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Google erases mention Now and Now on Tap

As we approach the release of virtual assistant, the less references Now and Now on Tap remains in the Google services.


Google confirmed the date of the presentation of the Pixel and Pixel XL

Today Google confirmed the rumors about the upcoming announcement of the new devices. 4 Oct invite to the event where it will likely introduce smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google will present its new smartphone on 4 October

Google officially announced it on 4 October of this year, certain events by submitting a short video dedicated to this event where we are given to understand that it is a digit:

In addition, the search giant has launched a special promo page, also dedicated to this event, where you can see a silhouette resembling a smartphone, and offer to provide your email address below to have the opportunity to learn about new devices from Google and all things associated with them.


Doctor Web: Trojan Android.Xiny learned how to infiltrate the system processes

The Trojans of the family Android.Xiny known in March 2015. Virus writers actively disseminate them through various sites – collections of software for mobile devices and even through the official application directories, such as Google Play and the company "Doctor Web" reported previously.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found a new version, Trojans of the family Android.Xiny, which is designed to seamlessly upload and removal of programs. Now these Trojans can infiltrate the process of system application and load the program to exploit various malicious plug-ins.


Google Play experimenting with downloads and sizes

On the one hand, such concern about our finances touches. On the other hand - I want more freedom. Enough to warn me about the consequences, but I myself can make the decision to pay or not to pay. Or maybe I have this traffic in General so much that to deny myself the downloads actually ridiculous.

you've Probably noticed that when you try to install or download anything big from the Google app store, the latter allows to do not always. Some things to pull only on the condition that you're connected to Wi-Fi, if the system sees that the use of mobile traffic, you can put the download in standby mode until the connection will not change.


Google will release messenger Allo 21 Sep

From the stage of Google I/O 2016 submitted and Allo Duo — new text and video messaging company. Analog of Skype and Facetime managed to gain 10 million units mid-August, a competitor to WhatsApp and iMessages came out so far.


Smart mirror from Google and implantable microchips: what surprised exhibition "Internet of things"?

Large-Scale event will bring together a conference of the two clusters (Industrial IoT and LifeStyle IoT), the exhibition will demonstrate the latest developments of the industry, meeting investors and developers Speed Dealing, thematic workshops and the Grand Battle of startups, which will be attended by Russian and foreign team.

on 29 September in Moscow will host the largest CIS event dedicated to advanced IoT technology, international conference "the Internet of things". This is a great event for the third consecutive year will serve as a catalyst for the development and implementation of technologies of Internet of things in Russia and the CIS countries.


5 commercials from Google in support of the Duo

Although start the app has nearly 10 million users, Google did not intend to promote the Duo. But fortunately he changed his mind.


The conference Droidcon Moscow 2016 and discounts to our readers

After 8 days of Russian and foreign Google Developer Expert you will make presentations and will share their expertise in the field of new technologies and tools. The conference program is divided into four main areas: Android, Firebase, VR and IoT.

In London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Montreal, Berlin, Paris and finally to Moscow. 22 Sep 2016 Android will be the largest Eurasian conference- Droidcon Moscow 2016.


Pixel Launcher icons will lead to a single appearance

The closer on 4 October, the more information about the products that Google will show for the special event. The latest news about the corporate Pixel Launcher.


Gmail and Inbox tailor email under the smartphone

Most interesting and unusual features of Google Inbox in trial run and then moves into a "conservative" Gmail. However, a new opportunity of at once.


Google: Marshmallow share of Android devices continues to grow

Google has published its monthly report on the relative number of Android devices depending on the version of their operating system, where as a month ago, the trend of growth in the share of devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the fall in the share of devices with other versions of Android.


Google Play has added information value - dimensions everywhere

And the truth became easier, because early to know been in a few taps, now this information directly in the eyes. It seems that Google is working on the usability of its database applications.

Android Police have noticed and reported an interesting new feature of the Google brand. Google Play Store has to give users more information on apps. Now you can immediately see how much weight you intend to load on the device.


Google renamed the shell of the new smartphones in the Pixel Launcher

The Company is ready for fall presentation, where, according to rumors, will abandon the Nexus line in favor of Pixel.


Google Pixel XL on the "live" photo

User @usbfl the microblogging service Twitter has published, as she claims, "live" photo of the new smartphone Google Pixel XL, previously known under the code name HTC Marlin.


New images of the "Google phone" Pixel XL (Marlin)

After vcherashnego 3D render of Pixel (Sailfish), a theme with the design of the smartphone from Google and HTC could be closed.


Google Maps has added optimization settings and the label of "Chronology"

Google Maps is gradually turning into something more than just maps with navigation. Suffice it to recall stickeryinformation about the influx of visitors and food photos attached to the outlets, cafes and restaurants.


[IFA 2016] the Most daring Yoga Book from Lenovo

The Berlin fair this year, generous on interesting laptops as never before. Front man Droider already talked about monstrously Predator 21X and utonchennyh Swift 7 from Acer. It was the turn of a multidisciplinary Yoga Book that is both a tablet, the graphics device and the laptop.


Huawei and Google are preparing a joint tablet

And that's almost all that is known is the fact that the joint work of the two companies. Adds, however, that the device will have 4 gigabytes of RAM, but at the moment nothing more to say about him is not possible.

7-inch tablets somehow disappeared from the line of Google products, the last was the Nexus 7, released in 2013. Then followed by Nexus 9, Nexus 10 and even Pixel C. But the updates for compact 7 diagonal inches. However, now Evan Blass reports that Huawei it seems is working on a new 7-inch tablet together with Google.


Declassified specifications of the Nexus tablet from Huawei

Yesterday the information appeared on sovmestnom the tablet from Huawei and Google. Today arrived specifications.