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FAS has fined Google to 438 million rubles

In the last trial, the Federal Antimonopoly service has fined Google to 438 million rubles.


Messengers will be obliged to identify users

Of Domestic Telecom operators offer instant messengers, and mail services necessary to identify users and to remove the prohibited information.


M3E – metal smartphone from Meizu for $ 195

Is the first smart-hours, about the announcement which went rumors, Meizu introduced a smartphone M3E.


Smart watch Meizu was on the "spy" picture

In Spite of his previous dannymthe company Meizu has not demonstrated the debut of the smart watch along with the smartphone M3E to special events.


9 years on leveling up to level 999 to get through the door

It is also Interesting that the game actually no limit to the level of the hero can be pumped further. Except for the passage through the door is required 999. Of course, no one informed through this door passed, and no one except the developers, and now the character with the nickname Kharsek doesn't know what it is.

have you ever Heard about a toy Tibia? Ancient MMO, born in 1997. But now is extremely remarkable with its community and fans. Edition Vice reports that one player has spent more than 9 years to pump your character in the game to 999 levels. All in order to pass through the door, which opens only players of level 999.


Protection mechanisms Google save Android users from QuadRooter

Earlier, a figure of a billion or even more devices that are potentially exposed. But now it turns out that the default functionality of the application verifier, which works on all gadgets with Android 4.2 and above can be a great shield for malicious applications on a user's device. This is enough, because the user to become a victim, you need to install the application on the smartphone. In this case, the smartphone and the system will track and alert if you want to commit this dangerous action, installing an infected app. So first of all simply remove the head. Think about whether you understand the implications and whether or not you want the app that causes issues in the system. After all, explicitly prohibit the installation you can't, but at least I will.

When you first started talking about QuadRooter, many were horrified. It turned out that a huge number of processors Qualcomm devices are at risk. This is a serious security breach, however, the problem actually turned out to be somewhat exaggerated. Built-in Android mechanisms to protect users from Google successfully detects dangerous apps that fall under the phenomenon QuadRooter.


V20 smartphone from LG has received comprehensive rendering

In addition to the flagship G4 in 2015, LG has introduced another top-end device. V10 equipped with an auxiliary screen and self healing back cover.


The price of Galaxy Note 5 fell after the release of the Note 7

The Proposal turns out not so bad, because many commentators on the network said that the Galaxy Note 7 is hardly innovative. Yeah, updated, impressed but not all, many believe that to pay for the new spec makes no sense.

Samsung has recently showed the world a new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This range has caught the fancy of Android users. Now, some izdaniya reported that after this event is quite perceptible dipped, the price of the previous model - Galaxy Note 5. Hi Tech Mail reports that the price tag is now below 40 thousand rubles for modification with 64 gigabytes of internal memory.


FAS filed a case against Apple for the "recommended" prices for iPhone

The Interest of the Federal Antimonopoly service for Apple, which became known in late July, has not passed unnoticed.


WhatsApp, Viber and Skype will continue to work in Russia

Ministry of communication rarely makes decisions that are endorsed by the Internet community, but today's case is a pleasant exception.


The Apple Store app has been significantly updated

Official Apple Store app has received the biggest update to version 4.0. Of the innovations worth mentioning in the first place, fresh design, the appearance of the recommendations and the possibility of payment card tied to your Apple ID.


5 common myths about cellular

All the interesting details under the cut.

the Company "Megaphone" has shared interesting information, explained what the myths about mobile communication prevail among those who use it daily. For example, as working in the plane, does the speed of your movement on the quality of the connection, subject to whether the mobile signal distortion in bad weather, etc.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro of project Tango is certified in China

Recall that the Phab Lenovo 2 Pro with an all-metal aluminum case was submitted earlier this summer and is the first smartphone with support of Tango, which goes on wide sale. And based on the fact that this model has been certified, we can hope for her imminent appearance on the shelves.

On the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC to the certification of telecommunication equipment, there is information on certification smartphone from Lenovo – Phab 2 Pro, created in conjunction with Google's project Tango to work with more reality.


Discovered by Doctor Web" Android malware can buy the program in Google Play

The Trojan added to the virus database Dr. Web as Android.Slicer.1.origin is installed on mobile devices other malicious applications. It has a characteristic popular service programs and utilities-optimizers functions. In particular, Android.Slicer.1.origin can show information about memory usage and "clean" it by terminating the active processes and allows you to enable and disable wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, this app does not have its own label in a graphical operating system shell and the user can't run it yourself.

Among the malicious applications for Android OS became widespread Trojans showing Intrusive advertising. Some of them may perform other unwanted actions – for example, to download and install programs and steal confidential information. One of such Trojan which has detected virus analysts the company "Doctor Web" under certain conditions is able to buy and install programs from Google Play.


Galaxy Note 7 – phablet with iris scanner from Samsung

At a press conference Unpacked 2016 in new York, Samsung announced the smartphone Galaxy Note 7.


Visa and MasterCard will launch Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay in Russia

Until the end of 2016, Visa and MasterCard together with the National system of payment cards (NBTS) will launch in Russia Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.


Samsung has officially unveiled its new phablet Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics today, the event SamsungUnpacked 2016, has launched its new phablet Galaxy Note 7 with enhanced S Pen stylus and safety features.


The Autonomous flagships of 2016, according to Samsung

Experts of the company Samsung has decided to find out which of the flagships of the current year is the most "tenacious".


Nexus-s 2016 will be made of different materials

Apparently, this is due to the size and materials of the case companies plan to play with the price tags of the devices, because one will be slightly cheaper.

Foreign colleagues share a new rumor about the two Nexus devices that HTC and Google are preparing for us in 2016. Report that both smartphones that we will see, it seems that soon enough will please users of the same or very close characteristics, but will vary in design. Including the materials from which will be made.


Xiaomi says the story of the fire Mi4i

Xiaomi has stated that it is seriously suited to this incident, initiating the investigation to understand the cause of this strange behavior smartphone. At the same time the owner of the problem of mobile issued a replacement. The victim a copy sent to Xiaomi on the study to the company's engineers were able to determine the cause and subsequently eliminate such situations. With the affected user is contacted to obtain the maximum information about the case.

in case you haven't heard, about a week ago in the Internet appeared the video, filled with one of the buyers of Xiaomi products on Facebook, where the guy just works and his phone for no apparent reason flares up. Trouble with the gadget Xiaomi Mi4i. Now the company has officially commented on this case, giving some advice to all other lovers of smartphones.