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[Review] Android 7.1 Nougat DP ready for the Nexus and 5X 6P

Google seriala word and released in October Android 7.1 Developer Preview for Nexus smartphones and Nexus 5X 6P.


Samsung introduces smartphones in Turbo Speed Technology

Typically, Samsung has always been famous for the fact that released the device that, at least at 100 MHz, but surpass analogues, which offers market - Davila solely on the most recent and productive iron. Now decided to go the other way. This time carefully optimize the software part.

Programmers Samsung offer us a new solution of the company, which is called Turbo Speed Technology. The company publishes a short video on what it is, what it means for buyers of devices. This is actually the solution to the optimization, which allows to significantly improve the user experience from the use of the company's gadgets. Because they simply will begin to work faster. How?


The line of Nexus and Android One will get protection against telephone spam

Google has released an update to the original "dialer," which protects users from spam calls.


[WWDC 2016] All that remains of the Apple presentation

Yesterday in California held a regular conference for developers WWDC 2016, where Apple traditionally introduced updates to the operating systems.


Google does not want to share again and again, prohibits the installation is not on the Nexus

Saying the install of any gadgets without restrictions was a mistake is a mistake of Google, which is now corrected.

last week branded Google dialer can be installed on any smartphone with system Android Marshmallow and above. This software product from the search giant were good and many took advantage of this opportunity, however, today the company has included rear. Dialer now is only for devices Nexus line.


Wileyfox Swift - nice a guest from England

I got Acquainted with the white color. It is made of matte white plastic, which does not get dirty. The weakest point is the metal logo on the back side of the phone. He erased 2 weeks of active use, as it significantly protrudes out of the housing and is a reference point for the smartphone when he is on the surface.

the Company is now creating hype around their devices frequently, but almost always it is not justified. Even OnePlus for some users was the naked king. The first interesting product for a long time for me Wileyfox Swift. The brand had something to do with Fly, but it interested me little. I wanted to try such a yummy filling for such a low price tag. The result of the tasting is now in the family of a Lis settled on a permanent basis, it was acquired for one of the parents.


[MWC 2016] from Cyanogen MOD is speaking out against Android

The Main principle of Android is the openness. Over the years, however Google just walked away from him, securing some of the key features.

Cyanogen Inc resembles the search giant about the basic principles of using the MOD platform, which developers predstavili on MWC 2016.


Cyanogen Inc deeper integrates third-party services on Android

Remember the mysterious announcement Cyanogen Inc 17 Feb? He was a MOD platform for third-party developers.


F1 — another mysterious handset from Nokia

It Seems that the Finns did not manage to get rid of all the unrealized projects in the field of smartphones and wearable electronics by the end of 2015.


In Samsung patent found mentioning the iPod

The End of November turned out to be technologically advanced and progressive for the US patent office. After the second generation unmanned vehicles Google patent application filed by Samsung.


Huawei P8

The Huawei P8 is a stylish camera with a metal body and balanced characteristics.


CyanogenMod users got access to applications Cyanogen OS

Those who do not actively follow the development of third-party firmware, you may not know about the existence of a difference between Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod.


New information about the Android smartphone from BlackBerry Passport

If you still need evidence that the fall of BlackBerry will present 2 devices for Android, then we have something to show.


Invisible in the VC on Android how to activate this mode?

At the moment it is impossible to imagine life without social networking. They are so ingrained in our daily lives that, unfortunately, replace live communication. But sometimes you want to let your friends know that you are sitting in the VC, I want to quietly climb on other people's profiles. This official app for Android provides such a regime invisible in the VC. In this article I will tell you how you can activate this mode.


Android M will be stored Voicemail

Despite the fact that the main zadacha Android M Developer Preview 2 was bug fixes and stability improvements, enthusiasts still find in the bowels of the firmware interesting features.


Download free Contacts +

A Unique program that combines phone book and contacts from social networking – is there such? Of course, Yes – it's called Contacts + for Android. The app will allow you to collect all your contacts together and communicate with them (call, SMS, messaging, video calls) from one program!


1.26 GB for the needs of the user in Xperia M4 Aqua, how is it, Sony?

The Problem is that this device user is available only 1.26 GB. Everything else is system, pre-installed corporate and partner applications, well, some part of the demo content, which you can remove, but unlikely to greatly expanding the space available. Some Western sources say that thus it is possible to obtain approximately 400 megabytes from the top.

When we first heard about the smartphone Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, many agreed that it is a very successful model. Very enjoyable and interesting, which may be even more interesting than, for example, Xperia Z3+, which was announced at the same time. But now come some of the nuances because of which the device significantly loses points. At least its the version with 8 gigabytes of internal memory.


Android M and Android Lollipop: visually compare

On the lock screen phone shortcut changed to quick access Google Now.

About a year ago, Google gave the world the Android Lollipop. Now the company shows Android M, which replaced the. But for now, this is not an official release, but only developer preview version. While it is expected that it will be enough to seriously change. That is all what we see now is absolutely not the fact that go into a release version. However, let's compare the Android And the current Android M and try to understand in what direction the thoughts of the programmers of Google. Moreover, the guys from Phonearena made a bunch of screenshots of the two systems for clarity.


Google working on a new dialer

It is Reported that the application that can replace the current default dialer will be more functional, but more simple and less confusing than today's. I would like also add that he would not stop and speed. Today it is no different. In addition, the new dialer will allow you to find contacts in the address book on various parameters. It is planned to somehow integrate services and messaging. On the one hand, we are told about the convenience and ease. And on the other it is obtained enough fancy food processor.

Those who constantly and closely monitors the news in the world of mobile technology, know that Facebook are working on their own app dialer for Android. For the rest, we the secret just revealed. In addition to the above, the company turns out new dialer come up in Google. After all, Android already have a program a phone-dialer, but many would agree that it is not too convenient.


HTC will remove a feature film. Buy tickets?

The World of mobile technology never ceases to amaze. Perhaps it is interesting – as soon as you begin to think that nothing new can happen just may not like one or the other company is throwing out a trick that the echo will be a walk around the world for many years. Today the role of the revolutionary is the company HTC, which is based on advertising the HTC One was going to shoot a feature film.