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The flagship Huawei P9 and P9 Plus is already in Russia

Huawei has announced the beginning of sales in Russia of metal smartphones P9 and P9 Plus, equipped with a proprietary high-performance processor Kirin 955 and dual camera, created with the legendary Leica brand.


Not only HTC, Huawei is also preparing a Nexus?

Charlene, Monilal of Huawei reported that the company is working on to introduce the Nexus this year. But we have previously heard that the production of Nexus do the guys from HTC and Google will release two smartphone immediately. Will there be a third from Huawei? In principle, Google likes to release Nexus two with each company, and Huawei, yet the quota is not spent.

just yesterday, the Internet was flooded with the publication of the fact that the Huawei is preparing the next Nexus for Google. By the way, you would like it? Or let a message will remain a rumor? Nexus 6P from this company was warmly accepted and the community liked it. A particularly admired with your camera. Complaints were is that on the sound, but now the company has gained experience and feedback, which means that in the future, products have to be better. But will there be a Nexus?


[Video review] Honest about the flagship from Huawei P9 and Leica

In 2016, Huawei has pleased buyers P9 powerful hardware, a nice design and was surprised by two cameras with Leica inscription.


Huawei confirmed the development of a new Nexus

While HTC is working on a new "phones", Huawei is pumping, last year's flagship Nexus 6P.


Xiaomi is ahead on the April sales data

By the Way, recently it became known that soon Xiaomi will officially begin absolutely the sale of its devices in Russia , further increasing its presence in the global market.

Xiaomi again topped sales in the Chinese market, which, incidentally, is one of the largest in the world. In April the company achieved a share of 26%, which can be considered a record. These data give local analytical company, they also shares with us the company's CEO Lei Jun's Weibo in.


Huawei has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement

China no longer copies of your competitors, and creates. Huawei has sent lawsuits against Samsung in courts of the United States and China.


Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.


Honor Band A1 from Huawei – a fitness tracker with a sensor ultraviolet radiation

Pursuit Honor V8 , Huawei has announced a curious fitness bracelet Honor Band A1.


Huawei announced the flagship V8 under the sub-brand Honor

Huawei seemed enough flagships in 2016, so the company is P9 and its offshoots (P9 and P9 Max Lite) appeared smartphone V8.


Comment on iFixit's repairability Huawei P9

What is interesting is that iFixit notes the many similarities with the iPhone 6 P9. But plus Chinese companies that have been able to fit the camera module is completely under the body of the device, not acting, like the iPhone. A similar arrangement of the antennas and even the two screws, which the company fixes the body of the gadget, with the slot-star (pentalobe).

Huawei P9 is a great device that shows that the company has gained enough experience to satisfy most consumers. Dual camera provides good quality pictures, and the guys from iFixit report that the smartphone gets a high rating of maintainability. The smartphone has a modular structure, as well as easy access to the battery.


Huawei announced 7-inch MediaPad M2

It would Seem that the flagship line P9 came out recently, but the manufacturer is not sitting idle and is preparing a new device.


The video on the channel: Review of smartphone Huawei P9

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. Your attention is a video review of the flagship smartphone Huawei P9, features a 5.2-inch Full HD display, a fingerprint scanner, eight cores HiSilicon Kirin 955, main camera with two 12 megapixel modules with optics from Leica, autofocus and two-color backlight, 8 MP front, 32/64 GB of internal memory and 3/4 GB of RAM, support for 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards and running the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow:


Huawei Honor 5C is a cheap 5.2-inch Full HD smartphone in metallic case and with a fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company Huawei has presented at home new inexpensive, but functional model of smartphone – Huawei 5C running their own OCTA core processor Kirin Hisilicon 650 and the user interface EMUI 4.1, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


The rating of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in early 2016

Coming to the end of the second fiscal quarter of 2016, which means IT companies have a reason to share successes or failures.


Huawei Honor V8 met in China

For sale a planned three modifications, which now pass under the names of KNT-AL10, KNT-TL10, KNT-AL20. The first two differ only in color, and the third will propose a different CPU, screen and memory size.

Huawei is preparing a new smartphone lineup Honor. Very soon, worth waiting for the V8 unit, because recently it has already passed TENAA certification in China. In fact, after this procedure, the network has flowed specifications of the gadget, which we will now see.


Joint statement by Leica about the camera of Huawei in Huawei P9

After publication of information about that the camera in the smartphone Huawei P9 not made by Leica, the Leica and Huawei issued a joint statement in which they draw attention to the fact that the camera in the smartphone Huawei P9 is a joint development between the two companies, Leica has been directly involved in the development of innovative camera module. Below is a statement of Leica companies Huawei and revealing details.


Next smartphone Huawei may be with QHD resolution

Now in his blog on Weibo, he said that changed his mind. Probably the reason was the dive industry in virtual reality. The company recently admitted its own virtual reality headset Huawei VR. Richard s in Weibo adds that he liked the immersion in virtuality. Because there were assumptions, that the use of virtual reality, begins to show the difference between FullHD and QHD.

If you remember, last year, Richard Yu from Huawei told me that he sees no difference between FullHD and QHD resolutions on today's smartphones,, and just the human eye is just not able to see the difference. With that QHD gives only an additional load on the processor and battery.


Huawei and Leica commented on the situation with camera P9

A Few days earlier the Internet is replete with news that the camera module is made by a third party, and the inscription "Leica" is more for attracting attention than a real sign of experience and quality. And the truth is - the camera module is manufactured by Sunny Optical. But such statements have hurt Huawei and Leica, followed by a formal explanation of the situation.

Smartphone Huawei P9 attracted many attention. Not surprising - a powerful and technologically advanced device that the company is actively advertises. We should also say that the smartphone stands out for the steam camera and the manufacturer claims that the picture quality is really focused. Yes, friendship with Leica adds intrigue.


LeEco presented a virtual reality helmet

It Seems that the fashion for corporate virtual reality helmets made it to China.


Huawei gives in Google Play branded app Backup

Now Huawei is going on the same trail, slowed in the Google Play Store app for creating backups. Thereby simplifying the work yourself and giving the user the opportunity to receive the update this specific app, not expecting a firmware with a new version.

One of the biggest problems updates on gadgets Android has always been that vendors love to add in the firmware of the original shell and applications. As a result, when upgrading to a new version of the system, each time had to spend a great job of sawing anything and everything that always stretches the time. Once HTC has set a trend that proprietary application can easily upload to Google Play, in addition, to update them more frequently.