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Details about the innovations of Windows 10 mobile

Another "leak" about Windows 10 for mobile devices to demonstrate the new features of multitasking, and also some other OS functions.


Logitech announces keyboard Keys-To-Go

Getting a high enough level of popularity among the users of the iPad, Logitech has decided to expand the target audience of your wireless and waterproof keyboard Keys-To-Go owners of portable devices based on platforms Windows and Android.


Dell Venue 10 7000 tablet for business and entertainment

The American company Dell expands its line of premium tablets, with the presentation of its new 10-inch device Venue 10 7000 is designed for work and for entertainment.


ASUS announced the Padfone S Plus

ASUS has continued to promote the idea of transformers, announced Padfone S Plus multiple accessories.


Write letters: 5 hidden features of Gmail

April 1, 2004, in addition to a Day of laughter, and birth Apple, Google presented to the users email service Gmail. Despite the chosen date, it was not a joke, or it was delayed for 11 years.


New build Windows mobile 10 on video

Published a video demonstrating the features of the new Preview build (12534) mobile Windows 10.


Chromebit - mini-computer on Chrome OS from ASUS

Google continues to move the masses cloud-based Chrome OS, and with it the cheap computers running this OS.


Two in one: an overview of Irbis TW89 - new-transformer tablet to Windows 8.1

So, the tablet Irbis TW89. The first and important feature of the device – the presence of complete a separate block with the keyboard. Beyond the usual keys, this accessory has a touchpad with two hardware buttons. Attaching the keyboard to the tablet, we got a compact laptop with full Windows interface. If desired, you can complete the set with the mouse by connecting it through OTG cable or via Bluetooth.

the Russian company Irbis, which for many years has been producing computers and televisions, not so long ago, has expanded its range of mobile devices – tablets and smartphones on Android. And in early 2015 in the Wake of General renewed interest in OSes from Microsoft, the company unveiled a lineup of tablets on Windows 8.1. One of the innovations we were able to get acquainted.


Startup Neptune Suite has collected more than 900 000 $

Wearable electronics Manufacturers have convinced consumers that smart watch is a companion for the smartphone, leaving to the court the question of utility.


Samsung introduced on the Russian market, the GALAXY Tab A

The Company Samsung Electronics introduced a new line of Internet tablets, the Samsung GALAXY Tab A which she positions as ergonomic, lightweight and thin (only 7.5 mm) of the productive models with adaptive screen format 4:3 and 4G, optimized and designed primarily for the Internet.


Compiled, compiled, Yes did not vitamineral: 5 myths about Linux

March 14, 1994 an event occurred that is significant to the entire Open Source community. Saw the light of Linux kernel version 1.0.0. By the way, the latest version at the moment 3.19.


Apple Event: What we left spring presentation

March 9, Apple held an event in which Tim cook and company reported to journalists for their work. In particular, Apple revealed the new MacBook (and updated pre-existing line of computers), tool ResearchKit HBO Now announced the release of iOS 8.2 and the start of sales Apple Watch, also announced a new price tag on the Apple TV.


The appearance of the system of Xperia smartphones in Lollipop and KitKat

Phonearena continue the cycle of comparative posts about how the system looks from various manufacturers familiar to us already Android KitKat and not for all the usual Android Lollipop. If you only expect a firmware update to Lollipop, while it is possible to see and to imagine, what to prepare, if you are in possession of a smartphone from Sony's Xperia line.


Compare 7 and HTC Sense 6 Sense

Looking ahead to say that actually, despite skakunova version number of the shell, the difference between Sense 6 and Sense 7 is almost there. Something where the icon is redrawn, sometimes the titles of the Windows repainted, the keyboard's appearance changed. All the small things.

Releasing smartphone One M9, HTC showed the world and the seventh version of the original shell Sense. Journalists of the Phonearena, having caught up the smartphone with a new Sense decided to compare it with Sense 6. Let's see how evolved the system under the influence of the designers and programmers of Taiwanese.


Comparison of the appearance of Tizen, Android Lollipop, Samsung TouchWiz

Whether Samsung Copied the green robot or drew attention to the iOS or come up with something of their own? You can compare the screenshots below. By the way, Tizen has one distinctive feature. If Android is always made in any colors, Tizen can be easily repaint in the settings there by setting the main color system.

With the release of the operating system Tizen from Samsung became two interfaces that have to maintain and upgrade: the new OS and a proprietary shell TouchWiz, which the company traditionally fastens on top of Android. But, if in the case of TouzhWiz for Samsung there are some restrictions from Google, let's see how looks a system where Koreans are their own masters. Journalists Asrtechnica decided to compare how to look like Tizen, TouchWiz and Android Lollipop in identical applications.


Gaming keyboard Tesoro Durandal: winner

A sheath to cover the blade serves as a handy cardboard box with a handle. There Tesoro Durandal securely locks soft and covered by a plastic cover from dust.

When creating gaming keyboards manufacturers tend to emphasize their continuity with the famous ancient weapons. In particular, does the company Tesoro, which gives the device the names of the great epic of the blades. Tesoro Durandal got its name from the sword of the medieval knight Roland, and bears this name with dignity.


Body-worn devices are not stretched long

Here is a free translation of his article. But the judge, thinking he is really healthy. I am posting this article because given Matthew's arguments echo my own thoughts on this subject. However, if you want to argue, then you are welcome in the comments, let's discuss this question.

Matthew Breck, with XDA recently posted an excellent article on the subject of what today's wearable on the body of the device by and large baubles. Thus, despite the minimal benefit it is quite expensive, and therefore people must sooner or later Wake up to the realization that such devices simply do not need in the form in which they exist now. They either need to seriously evolve, or to leave the electronics market.


Problems buying apps in Google Play Store

To Begin with that latest update to the keyboard Swype Android Lollipop brought terrible hangs, lags and brakes. Almost every time I tried to switch the language from English to Russian, almost the whole system hangs for about a minute. After defrosting, you can make another attempt, which was successful. It was decided to simply reinstall the application. Just in case do a backup of the settings using Titanium Backup, removed Swype, went to Google Play Store and saw that the app asks for money. It's weird, because the keyboard has been legally acquired, and for a long time.

Google is a strange company. It gives users worldwide a huge number of services, but does not provide any support. To reach a support is very difficult, and in some cases impossible. If you have something went wrong, their problems will have to handle yourself, or learn to live with them. Because, when I once again have trouble with Google Play Store, I had my heart set on was the fact that my problem will not be solved. However, to overcome it failed. If you are also faced with the fact that once bought a game/app/theme/icons and now can't download them, then this article is for you.


News digest No. 39. The right to dream

Android 5.1 and the Android One smartphones, Motorola plans to capture the mobile world and the prediction of the collapse of Samsung, drones-waiters with humanoid robots and futuristic hotel, future.


Overview of keyboard Tesoro Tizona: CD for gamer

Model Tizona got its name after the old Spanish blade, and as every reputable unique gadget can not stand out from the crowd special characteristics. After all, we just do what we select to buy only special things that attracted us for its charming "chips."

a Good keyboard is not enough, and a good, compact mechanical keyboards for gamers is not much. Company Tesoro showed one of their developments – model Tizona to cut off the number pad keys, which combines compactness, mobility and versatility.