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The regiment round of smart watches has arrived - Asus Zenwatch 3

As you can see, this path becomes fashionable in Telecom. Similarly did Samsung. Now companies are trying to position the smart watch as a more advanced accessory, rather than a really useful device. It became clear that a true smartphone not replace them, because you need to try out due to the design.

At the IFA exhibition in 2016, which takes place in Berlin, Asus introduced an updated model of their smart watches ZenWatch 3. As previously expected (by the EC, the topic has already been diverted), the device now round and, in principle, similar in appearance to classic mechanical watch, which aroused the admiration of many journalists who has managed a quick glimpse of the device.


[IFA 2016] 3 ZenWatch from Asus – the luxury smart watch with round screen

3 ZenWatch Announcement at IFA 2016 was not a surprise because of the numerous "wacek". However, Asus still managed to attract the interest of journalists and visitors of the exhibition.


[IFA 2016] Lenovo has brought to Berlin the transformer 910 Yoga

In the zero day of the exhibition IFA 2016 Lenovo has unveiled a ultra-thin notebook-transformer Yoga 910.


HTC introduced the HTC One smartphone A9s

The Taiwanese company HTC at IFA 2016, which takes place in Berlin, presented its new smartphone, metal – A9s HTC One, which up to this point have dubbed as the "iPhone clone" for some similarity of the lines of the design elements, including the presence of a fingerprint scanner embedded in the Central key management.


Fly Cirrus 4 is an inexpensive but worthy budget

The Model comes in a classic white package. Anything extra: the logo of the brand Fly, model name, blue stripe, representing Cirrus clouds "Cirrus".

a Budget smartphone usually has several specific qualities: it is cheap (8 000 rubles), working with the brakes on is not very fast hardware, has a mediocre camera and a thick plastic case. The hero of this review – a new brand model Fly – Fly Cirrus 4. Let's see which of these unflattering qualities inherent in this model and how they may differ.


Amazfit – round smart watch from "daughter" Xiaomi

While fans expect from Xiaomi, the company's debut smartwatch, a subsidiary brand Huami has presented a wearable gadget called Amazfit.


Configuring virtual keys will appear in the Android 7.1

For example, some members of XDA forum have reported that Android Nougat appeared some chips, which were waiting for what was discussed in the leaks, or even was available in the Developer Preview.

As usually happens with Android, only there was some kind of major version, and we already hear news of what's cooking update. In our case it is about Android 7.1 and some moments Android Nougat, which clearly are referring to it, as well as reveal the secrets of what you can expect when you update.


Vacancy seo specialist/web Analytics

3 years

a Large Moscow company is looking for a person for the post of seo specialist/web analyst to the office. Perhaps even employment for non-residents of the Russian Federation. Full description under the cut.


Lenovo introduced a smartphone Moto G⁴ Plus in Russia

Lenovo presented on the Russian market a 5.5-inch smartphone Moto G⁴ Plus, which it promotes as a device that combines timeless design, modern technologies and extensive functionality.


8 simple ways to protect data in the drive

Summer is coming to an end, and if you have not been on vacation, you probably thought to spend the last warm days by the sea. However, even on vacation do not forget about information security.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – decategory smartphone made of metal with fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company Xiaomi today unveiled its new low-cost, but quite functional and stylish all-metal smartphone – Redmi Note 4 with decategory MediaTek Helio X20, battery capacity of 4100 mA/h and fingerprint scanner, 5.5-inch Full HD screen covered with curved glass (2.5 D).


The smartphone from LG V20 from all sides, but in a protective case

Latest renderings V20 confirmed with new images. Phablet LG posing in a transparent case that allows to consider the device from all sides.


MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20 – new smartphones with glass casing

Today the Company MEIZU introduced a new smartphone MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20, where the first to use the housing made of durable glass that will replace the popular smartphone MEIZU M3 M3s Mini and Note.


[Video] Top 5 features, Galaxy Note 7 in the rain

2 Aug Samsung anonsirovana Galaxy Note 7 - the most powerful and feature-rich phablet from the South Koreans until the end of 2016.


Meizu came with a smart clock Mix

Meizu focuses on the fact that their product Mix Meizu no touch screen, no operating system, even if adapted for hours. It is primarily a conventional quartz watches, which are additionally stuffed with a range of sensors.

the Company Meizu decided to join the race of manufacturers of smart watches, presenting his vision of the moment. However, after meeting with the official press release, it becomes clear that this is not the usual smart watch, which arises in the mind, when pronouncing the name of this class of devices. Rather, it's a little hybrid device, representing a classic watches with elements of the fitness bracelet. However, the details under the cut. Are introduced.


Huawei Honor 8 – soon in Russia

Huawei has announced the upcoming release of its stylish flagship Honor 8, equipped with dual 12 MP camera, fingerprint scanner, functional button Smart Key and capacious battery 3000 mA/h


The first information about the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S8

Since anonse Galaxy Note 7 was a couple of weeks, and already there were news about possible settings for Galaxy S8 Edge.


Best selling laptops from the beginning of 2016

Analytical company TrendForce explored the laptop market and summed up the first half of 2016.


Tomorrow starts the beta testing version 4 of the firmware for the Playstation 4

The Current firmware update has been code-named SHINGEN.

Sony announces the Playstation 4 tomorrow will start beta testing the new major version of firmware 4.00. The update is scheduled to be large and will bring a lot of changes. Here updated design and personalization settings, and new ways of connecting and new opportunities to share your content.


Belarusian Life : is testing 4G in Minsk

Now you have the opportunity to go to a special page of the operator, where it will be possible to check the readiness of your device and SIM card to work in 4G Life :). In case of successful passing the test, promise to give a certain amount of LTE traffic usage and testing.

you May have already noticed, for example, the web banners that mobile operator Life :), which are favored by many young people of Belarus, has begun testing of 4G networks. These guys coated at least in Minsk, all good, the 3G network works perfectly and gives a decent speed, but climb to new heights for sure no one will refuse.