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In Android 7.1 there will be new icons and a restart button

Google does working on Android 7.1 Nougat. OS version to debut with new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


Gaming peripherals at a reasonable price: review keyboard SVEN Challenge 9300

That Challenge 9300 belongs to the segment, it becomes clear at a glance: important for the gamer WASD keys and the arrows have a bright orange color. However, there is flexibility – if desired, they can be replaced by a simple the black keys, which are included in standard delivery. The keys are made of durable plastic. Fingers do not slip even during intense battles. Plastic housing to assembling the claim arose: the lower part is attached to the upper using screws 15.

SVEN Company has expanded its lineup of gaming devices – it appeared the Challenge 9300 keyboard and mouse GX-950 Gaming. Compared to the advanced gaming devices, new items are quite inexpensive – the kit can be purchased for only$ 25. It is designed for novice gamers who are just discovering all the delights of "bloody" Doom and Dark Souls. So, let's begin testing.


Google will help to follow the figure

Google never stops to improve the main product by adding simple tools like calculator, currency Converter or weather.


What's new in Android Developer Preview 2 N?

Output N Android Developer Preview came as a surprise. The second Assembly of the new system is no exception.


Knowledge is light: top 5 educational apps by MATA

For those who have decided to study in depth mathematics, MathStudio is the ideal solution. The program is a mathematical calculator capable to solve simple examples and charts. The creators have invested in the development data, which significantly simplify the work. It is particularly convenient that the application does not require Internet access. Manage the gadget is very simple: enter data, press the button and solved example or a ready-made chart with the useful data already on the screen. Tasks can be saved.

to Master another foreign language, to understand how the body, or to make an interstellar voyage? In the era of digital technology there is nothing easier. In this article we will discuss top 5 mobile apps to acquire new knowledge. Team MATE has made a rating, focusing on the ease and speed of use, functionality and relevance of the topic. Using each of these applications, you can gain new knowledge quickly, easily and at any time.


Kalkon Calculator Converter - universal hybrid

Than this product stands out among similar ones? First, it is interesting because it's not just a calculator for doing some calculations-calculations (advanced operations become visible, if you put the device in a horizontal orientation), but also a Converter of different units.

it would Seem that the calculator application that is not only in every smartphone, but now in smart watches and a number of devices we carry every day with you. But so clever is this calculator-like device where it is installed? Usually it's something simple enough to perform basic arithmetic operations. And the majority of this is enough. Up to the moment until we try something different and do not understand that can be easier. You are not afraid? Then, please note on the application "Kalkon".


Great review: Back to School

Sleep, sunbathe, swim and live with his beloved Granny for months — something that we really like. Alas, it's dated. Now the school is ruled by autumn ball.


And things are there: Why Steve Wozniak hero of our time

Stefan Gary, in official documents, rocky Clark University, Who for colleagues, Stephen to mom and Steve Wozniak for all others. Few people know, but he was the brick that allowed from a garage in Cupertino to do the whole Empire.


ONYX Dontsova Book reader for fans of detectives and dogs

The e-book Market is rather stable and the strong players it is not as variable as in the smartphone market. I think it is understandable that the ultimate goal of the development of smartphones, we, in fact, do not know, but the ultimate goal of innovations for the e-book is the imitation of a real book, but with maximum comfort for the reader. Model readers rather weakly change from year to year, there are no incredible breakthroughs like the new sensor cameras with incredible resolution, three-dimensional displays and so on, so producers are looking for other ways of development. An interesting method to choose the company for your ONYX BOOX line: branded readers.


Android M and Android Lollipop: visually compare

On the lock screen phone shortcut changed to quick access Google Now.

About a year ago, Google gave the world the Android Lollipop. Now the company shows Android M, which replaced the. But for now, this is not an official release, but only developer preview version. While it is expected that it will be enough to seriously change. That is all what we see now is absolutely not the fact that go into a release version. However, let's compare the Android And the current Android M and try to understand in what direction the thoughts of the programmers of Google. Moreover, the guys from Phonearena made a bunch of screenshots of the two systems for clarity.


Rosobrnadzor has forbidden to pass the exam on your smartwatch

Rosobrnadzor held a press briefing in which he told about the order of carrying out of Unified state examination.


FUNCTIONAL, stylish calculator - all true, even have nothing to add

But "regular" quilts can be described by the word "masterpiece". In visual terms. Download it and fall in love, just want to uninstall the stock from which he is saved only by the fact that it is a system app that no rooting cannot be deleted. Default theme to "regular" quilts are so well developed that you keep looking at it. All drawn carefully, without wonder, by the way, the developers are right in the title use the word "stylish". It is.

Perhaps, this review is for fans to decorate their system. Tell me, do you often use a calculator? Or you have a math so well that these instruments do not need? But you must admit that the presence of the calculator in your phone is convenient. However, I standard calculator Android I do not like superficially. I think not me alone. From version to version it is a little ugly. Or compared to "regular" quilts nondescript.


Google seriously has updated Chrome OS

Google has seriously shaken the users Chrome OS, announced a major upgrade.


Line Sony Xperia will get a new smartphone C4 Cosmos

Not long ago, the Network appeared rumors about the new selfie smartphone from Sony, codenamed Cosmos. Yesterday we showed regarding quality of render, but today @upleaks added to the collection of images of the new one and get a little technical.


Galaxy S6 will receive 56 preinstalled applications

It Seems that the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge modification plan to become a record for the number of pre-installed software that experts have counted more than five dozen.


Huawei intriguing teaser flagship Ascend P8

With surprising regularity on the official page of Huawei, as well as Twitter and Weibo began to appear hints of the manufacturer on the coming event, scheduled for April 15 where by far will be presented the new flagship Ascend P8.


Home Finance - home bookkeeping in your pocket

Home Finance Program is able to work with accounts in different currencies. First, you must define the main currency in which to display the reports and the overall balance. After that, you need to make all accounts and wallets available to the user and specify the current balance of each of them. It can be anything: a Bank account, payment card, bedside table. In the future, Home Finance, in terms of simple numbers to add or deduct specified amounts when conducting transactions. Detailed reports on the device's screen reflected in the graphical view, which makes the process of motion analysis household finances simple and straightforward.

the Essence of personal Finance is to track and control various items of income and expenses. To make this process easier, but allow visual diagrams and charts. You can create them using ordinary sheet of paper and a pencil. But we live in an age of high technology and old methods of controlling the family budget is rapidly fading. They are replaced with special programs that are installed on computers, tablets, phones. One of those Home Finance, running Android OS version 2.3 and above. This software available in several languages and accordingly is a huge plus for users residing in the territory of the CIS countries.


[Review] Pocketbook Fashion 630 - reader for the mods and not only

Through research, that many do not see it in your eyes, the consciousness of the people took the stereotype of modern society (particularly young people) does not like to read, preferring to spend his leisure time with television, computer, smartphone or tablet. Quite a widespread opinion, does not run counter to other, more cheerful: "Reading is fashionable". The popularity of communities like the "MCC" and "Literary orgasm", only confirms the desire of young people to join the list of read works. No doubt, some of them wandering through a bookstore and reading discussion nothing more than a trend. But this is the reverse side of any fashion, that had to be reconciled.


News digest No. 43. Freedom of thought

About the Apple Watch and other smart watches, improved version of the HTC One (M9) smartphone with six official firmware, the international announcement of Moto Maker and the freedom of choice.


Compare 7 and HTC Sense 6 Sense

Looking ahead to say that actually, despite skakunova version number of the shell, the difference between Sense 6 and Sense 7 is almost there. Something where the icon is redrawn, sometimes the titles of the Windows repainted, the keyboard's appearance changed. All the small things.

Releasing smartphone One M9, HTC showed the world and the seventh version of the original shell Sense. Journalists of the Phonearena, having caught up the smartphone with a new Sense decided to compare it with Sense 6. Let's see how evolved the system under the influence of the designers and programmers of Taiwanese.