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In Russia will start selling the Redmi smartphone from Xiaomi 7A

Today, the company Xiaomi has announced the launch in Russia of its latest smartphone under the brand Redmi — Redmi 7A, which it is positioning as a fully upgraded version of its predecessor, the Redmi 6A. The new smartphone comes with a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 439, a battery with more capacity 4,000 mAh, improved design, faster charger at 10 watts, improved speakers and splash-proof. Also the device can receive FM radio without an external antenna. 7A Redmi will be available at a price of 7 490 rubles.


In Russia presents the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy A40 and A70

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics presented on the Russian market new models of smartphones of mid – level Galaxy A40 and A70, combining, according to the manufacturer, its latest innovations and advanced key features: stylish design, a great unlimited the screen, improved camera and a powerful battery. The device will be available starting April 8 at Samsung brand stores, the official online store of the company, as well as partners throughout Russia. The recommended retail price of Galaxy A40 is 17 990 rubles for the version with 64 GB of internal memory and Galaxy A70 – 29 990 rubles for the version with 128 GB.

Galaxy A70


Samsung has introduced in Russia a new service – repair of smart phone with free shipping service

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has launched a new service for Russian users – repair delivery service. In this project, couriers Samsung will ship the device to the brand service center and bring them back after repair.

This Service is available to owners of Samsung smartphones with a valid warranty in Moscow (within MKAD), Saint-Petersburg (within KAD), Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-don. The user needs to pass to the courier smartphone, charger and accessory if the problem is directly related to the operation of this accessory. Average repair time is 1 to 3 days.


[Video] What can razor price of the smartphone?

In the office Droider always send a variety of items, even if nobody asked. However, after weekly excavations found interesting devices. Just for them and organized a new column "Delivered".

This time were found men's shaver Braun Series 9. To test the unit volunteered Valery Istishab.


[Video] Google Home: unboxing and opinion

The presentation Made by Google it was difficult to compete with smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. However, Google Home it happened.


The joint brainchild LeEco and called Coolpad Cool Changer 1C

The Company's LeEco and Coolpad, presented a joint mobile — Cool Changer 1C.


New Qualcomm charges the battery to 50% in 15 minutes

The Company announced its flagship Snapdragon processor 835. In the manufacture of the chipset involved Samsung and the main feature will be the Quick Charge 4.0.


The rating of smartphones with fastest charging

Last week, PhoneArena experts tested the autonomy of the flagships of 2016 called the most long lasting.


The black bar at the Samsung: Galaxy S7 edge ignition

The Resource PhoneArena talks about the case of the Galaxy S7 edge in the United States that exploded while charging using the original charger. And the smartphone got the owner in an exchange program Galaxy Note 7. The unfortunate owner had to return for the second Samsung smartphone to the store.

Samsung black stripe. The company tarnished its reputation, lost users (according to the survey, about 40% of current owners of Samsung smartphones in the United States, refuses to devices the South Korean company) and billions of dollars to "spontaneously combustible" Galaxy Note 7. Stopped the production of "threat" phablet like the trouble began with the Galaxy S7 edge.


What is the cause of the blast Galaxy Note 7 and that is a line of smartphones Note?

And in the web already appeared the hypotheses, some quite justified. The cause of the explosions Galaxy Note 7 of the "first series" probably lies in the batteries SDI and the shape of the hull with rounded edges. The fact that the batteries from the SDI a little bigger than replacing them ATL, and tight against the angled edges of the smartphone. And at the slightest pressure plate insulating the cathode and anode are bent and damaged, which can lead to short circuit and explode. With smartphones from the "second safe, the series" the situation is more complicated. These smartphones were powered by smaller batteries ATL, not prone to snapping. But, as we found out, the Financial Times, in a safe Galaxy Note 7 settings were changed chipsets, to accelerate the charging process. Perhaps the battery failed power charger. While the Samsung representatives do not comment on any of the options.

Despite the shutdown and care Note Galaxy 7 market, Samsung still need to answer the main question: why the device exploded? While that Samsung engineers failed to get to the truth.


Wileyfox announced Swift 2 Plus on a fresh Cyanogen OS

The Company Wileyfox introduced a new smartphone Swift 2 Plus. In comparison with predecessor, the novelty can boast a USB Type-C, the latest Cyanogen OS and a fingerprint scanner.


Samsung no luck: again melted smartphone

One could say that this marriage, all happens, but against the background of problems with the Note line, the situation looks somewhat more unpleasant. Moreover, the owner of the device reports that did not violate the operating conditions of the device, and for charging the smartphone using the native charger, and he was sleeping when I heard a pop and a whistle. Then had to fight with a flaming device.

morning in a closed online community Leprosorium has another message about problems with Samsung smartphones. Again the explosions and fires, but not with a Galaxy Note 7 or incomprehensible about stuffing the washing machine, and it would seem that time-tested Duos Galaxy S6.


Review budget smartphone Fly FS407 Stratus 6

It is Worth noting that the majority of the Fly brand is designed not for everyone. More on these smartphones pay attention to the people of the regions, users with small queries, as well as parents to their child always remained in touch. If you consider buying a smartphone for the latter case, the state employees from the Fly – is truly a godsend.

Despite the hype around the flagship models from top brands, the fact remains that the public sector is necessary and important. This time to us to edition came super budget smartphone from Fly FS407 Stratus 6. Of course, the performance leaves much to be desired, but still let's see what we can survive from this model.


New Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 autosomally

Once the autumn of last year Nike gave sneakers similar to Michael J. Fox are exactly the same as in the movie, and now the company is ready to launch a similar model in mass production. The start of sales, by the way, is scheduled for November 28. The model is called Nike Hyperadapt 1.0. The price is not yet known.

did you know that Xiaomi have already released a "smart" shoes? Earlier the undisputed market leader Nike. However, a model of shoes from the Chinese is more like a Supplement for a fitness tracker, the new Nike sneakers is the dream of many who watched the trilogy Back to the future, this thing is already avtonomova, as in the movie.


Doctor Web: Trojan Android.Xiny learned how to infiltrate the system processes

The Trojans of the family Android.Xiny known in March 2015. Virus writers actively disseminate them through various sites – collections of software for mobile devices and even through the official application directories, such as Google Play and the company "Doctor Web" reported previously.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found a new version, Trojans of the family Android.Xiny, which is designed to seamlessly upload and removal of programs. Now these Trojans can infiltrate the process of system application and load the program to exploit various malicious plug-ins.


Sony introduced the flagship Sony Xperia Xperia XZ and X Compact technology cooperation between the three sensors when taking pictures

Sony announced the release of new smartphones in the Xperia series, X – 5.2-inch flagship Xperia XZ and compact 4.6-inch Xperia X Compact, which, according to the manufacturer, offer a more intelligent and personalized approach.


Fly Cirrus 4 is an inexpensive but worthy budget

The Model comes in a classic white package. Anything extra: the logo of the brand Fly, model name, blue stripe, representing Cirrus clouds "Cirrus".

a Budget smartphone usually has several specific qualities: it is cheap (8 000 rubles), working with the brakes on is not very fast hardware, has a mediocre camera and a thick plastic case. The hero of this review – a new brand model Fly – Fly Cirrus 4. Let's see which of these unflattering qualities inherent in this model and how they may differ.


Another portion of the photo Asus ZenWatch 3

If you previously information on the ZenWatch 3 it was not much, but it was already known that they will be round, now they can see. Some immediately say that the device resembles the Moto 360, although there is nothing to argue, because only the rounded shape doesn't make them a copy.

we All love to look at the pictures. So let's carefully and meticulously evaluate what prepares us for the Asus. The most intelligent watch, which will hit store shelves called the ZenWatch 3. Shashgear got some more pictures of this device, which can be seen literally everything.


[Video] ZUS "smart" charger for car

According to numerous requests from viewers and readers Droider front man took a survey on smart car charging ZUS.

Valery Istishab went to one of the parks of Moscow to explore opportunities and prospects in life, which gave people from Indiegogo.


Xiaomi says the story of the fire Mi4i

Xiaomi has stated that it is seriously suited to this incident, initiating the investigation to understand the cause of this strange behavior smartphone. At the same time the owner of the problem of mobile issued a replacement. The victim a copy sent to Xiaomi on the study to the company's engineers were able to determine the cause and subsequently eliminate such situations. With the affected user is contacted to obtain the maximum information about the case.

in case you haven't heard, about a week ago in the Internet appeared the video, filled with one of the buyers of Xiaomi products on Facebook, where the guy just works and his phone for no apparent reason flares up. Trouble with the gadget Xiaomi Mi4i. Now the company has officially commented on this case, giving some advice to all other lovers of smartphones.