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To go or not? 5 reasons to visit the interactive festival WEGAME

One of the participants of the festival will be the company Frogwares. Creative Studio was founded in 2000, and since then games have become very popular among gamers. The developers of Frogwares, a series of games dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes:The Mystery of The Mummy, The Awakened, and others), Dracula (Dracula: Origin), travel and Apocalypse (80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

on 10-11 September in Kiev will host a festival of interactive entertainment – WEGAME. Still don't know if you let it go? The event will gather the best representatives of the game industry, game developers and gamers, well-known cosplayers of Ukraine, players of world renown. Do you still have doubts? Here are 5 more reasons which their notes.


OnePlus 3 will officially appear in Russia since August

In June, OnePlus unveiled the third generation of the flagship. In August, the smartphone will be officially sold in Russia.


SoftBank buys ARM for $ 32 billion

Japanese conglomerate Softbank has announced the acquisition of the British company ARM for 32.2 billion.


Droider Cast #31 — Spring prism

While Ilya Ryabov basking under the summer rain Petersburg, Boris Vedeno and Valery Istishab never left and discussed the world of gadgets, Internet and technology for a week.


Honor 5C launched in Europe

Honor - line of enough budget devices. For retaining competitive prices Huawei refuses fingerprint scanner. Thus, for example, in England machine is with cencom at 149 pounds, and in the rest of Europe will give it for 199 euros. Now it can be purchased at the official online store of Huawei.

Huawei has introduced a smartphone Honor 5C in Europe. Earlier the device was available only in China. But the devices are slightly different: in the European version will not have the thumbprint scanner.


Invite away! 3 OnePlus officially announced

The Company OnePlus finally showed the public the third generation of the eponymous "killer flagships".


Every fifth smartphone owner uses an ad-blocker

The Dark times have come for sites with lots of advertising banners and pop-UPS.


LG has announced a new phablet with a stylus included – Plus 2 LG Stylus

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the completion of its line of phablets Stylus, wherein, in addition to having large display and stylus included, new model – LG Stylus 2 Plus, which will go on sale in the coming weeks on the key markets of Asia, South and North America, and Europe.


WhatsApp is now the most popular messenger in the world

Immediately after WhatsApp is Facebook Messenger.

According to the latest data, more than half of the countries in the world that use different messengers for chatting, prefer in the first place WhatsApp. These data provides the Agency's Digital Vision, which studied the behavior of residents and Android traffic out of 187 countries. Total, WhatsApp received a share of 55.6%.


Microsoft stops selling Lumia in Russia

Microsoft has sold the mobile division of Foxconn, got rid of the "extra" employees and made the next logical step towards business optimization.


Eric Schmidt prefers smartphones from Apple and Samsung

Conference Europe Startup Fest in the Netherlands called for Eric Schmidt. However, journalists were attracted not so much the fact of the appearance of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphabet, as its smartphone — the iPhone 6s.


Wileyfox Swift 13 is updated to Cyanogen (Android 6.0.1)

Cyanogen out of the box is already on a number of devices known to us vendors, for example, YU, Zuk, Smartfen, once OPPO and OnePlus. Now Wileyfox that sell a budget device in Europe and Russia.

do you remember those Wileyfox? Cheap but good devices from the British. We have at the time, was the review of the model Wileyfox Swift, which today will be discussed. This unit started to update to Cyanogen OS 13, which is based on Android 6.0.1.


Enhanced Android and iOS is weakening in Europe

Every year the share of the Green robot is growing in the world, approaching almost limitless monopoly.


Samsung Galaxy S7 sold better than Galaxy S6

If more and more precise, the sales are 30% better in the USA, 20% better in Western Europe, 10% in China and on the same level froze in Korea. And after a not very successful results with the Galaxy S6, Samsung is clearly a good indicator. In addition, the company is at this time there is no problem with the number of screens for the Edge model. Her customers prefer a little less than classic. Only 47% of devices sold to - Edge. But it is worth remembering that the price of this device above.

Gathered during the sales statistics of Galaxy S7 pleased with Korean company, because the new smartphones S7 and S7 Edge sell 25% better than it was the predecessor of the Galaxy S6.


In Innopolis was the Russian leg of the global AngelHack hackathon

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organizer of events in Russia – the community of application developers Apps4All.

April 2 and 3 at Innopolis University hosted the Russian stage of the world's largest AngelHack hackathon. The event brought together more than 80 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 22 of the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team StopCrawl that developed the application prototype for crawling scanning and analysis of pages on the Internet. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


Lite P9, P9 and P9 Plus from Huawei officially presents

As suggested earlier, Huawei has announced its flagship smartphones P9.


OPPO unveiled its new smartphone – COOLPAD F1 Plus with slim frame and 16 MP front camera

The Chinese company OPPO today introduced in India its new model of smartphone OPPO F1 Plus, which will join its lineup of fotosmeteo F Series, while the presence of a thin frame all-metal housing around a 5.2-inch AMOLED display (1,66 mm) with protective glass Gorilla Glass 4 and 16 MP front camera.


Modular smartphone LG G5 starts flowing to world markets

LG Electronics announced the beginning of deliveries this week in the world of its modular smartphone LG G5. Sales will begin in South Korea on March 31, in US – 1 April, after which the model will be available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company noted that about 200 retailers and operators around the world have decided to introduce a smartphone LG G5 in their local markets.


Jason Statham has played a major role in the first video clip for the smartphone LG G5

Jason Statham, star of films in the genre of action, including "Carrier" and "the Expendables," starring in a new advertising video LG, is dedicated to innovative modular smartphone LG G5. The footage was captured by a talented Director Fredrik bond, who led a large number of global campaigns for international brands.

The Attention the campaign focused on the versatile modular design of the LG G5, providing opportunities for "games" and enjoy using your smartphone. Due to related gadgets LG G5 is transformed, for example, in a handy digital camera or Hi-Fi audio player, becoming an excellent choice for those who prefer modern technology and innovation that improve lives.


LG starts sales of smartphones series X series

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the beginning of sales this weeks smartphones from its new product line of "X series" – the X cam and the X screen, which it is positioning as a devices with the functionality of a premium smartphone, but aimed at a more mass market due to more affordable prices.