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Android Nougat waiting in the next month

As for the Nexus 5, this smartphone went for 3 years, he was released in 2013, and Google no longer intends to support it. However, you should not even doubt that firmware with Android Nougat for Nexus 5 can be downloaded from the XDA forum.

we have all Known Evan Blass recently said on Twitter that soon the world will see the release of the final version of Android 7 Nougat. He says that Google has scheduled the release for August, with a fresh security patch. But, unfortunately, the owners of the Nexus 5 officially it will not get. The first would be owners of Nexus 6, and after smartphones of different vendors.


WhatsApp accused of storing deleted chats

In April, WhatsApp vklyuchil by default, end-to-end data encryption for 1 billion users. Thanks step the messenger has significantly improved the safety ratings.


The FAS may bring a case against Apple

The Federal Antimonopoly service is interested in the activities cupertinos corporations in Russia.


External battery pack - personal independence. EX series from Rombica

In a series of three models EX70, EX100, EX150 with a capacity of 7 000, 10 000 and 15 000 mAh. The manufacturer offers three colors: yellow, blue, and gray. Color scheme the first two are clearly designed for the fairer sex. It should be noted that the rear side of all devices completely white.

every day manufacturers are spoiling us. New devices, more screens, more powerful processors and the resolution is clearer, but the question of autonomy is poor, and this is the best yet is coming soon. Affordable smartphones with large capacity batteries do not seem to be alternative. As a rule, they are not attractive in the first place its functionality. If you are not willing to compromise, the problem will be the acquisition of external battery. Offer to your attention a series of external batteries NEO EX from Rombica.


Xiaomi has announced a first and very "Apple" laptop

Demonstrated the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Notebook, the name of which was added to the Air console.


Xiaomi released flagship budget line – Redmi Pro

The Chinese company Xiaomi today unveiled its flagship smartphone budget line – Redmi note Pro, which will be the most expensive in it. Submitted to the novelty will be available in three versions – standard with 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and 2.1 GHz processor MediaTek Helio X20 (~225$), extended with 64 GB of RAM and 2.4 GHz processor MediaTek Helio X25 (~255$), and in the premium version with a 2.5 GHz processor MediaTek Helio X25, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory (300$).


Yota has launched special rates for owners of the iPhone

Russian operator Yota has launched special tariff plans for iPhone owners from Moscow and the Moscow region.


Gorilla Glass 5 comes to modern smartphones

The Company reports that the new generation of glasses can withstand drops gadgets from a height of 1.6 meters, about the height of the human shoulder. In this situation, our smartphones are very common, hence making such undesirable jumping on a hard surface.

Corning years is committed to protect our devices from growing incorrectly handles users. Glass Gorilla Glass prevents the emergence of a large number of scratches on our devices, and in some cases save from a cracked and broken screens. Recently, Corning announced Gorilla Glass 5, that is, for sure, will see on most future smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - features

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, more sophisticated and refined compared to previous models. Of the advantages include a curved screen and interface that facilitates the work. You get access to the necessary information with a single touch. Display diagonal 5.5-inch. The model has an elegant, ergonomic package. It fits comfortably in the hand and looks great. Patented 3D thermoforming. Bends of 3D glasses create the incredible ease of use. Degree of protection IP68 makes the smartphone resistant to water ingress.


Phonics ambitions. Minimalistic audio player MySound BT-17 from Rombica

Good-quality packing material and its design give us hope even in the wildest expectations and reinforce the anticipation of a new acquaintance, spurring the desire to open it. Impressions are not forced to wait. After opening the box, unwittingly suggests an Association with models premium class. Primarily due to flawless forms covered with equal quality textiles.

Starting to write the review, I remember one quote about the music, it sounds like this: "Thank you, music, for being there when no one the number to be failed". Now I want to paraphrase and say: "Thanks to portable speakers, allowing you to be your favorite music always with you." And even add words of gratitude to the brand Rombica, and in particular for portable column BT-17 from the MySound. What has earned my gratitude in this column, I will write in more detail, but first things first.


Protective glass Gorilla glass 5 officially announced

Corning demonstrated a new version of the protective glass Gorilla Glass. The 5th generation was significantly more reliable.


Mesuit cover to run Android on iPhone

Engineers are not haunted by the idea of crossing the Green robot with smartphones Apple. We already told on the prototype of the case to run the Google OS, but today was announced on a commercial unit.


Smartphone LG X style goes on sale in Russia

LG Electronics has announced the immediate availability of the smartphone LG X style on sale in Russia for a suggested retail price of 12 990 rubles. The novelty has joined the lineup of LG X-series smartphones in the medium price segment, represented on the Russian market.


Maybe he will direct the screen at Galaxy Note 7

What is it and how come? Version move different. Perhaps Samsung is preparing a Galaxy Note 7 with direct screen. Maybe we will see two versions, as is the case with the Galaxy S, although it is possible that we are simply afraid, knowing that most fans are waiting for a curved screen for Note 7. The photo may be an early prototype of the device, and in August, we actually see that initially expected.

Everything you've heard about the upcoming phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even what is seen is rumors, speculation and leaks, maybe fake, but hinted that the Galaxy Note 7 will get bent the screen, like smartphones lineup Edge. However, now the network received a strange photo where you can see that the Galaxy Note 7, but with the usual classic, direct screen.


$ 100 per device - will turn the smartphone into a laptop

However, attempts to make a successful transformation from a smartphone into a laptop are still ongoing, the idea to invent a perpetual motion machine. But in the case with a smartphone-laptop, it still seems real, at least the contrary is proved.

Probably, almost since the emergence of Android-tablet vendors suffer the task to make the gadget all-in-one to your smartphone could turn into planets or laptop and then back to the phone when you need portability. I remember once Motorola Atrix, which began experimenting with docking, and then perhaps the Asus, which has long persisted with a line of Padfone. It resulted in a hybrid form factor - Transformer. But it's still not a smartphone.


Making the choice for a new smartphone

And you? Urge to share my impressions about the success of mobile technology in the comments to the article.

would you Like to change your current smartphone for something different or new? I'm not. Why not see something on the market that actually would like, though he's not the most modern machine. I have in possession of the Xiaomi Mi4, but today I walked on the crust, taking aim at what would to change it. And found nothing. In addition to the realization that most devices on the market today, I don't like. You can buy them if necessary. But you don't want to just pick up and updated.


Laptop Xiaomi may debut in late July

A Pack of photos from a Chinese factory, speaks very impressively about the impending announcement of the Xiaomi laptop.


Xbox One S will go on sale August 2

Microsoft as part of E3 2016 announced smaller version of the Xbox One and promised to release it before the end of August. Usually, this means going closer to the end of the month, but not in this case.


Striking design, features: review the speaker system SVEN MS-305

A Line of budget speaker systems produced by SVEN company has been supplemented with triphenicol MS-305 with an attractive design and features. Their features are not inferior acoustics multimedia centres and Sundaram: it can be connected to any audio source to use as a standalone audio player and radio. An interesting solution is the possibility to connect acoustics to computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Glad that for all its virtues the system is adequate money. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and proceed to a detailed review.


The radar Arrow will help prevent letters

"Antiradar Strelka" - the application will be evaluated by the motorists. Yes, the program paid, but for 199 rubles, by purchasing one license, will help to avoid getting letters. Once it becomes clear that the cost will justify it. Already from the name it becomes clear that the program is designed to alert the driver about the cameras on the road. What it can do?