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Google postpones the launch of Andromeda OS

Google postponed the launch of the operating system Andromeda. According to the source of the resource 9to5Google, the release of the "space" of the OS is delayed by about a year.


The application PhotoScan from Google will digitize paper photos

"once in the world of smartphones, so people were making real photos. On the plain paper!", – with this phrase began advertising a new Google service.


Chinese hackers broke into Google Pixel for 60 seconds

Qihoo 360 won the prize of 120 thousand dollars from Google that gave the search giant the information on the holes to patch.

Fresh flagships from Google, dubbed Pixel and Pixel XL has already hacked into, and very effectively - in just 60 seconds. It was done at the event PwnFest the white group of Chinese hackers who found and exploited a vulnerability in the software of the gadgets. The guys from Qihoo 360 showed how these smartphones, you can remotely run malicious code.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL can appear in Russia

Are Not specified and also the sales date and price. However, despite the fact that the company is trying to ventilate the demand for gadgets, the representatives of the "Coherent" comment on the situation, reporting that sales will not necessarily be held.

Some Russian media reported that Russia can still receive smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL in the sale. At least "the Messenger" and "Euroset" with an interest in these devices. Moreover, in "the Messenger" in the online store, there were cards of gadgets, though, and while the status is "not available".


Open Gapps in Google Play

This will be especially useful for those who love to try different custom firmware.

Today's news is very similar to an old joke, when to go online, you need to download the drivers for the modem. However, we all about it will tell, because as strange as it sounded - Open Gapps - a convenient way to install services and applications on Google smartphones, where they were originally there for some reason.


Google introduced Family library on Google Play

Google introduced the Family library, which allows you to share content in Google Play from among the six members of the family. Buying an app, game or movie, the user can completely free to provide access to their relatives.


Google Chrome has reached 2 billion units

The Last digit of the active users, called the Google - billion. This value was reached 6 months ago, in April. Today the number of users, probably more, but I guess that is less than the number of installations.

recently, Google held an event in which he shared some figures. Derin Fisher said that the web search giant has already received more than 2 billion downloads. Taking into account all platforms: mobile and desktop. However, the company did not specify how many of these plants actively live regular, daily users.


Huawei P9 - smooth phablet from the Chinese company

We will not allow the multiple tests and the results of the run the device in the benchmarks. This information is so completely on the Internet. We will tell you about my impressions of using the gadget for about a month. Looking ahead – returning the machine back did not want to, although at first he seemed a little uncomfortable.

Huawei has successfully sold over 9 million units of the smartphone P9. And the last 3 million sales were achieved in just two months. For the first time the company reported overcoming the 6-million milestone in September. Sales of the device began in April. Good numbers. Let's see what the smartphone has attracted the consumers.


Final program of the conference MBLTdev 16 for mobile developers

On November 17 in Moscow will host the 3rd international conference of mobile developers MBLTdev 16. On the official the website today published the final program of the event.


Google is preparing a large-scale redesign of the Play Music

Google did not wait for 2017, and updates the application design right now. After news aggregator interface will change streaming service Play Music.


Over 1,000,000 users have downloaded an Android Trojan from Google Play

Android.MulDrop.924 distributed through Google Play using the application name "Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts," which had already downloaded more than 1,000,000 users of Android smartphones and tablets. The program allows you to simultaneously use multiple accounts in games and other SOFTWARE installed on the mobile device. However, this seemingly innocuous and even useful the app hides Trojan functionality, which the developer has forgotten to inform potential victims. The company "Doctor Web" gave Google information about the Trojan, however, at the time of publication of this news Android.MulDrop.The 924 was still available for download.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found in Google Play another Trojan. This malware added to the virus database as Android.MulDrop.924, without the knowledge of user downloads of the application and offers to install them. In addition, it shows annoying ads.


Modular smartphone Project Ara appeared in the video

Placeholder canceled in September, the modular smartphone Project Ara from Google fell into the hands of journalists portal phandroid.


App Play Newsstand gets a new design

Google often recalls the most successful services, refreshing its interface. The app is a news aggregator Play Newsstand has received an update to version 4.0 and radical new design.


Smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL will officially arrive in Russia

Simultaneously with the announcement of Pixel and Pixel XL became aware of the fact that Google has no plans smartphone shipments to Russia.


[Video] YouTube gaming came to Russia

More than a year is needed game unblocker to get to the Russian streamers and viewers.


Project Arts & Culture from Google is available for VR-helmets

In July, Google restarted project Arts & Culture that gives access to exhibits from museums from all over the world.


Family plan to Play Music earned in Russia

In may 2016 Google has launched a "family pass" in Google Play. Earlier a similar proposal to work for the music service Play Music. However, both subscription option was not available in Russia.


In the report, Google's share of devices have been released about Android 7.0 devices

Google released its regular monthly report on the relative number of Android devices depending on the version of their operating system, which, unlike previous periods, there were data on the percentage of Android 7.0 Nougat devices.


Google tries a new look on the Play Store

The Update cannot be called large, yet visible only minor changes. By the way, the current version of the design lasted for about a year.

Finally, Google once again is played with usability, offering us a new look branded store application Play Store. As for me, the last iteration was quite uncomfortable and impractical, although it is already used. Let's see what the search giant plans to change this time, for some Android users have reported that already see a new version of the design.


Google Pixel sold out faster Nexus

Some speculate that Google decided to change the brand, releasing the Pixel, thus changing also the strategy to hit the iPhone and Galaxy many, to strengthen their own positions. The gadgets turned out to be not cheap than have always been attracted to the Nexus devices.

One of the most successful Nexus smartphones that Google has managed to launch on the market was Nexus 6P. This gadget was very warmly welcomed and professional press, and critics, and ordinary consumers. Simultaneously, the company launched the smartphone Nexus 5X. In the same year, the search giant refused a beloved ruler, giving the new family of gadgets - Pixel.