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MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20 – new smartphones with glass casing

Today the Company MEIZU introduced a new smartphone MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20, where the first to use the housing made of durable glass that will replace the popular smartphone MEIZU M3 M3s Mini and Note.


[Video] Top 5 features, Galaxy Note 7 in the rain

2 Aug Samsung anonsirovana Galaxy Note 7 - the most powerful and feature-rich phablet from the South Koreans until the end of 2016.


Meizu came with a smart clock Mix

Meizu focuses on the fact that their product Mix Meizu no touch screen, no operating system, even if adapted for hours. It is primarily a conventional quartz watches, which are additionally stuffed with a range of sensors.

the Company Meizu decided to join the race of manufacturers of smart watches, presenting his vision of the moment. However, after meeting with the official press release, it becomes clear that this is not the usual smart watch, which arises in the mind, when pronouncing the name of this class of devices. Rather, it's a little hybrid device, representing a classic watches with elements of the fitness bracelet. However, the details under the cut. Are introduced.


Huawei Honor 8 – soon in Russia

Huawei has announced the upcoming release of its stylish flagship Honor 8, equipped with dual 12 MP camera, fingerprint scanner, functional button Smart Key and capacious battery 3000 mA/h


The first information about the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S8

Since anonse Galaxy Note 7 was a couple of weeks, and already there were news about possible settings for Galaxy S8 Edge.


Best selling laptops from the beginning of 2016

Analytical company TrendForce explored the laptop market and summed up the first half of 2016.


Tomorrow starts the beta testing version 4 of the firmware for the Playstation 4

The Current firmware update has been code-named SHINGEN.

Sony announces the Playstation 4 tomorrow will start beta testing the new major version of firmware 4.00. The update is scheduled to be large and will bring a lot of changes. Here updated design and personalization settings, and new ways of connecting and new opportunities to share your content.


Belarusian Life : is testing 4G in Minsk

Now you have the opportunity to go to a special page of the operator, where it will be possible to check the readiness of your device and SIM card to work in 4G Life :). In case of successful passing the test, promise to give a certain amount of LTE traffic usage and testing.

you May have already noticed, for example, the web banners that mobile operator Life :), which are favored by many young people of Belarus, has begun testing of 4G networks. These guys coated at least in Minsk, all good, the 3G network works perfectly and gives a decent speed, but climb to new heights for sure no one will refuse.


Nexus (Sailfish) from HTC first seen on the photos

Before the announcement of the new "phones" have less time, so the daily press is replete with all sorts of "leaks". This time the news came from Android Police edition.


Round 3 ZenWatch appeared on the "live" pictures

2016 will not have much "smart" watches, so every rumor and announcement is perceived with caution.


For incredible experiences: review curved monitor BDM3490UC

To display the "wrong" forms are used modern matrix and advanced technology, which minimizes eye strain. The developers claim that the curved panel creates the effect of full immersion in virtual reality: the image is three-dimensional, deep and alive. In addition, this monitor is useful for working in multiple Windows simultaneously. Philips did not stay aside and offered his solution to the trend – monitor BDM3490UC, which we will consider in this review.

Bulky tube monitors are long gone. Today, the discerning user will not surprise a compact and LCD displays in an ultra-slim design, the size of the long diagonals of which exceeds 25-inch. Therefore, a completely new solution – monitors with curved panels.


View photo of Meizu smart watch

Meizu today one of the most successful and aggressive challenging market vendors. And I must say, the company makes it successfully, the share is growing, and the competitors have to hustle. The company's products many people really like, because it is not surprising that the Chinese are planning to produce not only smartphones, but also to pay attention to other gadgets.

In fact, we expected it to happen even on August 10 that the presentation of Meizu will show their smart watches, but this did not happen. Only online social network Weibo appeared the next photo of the device. Picture quality not the best, but to consider something.


Listen to music and be in touch: overview flagship wireless headset SVEN AP-B480MV

Packaging SVEN AP-B480MV is a suitcase with plastic transparent walls, through which it is possible to consider the device from all sides. SVEN company has not changed traditions and the design of the packaging used the familiar blue and white colors. Without opening the box, we learn about the main advantages of headsets: the list of technical parameters put on the packaging. The package contains everything you need: audio cable for alternate connection to the sound source, the wire to recharge the battery, USB-microUSB, a detailed user manual and warranty card.

Today, wireless headsets are becoming increasingly popular and steadily out of the Windows of usual wired device. Wireless gadgets have a lot of advantages: first, they are much easier to connect to mobile devices, and secondly, even the most simple headsets boast a full range of inpatient controls, and thirdly, unlike wired "counterparts", you can use them in impressive distance from the connected audio source. In this regard, the company SVEN, which occupies the position of one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic devices, expands the range of wireless headsets. Today in our review of the flagship headset SVEN AP-B480MV with support for SD cards.


Smart watches Asus Zenwatch will be 3 round

Yet not a lot, but it is clear that the device will work with Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fu 802.11 n, and the case is made of steel. The operating system will be as it should, Android Wear.

showed Asus smart watch ZenWatch 2 in September 2015, but because it was time to start preparing for the announcement of the future model. Data leak from the FCC says that the company is indeed preparing a new generation ZenWatch, which at this time would be round. Thus, it is very likely that the new device will have a smaller bezel than the previous generations.


FAS has fined Google to 438 million rubles

In the last trial, the Federal Antimonopoly service has fined Google to 438 million rubles.


Messengers will be obliged to identify users

Of Domestic Telecom operators offer instant messengers, and mail services necessary to identify users and to remove the prohibited information.


M3E – metal smartphone from Meizu for $ 195

Is the first smart-hours, about the announcement which went rumors, Meizu introduced a smartphone M3E.


Smart watch Meizu was on the "spy" picture

In Spite of his previous dannymthe company Meizu has not demonstrated the debut of the smart watch along with the smartphone M3E to special events.


9 years on leveling up to level 999 to get through the door

It is also Interesting that the game actually no limit to the level of the hero can be pumped further. Except for the passage through the door is required 999. Of course, no one informed through this door passed, and no one except the developers, and now the character with the nickname Kharsek doesn't know what it is.

have you ever Heard about a toy Tibia? Ancient MMO, born in 1997. But now is extremely remarkable with its community and fans. Edition Vice reports that one player has spent more than 9 years to pump your character in the game to 999 levels. All in order to pass through the door, which opens only players of level 999.


Protection mechanisms Google save Android users from QuadRooter

Earlier, a figure of a billion or even more devices that are potentially exposed. But now it turns out that the default functionality of the application verifier, which works on all gadgets with Android 4.2 and above can be a great shield for malicious applications on a user's device. This is enough, because the user to become a victim, you need to install the application on the smartphone. In this case, the smartphone and the system will track and alert if you want to commit this dangerous action, installing an infected app. So first of all simply remove the head. Think about whether you understand the implications and whether or not you want the app that causes issues in the system. After all, explicitly prohibit the installation you can't, but at least I will.

When you first started talking about QuadRooter, many were horrified. It turned out that a huge number of processors Qualcomm devices are at risk. This is a serious security breach, however, the problem actually turned out to be somewhat exaggerated. Built-in Android mechanisms to protect users from Google successfully detects dangerous apps that fall under the phenomenon QuadRooter.