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HTC introduced a limited edition HTC One M9 UEFA Champions League in gold

HTC as part of its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and on the eve of the final of this club football tournament in Europe, has announced a limited edition of the smartphone HTC One M9 UEFA Champions League, whose body is covered with 24-carat gold.


Huawei told about the new smartphone P8 Lite

An official announcement of a new Chinese smartphone Huawei P8 Lite, who was the younger brother of the current flagship P8, shown in mid-April. The device is already available for pre-order in some countries of Europe, and, since the model R8 and R8 Max were announced in Russia, and he also will visit our country.


Manual Pantech has filed a petition for liquidation of a company

The Korean company Pantech has exhausted all attempts to swim out of the financial crisis and to show the gruel all of its competitors. Today it became known that its leadership wants to liquidate the company and has already submitted the corresponding petition. Apparently, in the near future will cease to exist.


"VKontakte" will pay for the found vulnerabilities

The Russian social network "VKontakte" has proposed a new way to earn with it. It is not public and is not omnipresent advertising is search of vulnerabilities and sending bug reports. Found the flaw and reported it received a certain amount of money. This was announced by Andrey Rogozov, chief operating officer of the company. The whole process is based on a popular platform HackerOne.


How to choose a smartphone? What you need to know before buying

In Order to try to end the agony of choice will try to Express their subjective thoughts on it and will try to convince that today to choose the device actually you can just. And quickly.

they often ask Me about which smartphone to choose. Probably, once you read means interested in technology, at least mobile. And therefore do not exclude that I often hear the same question, supported by arguments in the spirit of "you're a programmer.


Cisco has supplied equipment for Russia to bypass sanctions

Cisco Systems, the world leader in network equipment, changed the names of intermediaries in the documentation to put in RF products in circumvention of the sanctions.


Sharp release a smartphone Aquos Crystal 2

Now the screen size is 5.2-inch (made of technology S-PureLED), but with 720p resolution. In exchange of a basic housing, which will not be afraid of splashes of water, but more should not count. Increased slightly and the overall dimensions of the smartphone. Now it 136x71x11 154 millimeters and grams of weight.

Sharp releases the follower of your frameless smartphone Aquos Crystal 2. Last year it was middling characteristics, which surprised exactly no frames around the screen and could boast of a fairly compact size. New updated the stuffing to a more modern and grew slightly on the diagonal.


Intel in Russia celebrates the 50th anniversary of Moore's law

The Conference was opened by Dmitry Konash, regional Director of Intel Corporation in Russia and the CIS. He stressed that Moore's law has not only become a practical guide for the development of industry computing devices, but also initiated a global change in lifestyle of people and all mankind.

on 19 April 1965 Gordon Moore, one of the future founders of Intel, published an article in Electronics Magazine in which he first formulated a simple rule: "Progress in microelectronics will allow you to place more items into the body of one chip". After several refinements of this rule, dubbed "Moore's law", began to read as follows: "the number of transistors on a chip doubles every two years".


General Mobile 4G — the first European smartphone Android One

The Program Android One finally comes to Europe: just yesterday, Google introduced in Turkey its new smartphone under the Android One project — General Mobile 4G.


Samsung brought the update for the Galaxy S6

The Update was released under the label G920FXXU1AODG. Although the changelog doesn't specify that appeared corrections of RAM, many users and resource GSMArena say that the smartphone after the update began to work adequately.

Past problems with Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 confirmed. We wrote about the fact that these devices suffer from problems with memory leaks and aggressive behavior of the system in relation to running processes. The company has released an update for owners of the devices. Western press reports that the update is minor, but aims to eliminate this unpleasant problem.


Characteristics and cost of the mini version of LG G4

Only LG showed the world the flagship smartphone G4 , and in the press has leaked information about a budget version of the device.


Kaspersky lab has detected a new Trojan

The Specialists of "Kaspersky Lab has detected a new Trojan on the Android platform, which successfully disguised as the Google Play app and Google Wallet.


Playstation 4 has been updated to firmware 2.51

2.5 Update have added the possibility to resume gameplay from the moment you gave up the game, sending the console to standby mode. Some players with this chip had problems that were corrected in the current update. The more stocks the March firmware should not be.

Sony has released the new firmware update for its popular game console Playstation 4. Now the version of the build will be 2.51. Now an update available to owners of consoles in the U.S. and Europe. The weight update, a total of 254 megabytes, because it is not necessary to wait from it for some important and significant innovations. We promise various system tweaks and corrections of bugs.


Don't treat me: the truth about smart accessories and health

In recent years, more and more companies are in mass wearable devices, claiming that they can help to monitor the health. IT-giants Samsung, Apple and Microsoft already issued a branded application for the collection of medical data.


I know you: Yandex.Disk analyzes photos of

Recently, the assessment team PR managers Yandex has prepared an interesting study on what and where you shoot the users of smartphones and tablets. These statistics were taken from a cloud-Yandex.Disk where purposefully or through startup got photos and videos.


Oppo A31 - glass and metal for only $160

The Range of the average level of the company Oppo has added yet another stylish and reliable representative, the Oppo model A31.


Asus will sell more than 30 million smartphones in 2015

That such a figure named johnny Tire from Asus Chinese media. The Chinese market is one key to achieve the goal. Only here planned to sell over 10 million units. For example, last year in the Chinese market has sold more than 389 million smartphones in General.

Asus Zenfone 2 not so long ago announced in China, then it was shown in Europe. The next step is India, scheduled for April 13. Reach to global markets and consumer interest in our products, it is not surprising that Asus put a high enough quota for this year. The company plans to sell over 30 million units in 2015.


HTC introduced in Europe updated version of the smartphone HTC One M8s

HTC introduced in Europe updated version of its previous flagship - HTC One M8s in traditional metal curved design that it is equipped with the new eight-core 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, as well as traditionally - BoomSound front speakers and dual camera.


Forum Apps4All showed how industry develops mobile technologies

March 20, 2015 in Moscow hosted the 6th international forum app developers Apps4All on topical issues of development of the industry of mobile applications. The forum was attended by over 500 representatives of the ecosystem of application development, specialists of the largest IT corporations and leading experts in the field of mobile technology. The event was organized by the community of developers Apps4All.


Fresh from HTC: One M9+

The Smartphone boasts a screen with a resolution of Quad-HD (1440x2560 pixels at a screen size of 5.5-inch), and a built-in fingerprint. It is expected that sales of the device will be held in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, where he can be labeled as the HTC Desire A55. In EMEA, the smartphone will come with an OCTA core processor MT6795 while in the States should act on the shelves modification with Snapdragon 810. Complete the picture with 3 gigabytes of RAM.

@upleaks talks about what is prepared for us HTC. On Twitter were laid out first photo and a little information about the smartphone HTC One M9+, which was previously known under the code name Hima. Separately specified that this is the HTC One M9+ and not "Plus".