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In the official online store HUAWEI discounts of up to 13 thousand rubles

Chinese company HUAWEI has announced the launch of discounts and special offers in your official online store: from 16 to 22 October as part of the deals "Golden autumn with HUAWEI" registered users will be able to purchase smart phones, wearable devices and HUAWEI aksessuary discounts from 500 to 13 000 rubles.

The Maximum discount will be 13 000 rubles for smartphones HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro. In addition, by purchasing one of these devices, the buyer will receive a gift of your choice cover or pocket printer. When buying a laptop HUAWEI MateBook D you can also choose one of four gifts – FreeLace HUAWEI wireless headphones, two wireless speakers Mini Speaker HUAWEI, HUAWEI smart bracelet Band 4e or backpack.


Porsche Design and Huawei introduced a new smartphone Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design

Companies Huawei and Porsche Design announced the release to market of the new smartphone Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design, created as a result of their joint work. Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design is the fifth smartphone, created in collaboration of brands, and combines high performance, advanced technology and stylish design.


The video on the channel: REVIEW | Huawei P30 lite is the best budget smartphone?

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. In this video the smartphone Huawei P30 Lite, equipped with 6,15-inch Full HD+ (2340x1080) display, 2.2 GHz OCTA-core HiSilicon Kirin processor 710, a triple (24 MP +8 MP + 2 MP) primary camera and a retractable 32 MP front, 128 GB of internal memory and 4 GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner, 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards and running the Android operating system 9.0 and Pie branded user interface EMUI 9.1.0:


HUAWEI revealed the HUAWEI P30 Pro in two new colors

Chinese company HUAWEI revealed an updated flagship smartphone HUAWEI P30 Pro in the framework of the exhibition IFA 2019 – now it is offered in two new colors and will support updated features edit photos and videos and running a new shell EMUI10.

according to the manufacturer, the new design HUAWEI P30 Pro notable a smooth transition between the glossy and matte finish. The top of the case has a glossy finish, and the lower part is matte, anti-fingerprint.


The video on the channel: REVIEW | Huawei Smart P Z with a retractable camera

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. This video provides an overview of the new smartphone P Z Huawei Smart feature of 6.59-inch Full HD+ (2340x1080) display, 2.2 GHz OCTA-core processor HiSilicon Kirin 710F, double (16 MP + 2 MP) primary camera and a retractable 16 MP front, 64GB of internal memory and 4 GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner, 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards and running the Android operating system 9.0 and Pie branded user interface EMUI 9.0.1:


HUAWEI P30 Pro has become the best smartphone of the year by EISA

HUAWEI has announced the award "Best smartphone EISA 2019-2020" for HUAWEI P30 Pro from the European Association magazines on audio - and video equipment (EISA), which includes 55 authoritative media dedicated to consumer electronics. HUAWEI emphasizes that wins in this category for the second year in a row.


Huawei has introduced a new version of the user interface EMUI 10

At the last Congress developer Developers Congress HUAWEI, HUAWEI has officially unveiled a new version of the proprietary user interface EMUI10. Presenting a new product, van Changlu, head of software development of HUAWEI's Consumer Business Group, said that EMUI10 — the first of its kind operating system that is able to effectively work in any mobile devices. Its creation opens the way for implementation of new features, such as making audio and video calls with any smart devices from mobile and wearable gadgets to automotive media centers. The same application can be deployed on all kinds of devices that will significantly reduce establishment costs, increase development efficiency, and most importantly — to offer users an identical interface and comfort level on all available devices.

EMUI 10 received three major improvements affecting interface design, improve ease of use in various scenarios and stability. In addition, EMUI10 there is a new dark mode, which is more comfortable for eyes in the evening and at night. It optimizes the contrast, color text, and system icons on a dark background, the result has a positive effect on the visual appearance and ease of reading.


HUAWEI P30 Pro is now available in Russia and in black color

Chinese company HUAWEI introduced in Russia smartphone HUAWEI P30 Pro in a new black colour of the case. Recall that the new flagship is equipped with a triple main camera Leica was first presented globally at the end of March 2019 at the presentation in Paris, on the 13th of April, sales of the device started in Russia. In the beginning of sales of smartphone has been available on the Russian market in two unusual colors: Northern lights and light blue. Now they added a strict and laconic black color.


Update EMUI 9.1 will be available for the Russian users of the smartphone line HUAWEI Mate 20

Chinese company HUAWEI announced that starting this week, Russian users will be available a new version of EMUI 9.1 for smartphone HUAWEI Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate and Porsche Design Mate 20 RS.

As noted in the company, EMUI 9.1 offers a new and improved file system EIO, which provides an improved process of compressing files and the speedup of random read is 20%. EMUI 9.1 also includes updating the GPU Turbo to version 3.0 with support for 25 games. It increases the productivity while reducing energy consumption — thus, a user receives a greater stability during the game and the framerate high. Update in smartphones 20 Mate Pro will be "moonlight mode" (moon mode), which allows you to make better shots of the moon with superzoom triple Leica cameras. New option "show video on incoming call" (incoming call video show) will replace the traditional melody and the interface. Users will be able to put videos on incoming calls from different contacts.


HUAWEI is developing its own application store HUAWEI AppGallery

Chinese company HUAWEI announced that it continues to develop its own app store HUAWEI AppGallery that became available to Russian users at the end of 2018.

As part of the ecosystem of mobile services, app store HUAWEI AppGallery became available outside of China in 2018. To date, mobile services, HUAWEI is used by over 500 million people in 170 countries around the world. Monthly active audience in 2018 reached 262 million users, surpassing the previous year by 117%. The proportion of young users aged 18 to 34 years has increased over the year by 8.3%. In HUAWEI say that her store offers users a wide range of applications and content that pass thorough four-level security clearance.


Figure of the day: more than 80 million users of Huawei smartphones has updated to EMUI 9

Chinese company Huawei announced that the number of users who upgraded the operating system on their smartphones to EMUI 9 in excess of 80 million worldwide and continues to grow. The company estimates that by the end of June, the number will reach 100 million. Huawei also continues to expand the list of devices to upgrade.


Huawei reduces in Russia, the price of the smartphone HONOR

In honor of the beginning of the summer season, the Chinese company Huawei has announced special offers that will be extended to the popular device of its HONOR.


Hollywood actress Gal gadot has been the face of the smartphone HUAWEI P30 Pro

Star racing epic the fast and the furious and a series of superhero movies DC Comics "Batman V Superman: dawn of justice", "justice League" and "Wonder woman" Gal gadot has been the face of HUAWEI P30 Pro. In a new video of a brand that the company introduced in Russia, the famous actress, in practice, checked innovative smartphone camera.

Advertising campaign HUAWEI P30 Pro c Gal gadot in the lead role will pass on all of the major Federal TV channels, the audience will be presented a full and a short version of clips, with a duration of 30 and 15 seconds respectively.


HUAWEI invites you to participate in beta testing new Android Q

During the conference Google I/O 2019 HUAWEI has announced a global recruitment program developers for beta testing new Android OS Q, which will continue until June 30. As noted in a Chinese company, app developers will have the opportunity to try out the new version of Android OS on smartphones HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro and to contribute to its optimization and improvement.


Smartphones HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro got update mode dual video cameras

Chinese company HUAWEI announced its latest flagship models of smartphones HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro new features for video — mode dual frame, which allows to combine in one video the General plan and increased fragment of the image, transmitting the details of the Central subject. The new mode became available with the advent of the operating system EMUI 9.1, the global launch which version B153 began in early may.


Huawei will present on may 21, a new flagship series of smartphones Honor 20

Chinese company Huawei has announced that will present the flagship series of smartphones HONOR 20, which will include models of HONOR 20, HONOR HONOR 20 Lite and 20 PRO. The new series, according to the manufacturer, made in unique design with application of effect of "dynamic holography". Global presentation of the smartphone 20 series will be held in London on may 21, 2019.

It is Noted that the designers HONOR 20 used for processing the rear surface of the smartphone the effect of multidimensional dynamic holography. Glass rear case surface of smartphones HONOR 20 is made using a two-stage process technology Triple 3D Mesh. The lower coating layer is formed by high-precision application of millions of tiny prism-like particles of diamond. Passing through the prisms of the inner layer, the light is refracted and reflected in all directions simultaneously. Then the housing cover with glass and put the painted layer. The result is an unusual optical effect of depth.


Huawei P30 Pro was awarded the TIPA Award 2019 World

Huawei has announced that the Association TIPA (Technical Image Press Association), on the basis of the General Assembly included the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro among the best products in 2019 and called it the "Best smartphone for photography". The Chinese company emphasize that for the third consecutive year this award is given to the flagship smartphone series, Huawei P.

The Official review of the Association class:


Honor first became the leader of the Russian market of smartphones

The Russian retail company "M. Video-Eldorado" has summed up development of the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2019, noting that the results of the period January-March market growth of 8% in units and 18% in the money to 6.8 million units and $ 112.8 billion rubles. The average price has thus increased year-on-year by 9% and reached 16 500 rubles. In this case, the market leader in unit sales for the first time has become the brand of Honor – he had more than a quarter of smartphones sold.

The market Leader for the first time for the quarter, the brand became the Honor, ahead of Samsung and occupying more than a quarter of the market. The demand for devices of this brand have increased year-on-year by 2.5 times. Earlier in 2018 was leading two brands together – Huawei & Honor – which, at the end of Q1 2018, accounted for about 16% of unit sales.


The video on the channel: REVIEW | Huawei P30 Pro

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. In a new video provides an overview of the new flagship Huawei — P30 Pro with of 6.47-inch Full HD+ (2340x1080) display, OCTA core 2.6 GHz processor Kirin 980, a quarter (40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP + ToF) main camera and megapixel front 32,256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM, battery capacity of 4200 mAh with support for wireless charging, support for 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards, a fingerprint scanner and running the Android operating system 9 Pie and a proprietary user interface EMUI 9.1:


HUAWEI Mate X received the world's first 5G CE certificate

HUAWEI has announced that its smartphone HUAWEI Mate X received the world's first 5G certificate CE issued by the audit by TÜV Rheinland. This, according to Huawei, it means that the device has successfully passed all tests and became the world's first 5G smartphone which has been approved by a Notifying body of the European Union.