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Droider Show #270 Galaxy S8 vs HTC Ocean

Hi, drogerie! In the next series of the show for you, carefully collected all the most important thing: Smarty Pebble, FAS nedovoljna Apple readery frameless flagship of Samsung, ruler Ocean from HTC.

And in Droider Show, you can see an electric skateboard Xiaomi, the new Walker from Star Wars, city, Oasis and electric portable turntable RokBlock.


Droider Show #269 Mashina Apple i Pro 6 Plus ot Meizu

In a new series Droider Show longtime leading talk about the results of the The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, Plana Apple on unmanned vehicles, announcement musical phablet Meizu about "utechki " on a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone on Android.

Valery Istishab looks to the future, where there is already radioactive batteries, integranova gun DroneGun, "cloud" the Amazon truck and the battery HandEnergy, which is charged by hand movements.


Droider Show #268 Ubiytsa iPhone i Galaxy S8

Hi listeners, readers and viewers! This time from the regular Droider Show you can learn about the appearance of the future flagship of Samsung, the possibility of the announcement directly couples Surface Phone from Microsoft, the impending frameless slider from ZTE and fatal clip for Apple smartphones.

Even in the release about "smart" accessory for glasses, almost the perfect tablet Eve V, "control of Power" a pocket-sized drone AirSelfie for a selfie.


Droider Show #267 "flagship Killer" OnePlus 3T and Apple in the US

Hi, drogerien! 267 second edition Droider Show is ready to tell about the announcement of killer flagship OnePlus 3T and live broadcasts in Instagram.

Also, presenters will share the rumors about the return of Nokia, the transfer of production iPhone in the US and a selection of unusual gadgets. Among them: the flying taxi, the watch is charging from the body, sneakers with a screen and a paper helmet.


Droider Show #266 Frameless hope iPad and Samsung

Hi friends! Fresh Droider Show full of news from IT giants: Samsung Kapil Harman, HTC announced the top Bolt, smartphones Pixel can come in Russia, and Apple may introduce the tablet without frames.

And it also shows a virtual drum set Freedrum, concepts Hyperloop tracks and unit Charge truck, mini-gyrometer Carr-E.


Droider Show #265 Neural Yandex and "killer" iPhone 7

The Next series of Droider Show Elisheva from Valery and Boris Vedenskiy ready to view! The issue about top 9 Mate from Huawei and the Leica, the petition of the top managers of Samsung, introduction in search of "Yandex" neural networks and bendable smartphone the Apple.

You can also learn about foldable monitor SPUD from Arovia, Russian copter DOS, modular synth Blocks and the fact that the neural network learned to improve the quality of the photos.


Droider Show #264 What will be the iPhone 8?

Hi friends! YouTube channel Droider published a new series of the show, which tells about the most important thing in a week. From the fresh rumors about iPhone 8, after the announcement smartphone 2 Mi Note from Xiaomi and monoblock Jamboard from Google, the results of the fall presentations Apple and Microsoft .

Droider Show continues the stories about the Exo-battery, electric from Faraday and Future unmanned marshrutka "MatrEshka" from Russia.


Droider Show #263 Switch ot Nintendo vs Mi Mix ot Xiaomi

Hello! Of the new series of the show from Valery Elisheva and Boris Vedeno you can learn about the virtual operator VKmobile, live in Instagram, electromobile from LeEco and the Switch console from Nintendo.

In addition, Droider Show will talk about retro Kodak Ektra camera, edge-to-edge smartphone from the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Philippe Starck, designer Airblock copters and robot-Stomper from the inventor Colin furze.


Droider Show #262 Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Mini

Hello! In a new series Droider Show permanent leading Istishab Valery and Boris Vedenskiy talk about the flagship from Samsung Galaxy S8 smart watch from Google, the upcoming iPhone 7 Mini from Apple curved smartphone from Xiaomi and advertising in the audio recordings of VKontakte.

Will Still be stories about the concept of electrocycle BMW, levitating turntable MAG-LEV Audio, hybrid charging and stabilizer for shooting SMOVE. As a bonus – an experiment with long-lived 3 Max smartphone Zenfone from Asus.


Droider Show #261 Robot Fedor and the latest Galaxy Note 7

Fresh Droider Show has already started to collect "likes" on YouTube. From a new series you can learn about: results presentations Made by Google, termination proizvodstva Galaxy Note 7 and the Samsung acquisition of companies assistant Viv, a prototype of a frameless smartphone Sharp.

And another issue is, the robot Fedor from Russia, jetpack JB-10 quadcopter Revolt passenger flights and concept hydrogen car from Toyota.


Droider Show #260 is the iPhone 7?

There is nothing better than to finish the autumn on Monday along with Droider Show Elisheva from Valery and Boris Vedeno. In the new issue of the following themes that were of concern to the public past 7 days: exploded smartphone Apple resumed sales of hot Galaxy Note 7 Samsung, BlackBerry failure produce mobile devices, concentrated presentation of Google's arrival in Russia Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

In the video are: flights to Mars from Elon musk, foldable quadcopter Mavic Pro from DJI, constructor drones from Flybrix and Lego, bullet-shaped bike Eta.


Droider Show #258 Russian and Snowden vs iPhone

On the shelves of Russian stores delivered the same "rolls with Apple and figure 7, and Droider Show is traditionally broadcasts about the main gadget-the events of the week: Google has released another promising Allo messenger with a built-in Assistant, leaked rumors about merging Android and Chrome OS (the result is Andromeda). Meanwhile in Russia are preparing their own iPhone.

Gadgets, too hot. In November, will see the light serial samochowiec Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 - just like in the future, GoPro has finally revealed the drone - Karma and introduced a new generation of action – Hero 5, and Snapchat changed the name and released the first gadget glasses camera Spectacles.


Droider Show #258 PornHub hisses Without my iPhone

Regular Droider Show is coming to the screens of your PCs, laptops and smartphones. In the first half of issue Boris Vedenskiy will tell about locking PornHub and YouPorn, strange sounds of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, society YouTube new virtual operator in Russia.

Secondly, but not least, part of the movie will be entertained Valery Istishab. It will be about "smart" clock Clock Glance, the extreme clocks, Mission and drive-killer and retro-the chamber Sofort from Leica.


Droider Show #257 Pixel (Nexus) vs iPhone 7

The fun of IT the world again, carefully selected in Droider Show. Tell about the following: outcome show Apple and presentacio Sony (which is already discussed Size and common Droider Cast), videochat "Google phone" Pixel from HTC.

In addition, unpack the camera ASUStor NAS (bonus exclusive Potocki IFA 2016 under the username and password droider). And show van the Vision Van with the quadrocopter, a flying drone with hands, Fidget Cube accessory for hectic people, and Sgnl bracelet that turns his hand into the phone.


Droider Show #256 Prison for pokémon and IFA 2016

Valery Istishab and Boris Vedenskiy straight from Berlin tell me the latest news. First, about IFA 2016, where he remembered smart-watches Gear S3, smartphones Sony smart-chasy HR Steel and ultrabook Swift 7. Then about the detention of Ruslan Sokolovsky works for catching pokemon in the temple, vzryvayuscheysya Galaxy Note 7 and preimenovanje the Nexus line.

Will Continue Droider Show other innovations from IFA 2016: smartwatch 3 ZenWatch, smart Hub speaker SmartThinq by LG. In addition, we show drone from Parrot Swing, smart watches Amazfit from "daughter" of Xiaomi and supermarche Cadenza from Turing.


Droider Show #256 the Real Batman and Android 7.1

Hi friends! The latest summer issue of Droider Show entertains with stories about the Android OS update to version 7.1, the mysterious Android-smartphone Nokia, WhatsApp the fight spamming and turning YouTube into a social network.

In addition, there is information about the egg quadcopter PowerEgg, the concept of electric cars Maybach 6, operating a Batman costume and Exo-glove Dexmo, which you can hold and touch objects in virtual reality.


Droider Show #254 Galaxy S8 i PlayStation 4 Slim

C proshloi series Droider Show has passed one week, so it's time to talk about what happened in the IT world. In this issue we will talk about the upcoming announcement the PS4 is Slim and Neo from Sony, sluhy from Samsung Galaxy S8. And the tale of how Barbara Streisand complained to Tim cook on Siri.

In addition, the project VR-helmet Alloy from Intel, aromatic gadget Nosulus Rift games, Hiking vetroarredo Micro Wind Turbine and frame Slow Dance, slow reality.


Droider Show #253 the heir to the Android and "live" Nexus

Hello, dear viewers, readers and listeners! In a recent issue of a lot of news from the Google camp: a fine of FAS, the first snimki Nexus smartphones and new OS "Fuchsia".

In addition, of Droider Show you can learn about a prototype electric car from Nissan, "smart" tattoo DuoSkin, power Estream and bionic prosthetic hand from the coffee machine.


Droider Show #252 iPhone 7 ili Galaxy Note 7?

Welcome! Fresh Droider Show you can learn about the announced tablet Galaxy Note 7 Samsung and plantation " Honor Note 8 from Huawei, updated the app Instagram. And, you can see the next iPhone 7 from Apple.

In addition, tell you about the hybrid džetpaka Flyboard and hoverboard Air, "smart" marker Cronzy, home robot guard Riley levitating and charging for smart watch Lift.


Droider Show #251 Laptops Xiaomi vs all

Hi friends! Most interesting news in the past week were: noutbuk Mi Air Notebook from Xiaomi, neural photo editor Vinci videoredaktor Artisto, protected Android smartphone Neon (DTEK50) from BlackBerry. In addition, explain the quarterly reports, IT giants like Apple and Facebook.

Even in the new Droider Show we will talk about the hybrid of suitcase and moped Modobag, smart t-shirt with monitoring of purity of the air, the Russian gyrocopter "Micron" and the quadcopter for catching pokémon.