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Possible OnePlus 3 appeared in AnTuTu

Tested the device marked OnePlus A3000. Inside was found the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of internal. It is also known that the device received a screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, but the diagonal remains a mystery.

Carl Pei, the founder of OnePlus, said at the MWC in 2016, the company will release fresh smartphone at the end of the second quarter. Not lied, because AnTuTu says that they already have the results of the first tests of this device. Let's see what happens.


Huawei P9 will be announced April 6

P9 Max and an uber-version will work with the 955 processor Kirin, and P9 will appreciate the processor Kirin 950 and P9 Lite will be slightly more simple - inside will be installed Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 650. The price of low-end model is expected at $ 289, the usual P9 pull on 473 USD. Improved modification will require that the budget of 565 dollars, and P9 Max you will select 627 dollars.

Evan Blass - the constant source of leaks about smartphones and tablets, reports that the device Huawei P9 will launch to the public officially in a month or even a little earlier - April 6. Will be available as much as 4 versions of the device: Huawei P9, P9 Max, P9 Lite and some improved modification of the device.


Vivo Xplay 5 Elite - the first smartphone with 6 GB of RAM on Board

A few days ago, the company Vivo held in China a posh event, where they were presented is unique in its kind smartphone Xplay 5 Elite whose main attraction was an incredible amount of RAM is 6 GB.


Russian announcement of the HTC One X9

HTC has officially presented in Russia its new smartphone HTC One X9, characterized by having a professionally custom camera and smooth finish all-metal housing, where the core of its design lies the philosophy called "metalmorphics". The novelty will be presented to the market in such colors like Carbon Grey, Silver Opal, Topaz Gold and Copper Rose.


Nearing the announcement of the new flagship HTC One M10

As you know, in March HTC plans to officially announce its new flagship One M10, rumors of which had doubled after the appearance of teaser images of the new items.


Huawei P9 will be dual camera

It can be Seen that the device in this special case, the device must be harder to learn and explore ahead of time. But some items can be discussed now, they are curious. For example, it becomes clear that Huawei plans to release a flagship with dual camera. In addition, we see this square hole Ah of the thumbprint scanner.

Smartphone Huawei P9 - future update for the current flagship P8. The company showed at the MWC P9, but the number of leaks that are now flooding the Internet, hinting that the device will appear soon enough, in the second quarter of 2016. Let's look at the first photos and renderings that were at our disposal thanks to Weibo and


Characteristics and "live" pictures from Huawei P9

Contrary ozhidaniem, Huawei brought to the MWC 2016 flagship P9, limiting hybrid tablet MateBook. The exhibition was held, and rumors about the smartphone continue to appear.


Specifications on new smartphones HTC Desire 530, 630 and 825

The Company HTC has unveiled specifications for the previously announced line of budget smartphone HTC Desire, which included models such as the HTC Desire 530, 630 and Desire Desire 825, characterized by the presence of specially designed pattern of colored dots, Micro Splash on the polycarbonate enclosure of the new products.


Lenovo launches exclusive sales of the smartphone Lenovo Vibe

Lenovo announced the start of sales in Russia smartphone Vibe X3 with stereo speakers and an advanced system of sound recording. According to the manufacturer, with professional multimedia capabilities, this smartphone can become a real pocket cinema. Lenovo Vibe X3 will be available exclusively in the online store Lenovo from 29 February 2016 at a price 29990 rubles. On the first day of sales buyers can purchase the smartphone at a special price of 27990 rubles.


Xiaomi yavila What 4-so Snapdragon 808

Get the intermediate device, which is still not up to today's flagships, but head and shoulders above the modern public sector.

Yesterday, Xiaomi revealed not only the smartphone Mi 5, but also introduced the world to an updated version of last year's flagship Mi 4. The new device is called Mi 4s. Pulled features, has added a fingerprint scanner. Got a neat device that really wants to acquire.


Sony introduced new smartphone Xperia X

In the framework of the Barcelona exhibition MWC 2016, Sony has introduced its new smartphone Xperia X, the composed model, Xperia X, Xperia XA and the top variant - Xperia X Performance.


The world presented smartphone LG G5

Metal case, glass in the entire front of the gadget, not even see the antenna lines on the back cover. Only the lower part of the device can be separated from the rest, in order to access the battery, memory card slots, etc., and also to connect various optional parts. However, this will require a reboot of the phone.

which year we hear, read, see photos and even some benchmark results on the modular Project Ara initiative. And some time will hear, but not to use it. And LG at MWC 2016 took showed the first mass modular smartphone. Yes, it may not be quite the designer, as promised Project Ara, but already real, work and planning soon to go on sale. Besides the new flagship of the company. Meet the LG G5.


ZTE has introduced a smartphone Blade and Blade V7, V7 Lite in a slim metal body

The Company ZTE today unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016 sequel to the popular Blade lineup of smartphones Blade and Blade V7, V7 Lite, whose global sales will start with a limited number of countries, while model Blade V7 Lite first will be available only to Russian buyers.


Sony introduced new smartphone Xperia X and 3 smartphone, Xperia X, Xperia X and Xperia XA Performance

Sony Mobile presented a new brand Xperia, showing the first smartphones of X series and, as she declares a new look into the future of technology and telecommunications in which surrounding devices are connected that allows you to radically change the way users interact with the outside world.


Samsung unveiled new smartphone Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge, and

Today, the company Samsung Electronics presented its new series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S – Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, which it is positioning for modern users, leading an active lifestyle. The innovations presented have an elegant design, made of metal and glass, an improved camera, protection from water and dust (IP68 standard), and lead the Galaxy ecosystem, consisting of a complex of devices and services from Samsung.


LG introduced its new flagship smartphone LG G5 with modular construction

The South Korean company LG Electronics unveiled its new flagship this year, LG G5, made in solid metal casing with rounded edges, as well as having a pull-out battery and support for plug-in modules that extend the capabilities of the product. In addition, LG G5 will be offered the device companion, which is called as LG Friends who transform their flagship in digital camera, Hi-Fi player, etc.


S60 Cat smartphone equipped with a thermal imager

The Company Bullitt Group, which recently acquired from Caterpillar the right to manufacture devices under the Cat brand, announced its new mobile Cat S60 positioned as the world's first smartphone with a thermal imager.


Archos introduced the new phablets from the Diamond

Although previously, the French company Archos has announced their presentation of three new tablet (Oxygen 70, 80 Oxygen, Oxygen 101b) in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2016, trying not to get lost in the string of the flagship innovations of the forthcoming event, the manufacturer is glad to announce two new mobile - Diamond 2 and Diamond 2 Note Plus.


Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge is now officially

Samsung's official press release says that the new device can make high-quality images in almost complete darkness. This was achieved thanks to the use of the dual pixel technology and a wide lens aperture F1.7. In this case the camera lens was able to do almost not protruding from the case.

Samsung updates its portfolio, presenting two new smartphone: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge. Both devices are made of metal and glass and have received protection from dust and moisture standard IP68, with no stubs. In addition, updated and specifications under actual 2016 iron.


Render of the LG G5 to our attention

Interestingly, the tweet with the render disappeared from the strip after the bombing of negative comments after comparing the gadget with a piece of soap. But what hit the Internet stays here forever. To render visible all of what was said earlier: the volume buttons on the end, as well as a thumbprint scanner on the back.

ahead of a string of announcements, which we already know a lot, we can only consider new renders of the gadget. For example, @evleaks (aka Evan Blass) has once again published a leak, this time about the LG G5 in Twitter account. Well, looking at camera, remember. Will have something to compare Sunday with the actual gadget.