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Fresh details about a trio of smartphones from BlackBerry

Fans of the canadian company are looking forward to the Android smartphones of Hamburg and Rome, who recently got "spyware" the .


Fresh details about the new Android smartphone from BlackBerry

The New BlackBerry smartphone with Green robot appeared on the “spy” photos.


Pinterest has acquired the developers of the Fleksy keyboard

For the IT-gate, more interesting messengers can be only the keyboard. Some companies endlessly create them, others are buying.


Acer Aspire happy fresh ultraboom S13 and Switch Alpha 12

Both machines are running Windows 10 . About Aspire S13 if the company declares that it stands out battery life - up to 13 hours on a single battery charge, then Switch Aplha also has its own particularity. This device works without a fan, the company's engineers for cooling technology used Acer Liquid Loop.

Modern technology is not only smartphones and tablets (which by the way I write less and less), but also PC, and in our case the laptops, which gradually evolved and was even given the name "ultrabook". Acer being one of the first companies that entered the market of ultrabooks by launching this new direction, now presented its new solutions in this area: S13 Aspire Switch 12 and Alpha.


Yandex.The keyboard problem is resolved on Android

Keyboard corrects mistakes and typographical errors and is able to predict what word a user wants to type next. The more one works with the Keyboard, the more accurate the predictions become, and the less time spent on printing.

Yandex has released a virtual keyboard for Android devices. Yandex.The keyboard is useful for those who often gaining on the smartphone texts or a lot of texting with her friends.


Yandex.The keyboard appeared on Android

“Yandex.Keyboard finally became available to users of Android-devices.


ZenBook 3 i Transformer 3 Pro — ubiytsi MacBook i Surface Pro ot ASUS

Computex is an annual platform where ASUS is demonstrating achievements in the field of smartphones, laptops and computer hardware.


New masterpiece - Asus Zenbook 3

All the stuffing device could fit in an aluminum body with a maximum thickness of 11.9 millimeters. The whole gadget is only 910 grams.

If you are satisfied with your current laptop, then this article better not to read, because a few hours ago Asus showed a new masterpiece. Zenbook 3 the company calls the most prestigious in the world a laptop. And judging by the description and photo, the way it is. Of course, it will be compared to the MacBook. And, I must say that the Zenbook 3 was at least thinner and more powerful.


AccuWeather will tell you about the weather in Russia the users of UC Browser

Wherever in Russia you are - you can safely count on an accurate forecast. Right in the opening browser window, the address is even no need to drive, and on a smartphone using a virtual keyboard, it is not always convenient. Simply tap on the thumbnail much easier. If necessary, the browser will even broadcast a widget for notifications, telling you about the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, visibility, humidity and more.

How to determine the exact weather today with a smartphone? Barometer and weather vane in most phones is not yet built, but it is useless. After all, you can just load a browser, pass on some weather website and see the forecast for today and the coming days. Or you can make it even simpler, by skipping one step if you use UC Browser , which is now in cooperation with AccuWeather just talk about the weather.


Manual: on Windows 10 Xiaomi Mi 4, official firmware

By the Way, following is a method you can use to change the Android firmware. Just earlier we looked at how you can sewing of a custom rekaveri . Now follow the other way, personally, I myself like it less. But perhaps it is more versatile. Anyway, this way you can sometimes save the smartphone, in other ways if something went wrong.

it was evening, there was nothing to do, but because, realizing that MIUI 8 yet too crude for everyday use is not good, appeared the idea to try Windows 10 for smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 . Don't know why could someone need in addition as out of curiosity, but I will tell you how fast to flash the mobile OS from Microsoft Mi 4.


Fresh details about VR-platform Daydream from Google

The Announcement Daydream platform for virtual reality helmets provoked discussion and raised some important issues.


Beautiful picture - it is impossible in Windows 10

Today you can find on the market besides Apple's laptops with screen resolutions above 1920x1080 pixels. But working with such equipment, it is absolutely impossible. Even despite the fact that in the summer, Microsoft released a new version of its operating system. Windows 10, which personally I had hope not saved the situation. It's all the same crude and poor semi-finished product, like Windows 8, but in a new wrapper.

World saw Apple with Retina displays in 2012. By that time there was a tradition that Apple sets trends, and other vendors that produce electronics, pick up something that was brought to life by Apple company. A new type of screens without pixelation, which should start the experiments and the manufacturers of Windows laptops. In the court without day 2016 that we see today? The situation is deplorable.


Characteristics of Android-smartphone from BlackBerry Hamburg

While the situation surrounding the future of BlackBerry mobile units at issue, rumors about the two Android smartphones continue to appear with surprising frequency.


Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.


Droider Cast #25 — the marginalia

Now you will hear the 3 magic words: Droider Cast returned.


GBoard from Google — iOS-keyboard with GIF and search

The rumors are true: Google has indeed released a keyboard for iOS devices.


Razer creates branded smartphone

Razer is known to gamers from all over the world thanks to the headphones, keyboards, mice and laptops. However, the smartphones never included in this list.


5.0 Google Keyboard — new layout, cursor control and "one-handed" typing

Brand keyboard Google have not been updated, however, in version 5.0 the developers catch up.


Google Keyboard Updated to version 5.0

The Update is really big. Touched usability, interface, Emoji. But, unfortunately, not reported anything that hinted at the fact that the impacted algorithms predictively and typing accuracy.

Keyboard of the mobile OS in - app, without which it simply impossible to do. Not only to communicate will not work, but generally use a smartphone or tablet. Without these virtual buttons anywhere. However, Google long ago enough does not give updates for Google Keyboard, but the changes in the company enough. Already for major version 5.0.


The rating of the largest manufacturers of tablets for early 2016

IDC Analysts continue to surprise by reporting for the first and second financial quarters of 2016.