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Samsung fans are loyal to the brand

Research firm Ipsos conducted a social survey among Samsung smartphone users in the United States. It turned out that the incidents with the Galaxy Note 7 had no impact on the loyalty of Americans to a Korean brand.


Samsung may start selling the recovered Galaxy Note 7

Yes, the company had to recall several million devices. And now in "The Investor" rumor has it that the sale of these units can start in India and Vietnam. However, there is a caveat that the company's management has not yet made a final decision about it.

Samsung notably screwed up tabletm Galaxy Note 7. That is what it is, this story has cost not cheap. Because on the one hand, it is understandable that leadership podlatat hole in the budget, on the other hand puzzling method. Some Western media reported that Samsung is planning next year to sell restoration phablet Galaxy Note 7.


The collapse of the Galaxy Note 7 was not helpful Apple

Problems Samsung seemed obvious advantage for Apple, which introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus behind the Korean tabletop.


Not only Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy J5 also burn

Problem occurred in France. First, the owner of the device drew attention to the fact that the device is unusually hot. Then from the smartphone the smoke went, because the woman reflexively released it from his hands. What happened with the device on, very similar to the symptoms familiar to us as times for Galaxy Note 7. As soon as the smartphone is dropped, it exploded, the back cover is flared flame.

Samsung manufactures and sells a huge number of devices. The model series of this company are very extensive. Great demand all over the world is the model of the smartphone Galaxy J5. And, unfortunately, last week came news that Samsung another incident - the fire smartphone. And this time, this failed miserably famous Galaxy Note 7, as mentioned above, Galaxy J5.


Samsung ganged up on jokes about the Galaxy Note 7

The inhabitants of the Internet thought it was funny, starting to upload videos to Youtube and spreading it. it happened about two weeks ago.

it Seems that Samsung did not appreciate the humor community on the subject of her problems with the Galaxy Note 7. Western sources report that the company is currently hunting for a video with an exploding Galaxy Note 7, removing them from the network. The rollers began to appear after one of the mods GTA V Galaxy Note 7 began to use instead of grenades.


Analysts: Note 7 audience of Android will spill over into the camp of Apple

KGI Securuities appreciate this audience of 5-7 million people. They are the candidates for the purchase of the iPhone 7. These people are primarily disappointed in the brand, not the OS in General, but they are now most vulnerable to poaching in the rival camp.

Now that the fate of the phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is definitely solved, many users are faced with a dilemma: what to take to replace the device that failed to meet expectations? Such people around the world by millions. Analysts believe that the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will trigger the overflow Android users in the camp of fans of Apple products.


What is the cause of the blast Galaxy Note 7 and that is a line of smartphones Note?

And in the web already appeared the hypotheses, some quite justified. The cause of the explosions Galaxy Note 7 of the "first series" probably lies in the batteries SDI and the shape of the hull with rounded edges. The fact that the batteries from the SDI a little bigger than replacing them ATL, and tight against the angled edges of the smartphone. And at the slightest pressure plate insulating the cathode and anode are bent and damaged, which can lead to short circuit and explode. With smartphones from the "second safe, the series" the situation is more complicated. These smartphones were powered by smaller batteries ATL, not prone to snapping. But, as we found out, the Financial Times, in a safe Galaxy Note 7 settings were changed chipsets, to accelerate the charging process. Perhaps the battery failed power charger. While the Samsung representatives do not comment on any of the options.

Despite the shutdown and care Note Galaxy 7 market, Samsung still need to answer the main question: why the device exploded? While that Samsung engineers failed to get to the truth.


Samsung return the money to the users of Galaxy Note 7 in Russia

Samsung Representatives in Russia declared that, regardless of the place of purchase Galaxy Note 7, the user can return the device and get full retail price recommended by Samsung for the Russian market or exchange threat phablet on the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and to receive compensation in price.

the Galaxy Note 7 out of the market and Samsung started the company recall of the devices. Despite the fact that official start of sales to Russia is not reached, a sufficiently large number of people have purchased the device from abroad. But they "took care" of the Korean company.


The cross on the Galaxy Note 7. Withdrawal from the market. Set for safe disposal

After all, Samsung has stopped production and all exchange programs, as well as officially announced the Galaxy Note 7 withdrawal from the market.

the Galaxy Note 7 a sad fate: the most powerful Samsung's flagship because of a defect of the battery was subject to spontaneous combustion. In some States, installed more than 100 incidents of fire. The attempt to remedy the defect, unfortunately, has not produced results, from safe series are also subject to fire: in the last 7 days aware of a minimum of 5 explosions of devices with a "safe" battery indicators.


Droider Show #261 Robot Fedor and the latest Galaxy Note 7

Fresh Droider Show has already started to collect "likes" on YouTube. From a new series you can learn about: results presentations Made by Google, termination proizvodstva Galaxy Note 7 and the Samsung acquisition of companies assistant Viv, a prototype of a frameless smartphone Sharp.

And another issue is, the robot Fedor from Russia, jetpack JB-10 quadcopter Revolt passenger flights and concept hydrogen car from Toyota.


The official statement from Samsung about the cancellation of the sales and production of Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially announced that it stopped global sales of the Galaxy Note7, a program of voluntary exchange, as well as further production of the device, guided by concern for user security.


Samsung has stopped the production of "safe" Galaxy Note 7

Who knew Anons Galaxy Note 7, in August will turn to Samsung nightmare. Complaints first owners at spontaneous combustion devices have led to public outcry, the harassment of the company and the ban phablet in the aircraft. Manufacturer urgently ototal sold devices and concentrated on the issue of "safe" modifications.


In GTA V use the Galaxy Note 7 instead of grenades

The Mod is released by the player with the nickname HitmanNiko, allows you to use a Galaxy Note 7 or as sticky grenades or mines, simply undermines the other players.

Samsung now, of course, is not to be envied. The story with explosions and fires Galaxy Note 7 has not yet been completed and rumor has it that the company may withdraw the lineup for the second time, as there are suspicions that even safe party these devices are still a threat. This is not the most exciting topic already pinned even gamers, releasing a mod for GTA V where is the grenade, the main character can use a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


Galaxy Note 7 may be again withdrawn

This opinion was formed after an episode of self-ignition phablet Galaxy Note 7 out of safe series on Board. At the moment experts find out the cause of the fire apparatus. If during investigation it is found that the smartphone was safely out of the party and the cause of ignition defect in the device, probably, the smartphone will be withdrawn again - said the former Director of the Commission consumer products USA.

Some members of the Commission consumer product safety US have come to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be subjected to re-review.


Safe Galaxy Note 7, too, explode?

And here is a new incident of explosion occurred again in China, this country named Hui Renji acquired a Galaxy Note 7, numbered as safe (black square on the box), and less than a day smartphone exploded while charging from MacBook. According to the owner, he almost immediately was contacted by Samsung to provide a smartphone for the examination and installation of the cause of the explosion.

Black strip for the reputation of Samsung is not over. After investigation and review of the explosive and the start of supply of safe smartphones Galaxy 7, still skips in the news cases of the explosion of the flagship. And here is the unknown: the reason is whether the defect of the phone or someone trying to become famous or earn money. After all, China has uncovered two cases of intentional external heating apparatus to simulate the explosion.


Fixed Galaxy Note 7 is sent to Europe. Or he's in trouble again?

To determine if it is safe to smartphone, you need to look at the color of the battery indicator. Safe smartphones instead of white the colour of the indicator will be green.

Samsung managed to solve the problem with samovosproizvoditsja Galaxy Note 7 and by the end of November the company is planning return flagship on the European market. 28 Sep phablet will be available in South Korea. And in the US the first batch (almost half) safe Galaxy Note 7 was received on September 21. When to begin official sales in Russia is unknown.


New batteries for Galaxy Note 7 is not so safe?

Today, Reuters reported that China exploded Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a "safe" battery production ATL. In the course of the investigation conducted by Samsung, the company's specialists came to the conclusion that the explosion occurred due to "external heating". What does this formulation, is not specified. The company States that the investigation revealed traces of heating the outer side of the battery, which suggests a "high probability" that the battery was exposed to "external factors".

As was stated by Samsung, after installation causes of fire Galaxy Note 7 in the defect of battery, the battery production for "fixed" smartphones will the Chinese company ATL (Amperex Technology Limited). Which, by the way, manufactured the batteries for Galaxy Note 7 to be supplied to China, that is why it did not stop its sale.


Galaxy Note 7 returns to the markets

According to Reuters September 28, will begin selling in Korea, a Samsung subsidiary in the United States, announced the safe arrival of Galaxy Note 7 to the market no later than September 21. When will start admission to other markets, accurate information is not available.

After the cessation of sales, and the unprecedented scale of opinion hypergolic Galaxy Note 7, which cost the company billions of dollars, Samsung returns the corrected model on the market.


Passions around "burning" Galaxy Note 7 "flare up" more

Lucky he escaped with minor burns and psychological trauma - his scare any phones. Most likely, Samsung will be able to resolve the situation without litigation, the relatives have already contacted representatives of the company.

Every day, information about new cases of fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This is also the case distinguished by the fact that the child suffered. A new fire Galaxy Note 7 there were in Brooklyn, at the hands of a six year old child when he watched the video.


Problem Galaxy Note 7, Samsung already has a solution?

Samsung also responded quickly. The Corporation published on the official website a petition to stop operating the device, turn it off and use the exchange program.

Continues the hype around the troubled for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After the American and Australian airlines ban on the use and charging on Board the aircraft entered Finnish Finnair. This situation arose after a few dozen cases of spontaneous ignition devices and has cost Samsung $ 10 billion, it is so much cheaper the Corporation is, after requests not to use Note 7 on Board the aircraft.