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Allo 2.0 supports quick answers and Android Wear

Google continues to try to make up for the departing train messengers and adds to Allo of the functions that are missing at the start.


Disclosed the cost of the smartphone Pixel XL

The specialists of the IHS company Markit found out the cost smartphone Pixel XL, harvested the efforts of Google, HTC and Samsung.


Jamboard from Google – 55-inch monobloc for office

Less than a month has passed since the presentation of the Pixel and the Pixel XL, but Google has made another "iron" announcement.


VR Mi from Xiaomi – the main competitor Daydream View

Together with announcement "toy" VR headset appeared information about the fact that Xiaomi rabotaet on a full-fledged gadget for virtual reality.


404 error on the website about the Android leads to a funny game

Google is a company of geeks and enthusiasts, where much attention is paid to "Easter eggs".


Android Pay is not working on smartphones with an unlocked boot loader

The security Issue is one of the most sensitive, especially if it concerns payment systems. Because of the promised ease and convenience, the developers have to take additional responsibility and obligations.


Craftsmen iFixit disassembled the Pixel XL from Google

Since the announcement of Pixel and Pixel XL, the smartphone from Google and HTC is not leaving the news feed. Ordinary people not only interested in power, autonomy, and camera products, but also the inside.


Survive of the Google Pixel half an hour under water?

Despite this, enthusiasts have decided to "skupnosti" smartphones from Google. On YouTube appeared a video in which a smartphone was left in water for 30 minutes and it continued to work normally.

Many expected smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL will be dust-moisture protected at the level of main competitors: Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7, so after the presentation, left some "residue", because the device has received a protection level of IP53. Smartphones with such protection you can safely use in the rain, but immersion in water they will not survive.


Award winners Awards Material Design from Google

Google has announced the list of nominees for the Material Design Awards held in 2014, when there was a "material design".


Google promises support for Pixel and Pixel XL to Oct 2018

And in this respect differ manufacturers: Apple smartphones 4-5 years of updates, with the other extreme - Moto G, released in 2015, Motorola won't upgrade to Android Nougat. Against this background, positively highlighted Pixel and Pixel XL, which unlike other Android smartphones will receive exclusive support from Google.

When buying smartphone is not only the power of iron but also the manufacturer. Since there is reliability, which is expressed in readiness to release updates for their devices.


[Review] Android 7.1 Nougat DP ready for the Nexus and 5X 6P

Google seriala word and released in October Android 7.1 Developer Preview for Nexus smartphones and Nexus 5X 6P.


Wallpapers Google app with beautiful Wallpapers

Application Updates and services separately from the system has become a good tradition of Google. To this end the company publishes in the Play Store own software. However, Pixel Launcher was exclusive to the smartphones of the same name.


Google, CBS and Disney to agree on the creation of an online TV channel

The Corporation is negotiating with major TV channels to broadcast on Internet TV channel, preparing for the premiere.


Experimental Chrome Canary available on Android

Google is a company of geeks and engineers, so for each product there is a beta version. Most "lucky" Chrome. The browser receives updates for 4 branches: Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary. All except the last, were present on Android as separate apps.


Google Pixel have excellent autonomy

Posted screenshots expenditure statistics of the battery, it is possible to estimate which features are most actively "consume" it. The most voracious, as expected, turned out to be display.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL, presented at the beginning of October, has not yet gone on sale, however, a Reddit user received the device Google Pixel, equipped with a battery capacity of 2770 mAh, and estimate its autonomy with standard use.


New smartphones Pixel instantly sold out

For example, the color "Very Blue" both versions of the smartphones sold out in minutes, when it became available for purchase at the Google Store. Other colors and modifications to the demand too great. We can already see that Google only promises delivery within 4-5 weeks, even for options with 2 gigabytes of memory.

Google now spends huge budgets on advertising, promoting the fresh range of smartphones Pixel. Whether spend correctly and successfully, or the failure of Galaxy Note 7 played into the hands of those who want to buy this phablet, turned his eyes on the Pixels, or remember the old the merits of HTC, and the machines have become suddenly very attractive, but they sold out very quickly. In fact, they are no longer available in stores.


Pixel and Pixel XL will be available for routing

Revision WonderHowTo turned to Google with this question and the company responded that it plans to close the loader of smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. That is willing and developers, in principle, can these smartphones to work in the usual manner. This will be true for models that are purchased through the Google Store.

the New Google Pixel and Pixel XL apparently focused more on consumers than on the developers who produced the Nexus gadgets. Some expressed their concerns that the new device will be blocked and get root there will be difficult. However, Google denied this information.


Google Maps will show the next tube and filling institutions

Google Maps is in demand not only from pedestrians, but also motorists who use smartphone or tablet as a Navigator.


Preliminary programme of the conference of mobile developers MBLTdev 16

For the First time the business program will be held in 4 runs, to accommodate the hardcore presentations, live coding and workshops for mid+ mobile developers and UX/UI design track of the teachers of the course "mobile app Design" at the British higher school of design. Part 17 already confirmed speakers — foreign and Russian experts from the international product and service companies Dropbox, Just eat, Contentful, Google, Amazon, Aviasales, Android Iasi, Realm, Yandex, etc.

November 17, top mobile developer e-Legion and RAEC for the third time are organizing the International conference for mobile developers MBLTdev 16 in Moscow, in Digital October. The preliminary schedule is posted on official website.


A smart watch from Google is getting closer

Now, if you believe the reports of a reputable @evleaks, the release date of the devices as close as ever. Evan Blass says that Google will delight us with new devices in the first quarter of 2017.

it is not the first time we hear that Google is preparing its own smart watch. Now that sounds very very plausible after the release of the series smartphones Pixel. These watches, which we will have to get into the market with Android Wear 2.0 and the new Google Assistant, which recently showed us a search company.