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Shazam for Android has learned to auto-detecting music

The Administration of the shopping center or restaurant, where you briefly heard the song, rarely willing to explain the discography of the musician. For such situations there is a Shazam with peers.


The final version of Android available for the Nexus Nougat

The Rumors podtverdili . The evening of 22 August, Google released the final version of Android 7.0 Nougat.


Browse external battery Rombica NEO S100 – a practical accessory for those who appreciate style

Battery comes in a darling box. To evaluate the design and small thickness of the device without opening the box. Inside the box is based on documentation, warranty card and USB cable

Tell active user of the Internet what is a portable battery which no longer makes sense. The race for performance and minimum body sizes in smartphones has forced us, ordinary users to accept the need to carry two devices – a smartphone and external battery. For someone the main functionality for a minimum price, and for someone accessory is a question of image - is a Singaporean company created Rombica Deluxe external battery NEO S100 in black and brown. Such a battery would look great even with the most expensive smartphone. A capacity of 6500 mAh enough to fully charge most devices.


Itogi AngelHack Saint-Petersburg

Your category in the competition also introduced the partners of the event – Google, "Beeline", together with OneAPI, "Open mobile platform" and Code4Impact.

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The event brought together more than 70 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 14 the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team Street Cleaner, who developed an interactive service to combat unwanted advertising. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


Overview of batteries Rombica TR88 NEO and NEO TR136 with powerful lights

Today we talk about the new products from the company Rombica: two batteries with powerful flashlights TR88 NEO and NEO TR136. Lanterns in external batteries usual thing, but usually they are small and carry only a small additional function. For example, to Shine under the sofa, if something had rolled over it, find where I hid the cat ☺ or to illuminate the keyhole. In other words, a task for which flash in the phone will fit. Rombica also installed powerful LED LEDs, making the "lantern" one of the main function of the device and part of the design.

Finally warmed up and you spend more time on the street, and with the rapid discharge rate of modern phones – no external battery is often not enough. But if you are going to the nature with an overnight stay – with high probability you will also need a flashlight. The company offers Rombica to do it all with one device.


[Google I/O 2016] First look at Google's self-driving car

Google Inc is the flagship of the directions for the development of self-driving cars. The company is testing vehicles on real roads, but also lobbying for bills that allow independent machines to travel on a single street with the usual.


N emblazoned on Android new screenshots

The closer the announcement of Android N, the more rumors and "leaks" associated with it.


Mimicker Alarm — alarm clock Microsoft recognizing emotions

Microsoft has unveiled a "smart" alarm clock Alarm Mimicker available to owners of Android-devices.


Mad world: the petition against the mythical iPhone 7

Western media reported that more than 200 thousand people initiated and signed a petition against Apple, concerning the not yet released iPhone 7. A couple of weeks earlier it was reported, there were rumors that the company may in the new generation of its smartphones to say goodbye to conventional MiniJack 3.5 mm connector commonly used for headphones.

the Degree of madness in this world lately is off the charts. Politicians do something heinous and unimaginable. Telecom and the Internet community are also exposed to such nonsense, even I want to write. It is true, about the fans of Apple technology, many of which are quite so blindly follow the company's products. But, I admit, I admire the marketers who are able so powerfully to promote a product, hoisted a huge mass is so fundamental.


MTS Connect — messenger mobile operator MTS

The appearance of His messengers significantly hit the income statements and SMS messages. The emergence of some voice calls have caused even more damage. It is therefore not surprising that instead of blind hatred towards the messengers, some operators produce their own applications.


The Game Awards – itogi 2015

The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony, a kind of "Oscar" from the world of video games.


Great review: Applications for capturing and processing voice

Continuing our series of material related to the podcast. Before told, with what slushat an audio show on the Internet, and popular podcasters posovetovali what to stop the choice. Now is the time to recommend in the "Big review" apps for recording and editing voice.


Announced the nominees for the Golden Joystick Award 2015

2015th comes to an end, so it's time to look back, take stock and prioritize.


The Houzz app is your interior in good hands

The App has long existed, scored an impressive base of followers, as the world's leading media spoke well about him. We are not New York Times, but Droider also have something to say.


Smart watch Moto 360 is the second generation met in Chicago

In Chicago managed to meet the man with the Moto 360 2015 on hand. This is just where is the headquarters of Motorola . We even managed to take some pictures of the gadget. More specifically, the device owners met on the train.

Smart watches Moto 360 the second generation has repeatedly appeared in photographs and renderings in the network. Once they even could contemplate on his arm CEO Lenovo , it happened a few months ago. Come across they and the official Twitter-account Motorola. But now these watches have managed to find, so to speak, in the wild, in real life.


Hangouts 4.0 updated with Material Design

Seemingly an eternity has passed since when the Internet proved screenshots messenger Hangouts, before the updated version was available for download.


Blues and Bullets — Episode 1 (2015) PC | RePack ot R.G. Freedom

Year: 2015


Android M and Android Lollipop: visually compare

On the lock screen shortcut phone was replaced with quick access to Google Now.

About a year ago, Google gave the world a Android Lollipop. Now the company shows Android M, which is replaced. But for now, this is not an official release, and it is only a developer preview version. And it is expected that it will be enough to seriously change. That is all what we see now, it is not the fact that go into a release version. However, let's compare the Android Lollipop And the current Android M and try to understand in what direction the thoughts of Google programmers. Moreover, the guys at Phonearena made a bunch of screenshots of the two systems for clarity.


Looking forward, we hope and believe: What will be shown at Google I/O 2015?

28 may at 19:30 Moscow time will start the conference for developers of I/O. traditionally, it was the first day will be important announcements related to Google products. First of all, the Android operating system.


[Contest] giving away a Philips Smart TV and tickets to Sensation

We have Long delighted readers and viewers draw something interesting. This time the prizes are really large smart TV from Philips and 3 tickets to Amsterdam on the Sensation.

About the details and conditions of the competition you can learn from a video or read below.