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Google Pixel XL on the "live" photo

User @usbfl the microblogging service Twitter has published, as she claims, "live" photo of the new smartphone Google Pixel XL, previously known under the code name HTC Marlin.


New images of the "Google phone" Pixel XL (Marlin)

After vcherashnego 3D render of Pixel (Sailfish), a theme with the design of the smartphone from Google and HTC could be closed.


Google Maps has added optimization settings and the label of "Chronology"

Google Maps is gradually turning into something more than just maps with navigation. Suffice it to recall stickeryinformation about the influx of visitors and food photos attached to the outlets, cafes and restaurants.


[IFA 2016] the Most daring Yoga Book from Lenovo

The Berlin fair this year, generous on interesting laptops as never before. Front man Droider already talked about monstrously Predator 21X and utonchennyh Swift 7 from Acer. It was the turn of a multidisciplinary Yoga Book that is both a tablet, the graphics device and the laptop.


Huawei and Google are preparing a joint tablet

And that's almost all that is known is the fact that the joint work of the two companies. Adds, however, that the device will have 4 gigabytes of RAM, but at the moment nothing more to say about him is not possible.

7-inch tablets somehow disappeared from the line of Google products, the last was the Nexus 7, released in 2013. Then followed by Nexus 9, Nexus 10 and even Pixel C. But the updates for compact 7 diagonal inches. However, now Evan Blass reports that Huawei it seems is working on a new 7-inch tablet together with Google.


Declassified specifications of the Nexus tablet from Huawei

Yesterday the information appeared on sovmestnom the tablet from Huawei and Google. Today arrived specifications.


The new tablet Nexus 7 from Huawei, and Google are already in the works

The Last time Google released the tablet in October 2014. The Nexus 9 turned out to be a problematic device, so the company took a break and concentrated on smartphones.


Project Ara will continue to exist outside of Google

After news of cessation of operation on Project Ara, fans of customization and modular designs scared for the future of modular smartphones. Fortunately, there is still hope for the transformation of ideas into product.


Google Nexus all, on change go device Pixel

Recently, changing the name also hinted at Android Central.

AndroidPolice says that the guys have two independent sources who now claim that the expected gadgets Marlin and Sailfish will not join the line of Nexus, to which we are accustomed. Supposedly, Google has decided to abolish, by running instead of her family Pixel, and new gadgets appear on the market with the names of Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google gave up: Project Ara turned

However, if Google found the idea of Project Ara not too good, Shine it more than one year (started in 2013), the G5 was just too popular with the public. Apparently, our society does not yet need a modular device, at least in the form in which we now can offer manufacturers.

Forget about Project Ara and the modular smartphone from Google. The company is putting this initiative on hold. About it reports Reuters, citing its intelligence sources. They say that the idea is not particularly well, much progress was not achieved, Google got tired of it, and therefore it was decided that for modular devices, the time has not yet come. In the meantime, if you really want, you can refer to LG G5.


4 Oct Google declassify smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL

the disclaimer Google brand Nexus cluttered with details. 4 October in a separate event, the company may announce the smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google closes the modular Project Ara

The Company promised to send the developers the final prototypes of the Project Ara in the fall of 2016 and introduce a sample in the 2017th.


Android Marshmallow, finally comes to the Asus Zenfone 2

Although, perhaps that is why it is only sweeter when you think nothing will, but at you, an update with the piping hot. Updated model Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML and ZE550ML). New firmware version -

Google has managed to give all officially Android Nougat, and some are just now getting updated to Android Marshmallow. The fortunate or the poor guy - it depends how you look at it. It's like a puzzle about a glass empty or glass full. The fact that the update is definitely cool. But the problem is that they promised to give away before the end of the second quarter of 2016, but all the deadlines are violated.


Nexus 2016 can be just Phones

It added that there will be not only the name Nexus, but labels about what is the devices released by HTC.

Colleagues from Android Central have expressed an interesting idea that this year we can not wait for the smartphones of the Nexus line: the promised Marlin and Sailfish will be other devices just smartphones Google. Moreover, the changes may affect not only the names of the gadgets, but software installed on them.


Google has updated the interface of the Contacts application

Google has introduced an updated version of the Contacts app with a completely redesigned interface. In particular, the favorite contacts are placed at the top of the main list.


Google may ditch Nexus brand

In February of 2016 became aware of Google's plans more thoroughly to take up the line of Nexus. Westcity control and dobaviti smartphones exclusive functions.


SuHide app from Chainfire to hide root on your phone

For Example, root access is absolutely contraindicated in Android Pay, don't like it, and various Bank applications and antivirus (well here at all for obvious reasons). And even if getting root on your Android device, you will hardly be able to hack the banking system, using only the client application, the banks consider that you agree to allow the attacker to gain complete control over your device and sacrifice their own safety. In part it is, because the root is played only for advanced users that understand what the consequences might be in a position to weigh the pros and cons of such decision.

Get Ruth-access on device with Android often gives the user a lot of different privileges and buns. But in our modern world where more attention is paid to security, root access at the same time bring some disadvantages, because it is a potential security hole, or simply too many possibilities for a user, where this should be avoided.


Android Nougat will receive a quarterly update 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.12

Thus, the company plans to bring the Android system to perfection Nougat, make the most of it polished and bringing to mind. However, while not reported release date even the first update, but many assume that it will happen in September, perhaps in time to market of devices Marlin and Sailfish.

Google stirs up some interesting things with Android Nougat. We already now from comrade @evleaks, which is considered the proven source of the leak, we learn that the company has already prepared the schedule of system updates until at least version 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, which will come out quarterly.


Google has simplified the transition from iOS to Android Nougat

Google introduced a new version of the mobile OS is a special option that allows to smoothly change the iOS to Android.


Design Nexus (Sailfish) from HTC shown in the video

Many images and spy shots are given to understand, would look like a Sailfish from HTC and Google.