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The FAS brought the case to Apple for repair monopoly

At the disposal of "sheets" were documents that contains information that the Federal Antimonopoly service initiated a case against "Apple Rus". Russian representation Apple podozrevayut in the abuse of a dominant position in the field of repair services for the iPhone.


[Video] How it all started with the iPhone 2G

The Team Droider back into the past to recall how much has changed the IT industry. But at the same time to return to the audience promised duty for the activity on YouTube.

In the video, the Valery Istishab indulges in nostalgia, decompresses "the" Apple and compares the model with the debut of the latest iPhone 7 Plus.


Droider Show #268 Ubiytsa iPhone i Galaxy S8

Hi listeners, readers and viewers! This time from the regular Droider Show you can learn about the appearance of the future flagship of Samsung, the possibility of the announcement directly couples Surface Phone from Microsoft, the impending frameless slider from ZTE and fatal clip for Apple smartphones.

Even in the release about "smart" accessory for glasses, almost the perfect tablet Eve V, "control of Power" a pocket-sized drone AirSelfie for a selfie.


IPhone and Surface Phone will produce one company

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Pegatron is ready to begin trial production of smartphone Surface Phone from Microsoft.


The rating of smartphones with the lowest radiation level

In the reviews of most smartphones do not find mention in the radiation level. People used that modern gadgets are equally safe.


So it tells about the character of the owner?

They came to the conclusion that the iPhone lovers are less sincere than those who have chosen Android.

If you take a typical Android lover and someone who prefers Apple products, then you can easily play a game "find 10 differences". Researchers at the University of Lincoln and their colleagues from the University of Lancaster decided to share with us their observations about how the difference is usually the characters of these two categories of geeks.


[Video] iPhone 7 Plus for 21 rubles

What else can you do with the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black? YouTube is full of videos where the gadget stick, throwing, burning and humiliated in other ways. But this you will not see.

Boris Vedenskiy tries his hand at DIY and preparing edible copy smartphone of gelatin.


Apple may shift production of the iPhone in the US

Add that Foxconn even as consider the idea while Pegatron completely refuses to even think about that. Moreover, such a measure will lead to the fact that the cost of Apple products will grow approximately two times.

it would Seem, and then Donald trump? Meanwhile, the Nikkei Report reported that Apple ventilates the subject of the transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States. Maybe just because the newly-elected American President even before the victory promised that Apple will be legally obliged to release their products at home.


Android was more stable than iOS

Analyst firm Blancco Technology Group conducted a study of the stability of the operating systems Android and iOS.


The collapse of the Galaxy Note 7 was not helpful Apple

Problems Samsung seemed obvious advantage for Apple, which introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus behind the Korean tabletop.


Droider Show #265 Neural Yandex and "killer" iPhone 7

The Next series of Droider Show Elisheva from Valery and Boris Vedenskiy ready to view! The issue about top 9 Mate from Huawei and the Leica, the petition of the top managers of Samsung, introduction in search of "Yandex" neural networks and bendable smartphone the Apple.

You can also learn about foldable monitor SPUD from Arovia, Russian copter DOS, modular synth Blocks and the fact that the neural network learned to improve the quality of the photos.


PhoneArena has identified the autonomy of the flagships of 2016

The Resource PhoneArena put the flagships of 2016 testing on the duration of work without recharging. All phones were tested in the same conditions: simulated normal operation of the smartphone running the browser, with the same customized display brightness of all devices.

Autonomy – one of the most important characteristics of the smartphone, which draws the attention of potential buyers. Manufacturers are trying it is a measure to improve and each time declare the increased operation time, however, the average modern smartphone lives about a day on a single charge. Although a vast array of devices it is always possible to identify the leaders and outsiders.


[Video] a Month of living with the iPhone 7 from Apple

Deciding not to do a traditional review of Apple technology, which abound in the media, Valery Istishab talks about personal experiences of life with the iPhone 7 for 4 weeks.

To further complicate the experiment, was chosen smartphone in the colors "onyx black", he is jet black, which is supposedly easy to scratch. Fresh video you can find out all the pros, cons and pitfalls of owning the latest flagship device kupertinovtsy.


The ranking of the most Autonomous of the flagships of 2016

Every year the producers say about the increased hours of operation, however, seldom has a smartphone lives on a single charge for more than a day. However, among the variety of gadgets you still there are favorites and outsiders of autonomy.


The share of Android smartphones on the market greater than ever

The Share of the iPhone dropped by a half percent to 12.1. In the third quarter of cupertinos shipped 45.5 million iPhone is 5.2% less than last year.

According to the study by Strategy Analytics, which analyzed the smartphone market for the third quarter of 2015 and 2016, just for the third quarter of 2016 sold 328,6 million smartphones on the Android operating system, their share in the current year has grown and is a record of 87.5%, compared to 84% in 2015.


Droider Show #264 What will be the iPhone 8?

Hi friends! YouTube channel Droider published a new series of the show, which tells about the most important thing in a week. From the fresh rumors about iPhone 8, after the announcement smartphone 2 Mi Note from Xiaomi and monoblock Jamboard from Google, the results of the fall presentations Apple and Microsoft .

Droider Show continues the stories about the Exo-battery, electric from Faraday and Future unmanned marshrutka "MatrEshka" from Russia.


"Frameless" iPhone 8 Apple has devoted concept art

Even the loyal Apple fans will argue that the iPhone 7 has received only a refreshed design. Therefore, a new image waiting for the iPhone 8 that will be released for the 10th anniversary of the "Apple" smartphone.


IPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED displays from Sharp

Executive Director Sharp - Tai Jeng-wu told Japanese publication the Nikkei Asian Review that in 2017 Apple will release three smartphones with a screen diagonal of 4.7, 5 and 5.5-inch, equipped with energy-efficient and bright OLED matrices. The larger iPhone 8 Plus will get bent on the edges of the OLED display.

the Next Apple smartphone will be the anniversary and therefore special. Therefore, the Internet travel through a lot of rumors about the new expected iPhone 8, one of which has already been demonstrated.


Apple will release 3 smartphone in 2017

Appeared fresh details about its eighth-generation iPhone, which is to be held in September 2017.


The announcement of the new MacBook Pro from Apple. Views

25 years ago came the first PowerBook — the "grandfather" of the modern MacBook. Apple celebrated the anniversary lineup announcement the completely redesigned MacBook Pro.