course, the office is ambiguous. It can be a long blame them for the quality of service for a client in the methods. But on the other hand, to be objective, it is clear that the company is actively growing, evolving and improving. On example of Sberbank progress is visible very noticeable, because initially the strap was very low. And therefore even the slightest improvement seems substantial. For example, once I was happy that Sberbank has released a mobile application "Sberbank Online". The design and functionality, of course, could be described in just one word ending in the letter "o". Uncomfortable, not functional and not beautiful. But the app has grown and evolved and at some point of the ugly duckling turned into quite a pleasant client-the Bank.


Lenovo held a special event TechWorld Lenovo

In that moment, when all the world belongs to the annual conference Google I/O 2015, Lenovo has decided to hold a private event in Beijing, where he demonstrated some pretty interesting innovations, including a smartphone with laser projector, clock and console Lenovo Cast.


Alternative Hexy Launcher SwiftKey from the authors

The Developers of SwiftKey continue experiments. This time the programmers have dared to go beyond keyboards and presented to the users of the launcher.


Gaming keyboard Tesoro Colada Saint: with your face

The Most noticeable feature of the keyboard is its metal body. Silver aluminum looks expensive and beautiful. In the corners there are the cap screws that set the keyboard brutal tone. Keys to match the case painted in silver color, though made of plastic. Under a space bar, there are three additional buttons, on which to hang useful commands directly during the game.

Tesoro Colada Saint definitely has its own character and charisma. Elegant and unusual design, stylish zonal led make the keyboard an unusual and notable keyboard collapse. Added to this is the special gaming features, and we get a decent interesting device. Which now and take a closer look.


Microsoft is taking pre-orders for the Russian VR-helmet Fibrum Pro

Microsoft is already registering pre-orders for the Russian virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro.


An important outcome of the conference Microsoft Build 2015

Yesterday, Microsoft opened the annual conference, Build 2015. Focused primarily on developers, the event of interest to ordinary users of products of the IT giant.


Experimental keyboard Clarity from the creators of SwiftKey

The Developers of popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey decided to experiment without endangering the main product.


Routes Google Maps, reminders, alarm clock with a PC and phone

I Have often, before you walk out of the house I'm plotting your route to Google Maps with the PC, do you weigh everything in your mind, remember. And then if necessary consult with Google Maps on the smartphone, already having a certain impression in the mind previously received. At the same time I was surprised that still Google Now picks up this information.

Today we very often use smartphones . It's hard to even count how many times a day we take the hands to perform different tasks. But we have to admit that when it comes to typing, virtual keyboard loses cool traditional. And the size of smartphones are not always as we would like. There are also healthy phablets , but in the case of the route on the map, where will be more convenient full-sized monitor.


Tablet Onda Vi10 combines Windows and Android

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has introduced the tablet market is highly original novelty - Chuwi Vi10, combining two operating systems: Windows and Android.


FUNCTIONAL, stylish calculator - all true, even have nothing to add

But "regular" quilts can be described by the word "masterpiece". In visual terms. Download it and fall in love, just want to uninstall the stock from which he is saved only by the fact that it is a system app that no rooting cannot be deleted. Default theme to "regular" quilts are so well developed that you keep looking at it. All drawn carefully, without wonder, by the way, the developers are right in the title use the word "stylish". It is.

Perhaps, this review is for fans to decorate their system. Tell me, do you often use a calculator? Or you have a math so well that these instruments do not need? But you must admit that the presence of the calculator in your phone is convenient. However, I standard calculator Android I do not like superficially. I think not me alone. From version to version it is a little ugly. Or compared to "regular" quilts nondescript.


Ozone Neon: elongated and smart gaming mouse

Mouse Ozone Neon is longer than their office counterparts. Width is about the same. Overall, the appearance of the mouse can be called elegant and even sophisticated.

Real competitive players for games are respective gaming devices. Mice, headsets, keyboards and even rugs. All these devices are developed with an eye to help the player effectively realize your gaming skill. Is designed for easy and fast gaming mouse with extra buttons and high-precision sensor Ozone Neon from the Spanish manufacturer Ozone Gaming Gear.


10 most unusual game controllers

It Seems that it is the dream of any gamer-lover's series. Once the sale was released a limited edition controller for Resident Evil toys. The developers decided that in this way can provide fans of the franchise more immersive gameplay.

Since the arrival of video games in our lives in the 70-ies, accessories ' manufacturers have introduced many different game controllers. From the familiar to us, which is the default for any console to more interesting, as, for example, the Guitar Hero series. But did you know that some collectors have a much more exotic and interesting things? Under the cut we have compiled a list of 10 most unusual and surprising game controllers for consoles and PC.