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Small Nightingale, but the voice is great. Compact wireless audio player BT-06 from Rombica

You just Need to decide, as Yandex.Market in the section "Portable audio" offers a huge number of models! Oddly enough, many portable systems have learned to play well, they used very simple acoustic diagrams, so sometimes I can't believe that an audible sound plays a small box on the table.

Wireless speaker — it's convenient, you can carry everywhere: at parties and picnics, office and cottage. As Leonid Utesov sang: "We build a song and live help".


Xbox One owners are the most active gamers

Research firm GlobalWebIndex conducted a study, which surveyed nearly 18,000 users of game consoles in the age from 16 till 64 years.


Declassified specifications of the PlayStation 4 Neo

Sony has officially confirmed the existence of improved versions of the PS4 shortly before E3 2016, but refused to talk about the characteristics of the console.


Gamers will be delighted: testing the gaming headset Plantronics RIG Flex

In fact, they represent a full-scale audio system, which easily connects to desktop computers, game consoles, and mobile devices – an indispensable device for advanced players. On top of that the headset differ ergonomics: it is comfortable to use during long workouts and arduous cibercorners. So today on the test – RIG Flex.

Plantronics RIG Flex – headset product line in the segment of Plantronics Gaming. After the heady success, which is expected to be a series of gadgets RIG, the developers decided not to stop there and started to create a new gadget – light version of the RIG without requiring a mixer, but with two microphones and proprietary game design. Why the gaming headset Plantronics deserve special attention?


TOP 10 best selling games in UK: Destiny, Uncharted 4

However, it is worth noting that Blizzard previously not particularly paid attention to consoles, releasing its products primarily to PC. However, Diablo III was presented for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Overwatch launch on all platforms at once.

New hit Overwatch Blizzard is gone, at least in England. Gamespot, citing Chart-Track shares data on the sales of toys lately, introducing the hit parade of best selling. Overwatch, confidently took the first place, relegating all past monsters. By the way, it turned out that this is the best selling Blizzard game on consoles.


GS Gamekit — game console from the "Tricolor TV"

Good news for those who are willing to support domestic producers, the price of derision from owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "Tricolor TV" and GS Group has announced what repeatedly Savalas .


[Video review] ZenPad C 7.0 from ASUS instead of all gadgets

In the pockets of modern man to 2016 gathered so many gadgets that the issue of Captain America, "Who are you without them?" – long drive in a stupor. The trend in recent years — gadgets-transformers: "planetology", "notoriety". Even the usual smartphones combines player, camera, game console and so on. But is it possible to replace one device, an entire fleet?


The starcon 2015: Report in photos from the festival

Last week in St. Petersburg clearly broke through some kind of portal. Else to explain the gathering of characters from the universes of comics, games, movies and TV shows in one place is just unreal. It turned out that this anomaly happens every year and has long been called the Starcon.


Russia will reduce tariffs on IT products

Russia will not join the new world trade organization agreement aimed at lowering trade import duties on electronics. The document is going to sign the U.S., China and several countries in the Eurozone.


Game console of the Russian Federation may be on sale until the end of the year

The Russian manufacturer of equipment for satellite TV GS Group is going to release a gaming console based on Android in 2015.


Batman: Arkham knight - sale on Steam is stopped

Interestingly, NVIDIA even released a special version of the drivers to the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, apparently, wanting to please fans of the series. But for some reason did not work.

Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive has temporarily suspended the distribution and sale of the game Batman: Arkham Knight after numerous complaints from players. Many people face problems when you start. The most dissatisfied are now recruited from the camp chosen card AMD. However, gamers with cards NVIDIA almost not far behind, complaining hang, sagging fps and sound glitches.


Street fighters. First Bay! (2011) PC

Title: Street fighter. First Bay!


Google has reduced the price in their online store on a TV set-top box Nexus Player

Google has announced the reduction of prices in its online store Google Store on a TV set-top box Nexus Player from 99$ to 79$, with standard shipping this device in the U.S. will be free.


NVIDIA prepares the console SHIELD Pro Android TV

The Company NVIDIA, apparently, works tirelessly on a game console SHIELD Pro Android TV with built-in storage to 512 GB.


Mortal Kombat X was released for Android until for Russia

As usual, yet for Russia, although known to all on the forum, already posted apk distribution and even downloaded the cache under different graphics accelerators. It is possible to try. Or you can buy it on PC or PS4/Xbox in our friendly store. Version for consoles only 3600 rubles. PC - 1000.

Mortal Kombat is one of the most bloody and brutal fighting games. However, perhaps it is so exciting and spectacular. Not so long ago saw the official release of the game for consoles. We talked about the start of sales of Mortal Kombat X in M-Video . In addition, today we had a detailed review of the console version . In addition, the toy was released for iOS and now for Android. You can install it with Google Play Store.


Playstation 4 has been updated to firmware 2.51

2.5 Update have added the possibility to resume gameplay from the moment you gave up the game, sending the console to standby mode. Some players with this chip had problems that were corrected in the current update. The more stocks the March firmware should not be.

Sony has released the new firmware update for its popular game console Playstation 4. Now the version of the build will be 2.51. Now an update available to owners of consoles in the U.S. and Europe. The weight update, a total of 254 megabytes, because it is not necessary to wait from it for some important and significant innovations. We promise various system tweaks and corrections of bugs.


10 most unusual game controllers

I Think that it is the dream of any gamer, a fan of the series. Once the sale was released this limited edition controller for toys Resident Evil. The developers decided that thus can provide the fans of the franchise more exciting gameplay.

Since the arrival of video games in our lives in the 70-ies, accessory manufacturers have introduced many different game controllers. From the familiar to us that there is a default in any of the consoles to more interesting things, such as, for Guitar Hero series. But did you know that some collectors have a much more exotic and interesting things? Under the cut we have collected a list of 10 of the most unusual and surprising game controllers for consoles and PC.


Gabe Newell has denied rumors about the development of Half-Life 3

Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, gave an extensive interview in which he shared his plans for the future of the company.


Wireless headset with advanced features: SVEN AP-B350MV

In the package, in addition to the headset itself, we find the charging cable format microUSB-USB and wire format mini-jack 3,5 for direct connection to the sound source. There is also a small manual, which will tell you how to cope with the headset.

Headset SVEN AP-B350MV is a flexible and convenient solution among wireless headsets. It is universally suitable for both listening to music and watching films. And at the same time allows you to be constantly connected. That highlights the headset from the total sulfur mass budget devices, we describe below.


NVIDIA tried to shock his new NVIDIA Shield

The world's First game console for Android TV with support for 4K video it is so pretentious and ambitious introduced a new game console NVIDIA Shield, the development of which took five years.