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Smartphone Moto Z Play from Lenovo will soon be announced

Perhaps in the near future, Lenovo will unveil a smartphone Moto Z Play, he's Vertex.


OnePlus 3 led the top of the fastest smartphones

The OnePlus 3 scored more than 140000 points in AnTuTu. Then the second place was occupied again by the Chinese Vivo Xplay 5 Elite, who scored 138706 points. And at the end of the three LeEco Le Max 2 (again China), received 138026 points. Only after they are more familiar to us Zuk Z2 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi5.

Gizomchina reports that the developers of benchmark AnTuTu has shared information about which smartphone was the most productive during the first half of 2016. It turned out that all devices have very similar specs: Snapdragon 820 and 4-6 gigabytes of RAM. Those that top the rankings, but the first place was taken by the OnePlus camera 3.


The most powerful smartphones of 2016 according to the version of AnTuTu

Tools AnTuTu has published a new version of the ranking of the most productive smartphones.


Unidentified budget Xiaomi appeared in benchmarks

In General, the device shows the results of the tests, as with last year's flagships, and the specifications they will also be similar, for example, 3 gigabytes of RAM. The screen size is still unknown, but predicting a FullHD resolution.

Geekbench again provides us with data about new devices, talking this time about some budget-Xiaomi, code-named "markw ". However, the filling's got enough good - based on eight-core chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, operating at a frequency of 2 GHz.


Nexus (Marlin) from HTC appeared in the benchmark

There is detailed information on the characteristics of preparing in the bowels of the HTC Nexus smartphone, known under the names M1 or Mariln.


Smartphones Moto X and Moto Z Play seemed in the benchmark

Moto Z-Moto Z Force and announced last week, caused a controversial reaction of the public and leading Droider Cast.


Review of Micromax Canvas Juice 2: loud


a Budget model with excellent performance — that's what Micromax Canvas Juice 2. First, the capacity of its battery is 4000 mAh. Second, he has a great and a very loud speaker. Finally, there is support for two SIM-cards, 2 GB of RAM and a good 8-megapixel camera. Take it!


Story about Asus and exotic accessories

Actually it all happened a year ago when I took, died SSD installed in the UX31A. Decided that from overheating, do not stand the controller. It would seem this one would just go to the store, buy a new one. One module is thrown, a new set - keep working. Unless I have to spend the day on the installation, configuration, installing software, but the restore from backup.

for a Long time I love the products Asus. Motherboards for desktops, DVD-ROMs, mouse, PDA, laptop, ultrabook and all sorts of other stuff is what I managed to try from this company. I like it. And even now I write this text with beloved Asus Zenbook Prime. Great car! As long as not broken. Everything about her is cool, but the failure to deliver a decent amount of trouble.


Eight "atomic" inches: an overview of the tablet TurboPad 802i

A lot like each other in appearance devices brands from the second and third divisions, characteristics are also identical. Will try today to take and to work closely with a device that will : a) powerful enough and b) have a good display;) and, of course, to have the broadest possible functionality. At the same time - to meet 100 "evergreen". Under these requirements quite gets tablet TurboPad 802i - and we'll find out whether he really claim to be a decent pocket companion for reasonable money.

In the past year and a half on the market of mobile devices was a strange situation - from sale almost disappeared tablets lower price segment from leading manufacturers. Thus, a buyer wants when buying a new gadget to meet the amount "$ 100", is faced with many difficulties.


Characteristics of Android-smartphone from BlackBerry Hamburg

While the situation around the future of the mobile units of the BlackBerry in question, the rumors about the two Android smartphones continue to appear with surprising frequency.


Samsung is preparing to release a strong "middling" smartphone SM-C5000

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics is preparing to release a new model of mid-tier smartphone – SM-C5000 (on sale most likely will go under the brand name Galaxy C5) with very decent technical features for not a top of the device.


Moto G4 — characteristics and appearance of the smartphone

Tomorrow, Lenovo and Motorola announce 2 smartphone under the Moto brand: G4 or G4 Plus.


Peeks for OnePlus 3

Photos of the device, now owned by the sources, while not the best quality. In addition, the device in a protective case to best hide the appearance and to insure against leaks. But something to consider. Slightly protruding eyeball camera, small flash, it seems that the all-metal casing reminiscent of the HTC One. Some suggest that it is a fake, citing as evidence the lack of logo on the device.

Twitter friend krispitech has information about what to expect from OnePlus 3. We already wrote about the assumptions price gadget talked about the results of his run on the benchmarks. Now there is clarification on specifications, appearance, and even a box of the gadget.


Samsung is working on a middle-level tablet Galaxy Tab 4 Advanced

The Flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge distracted the public's attention from the Samsung, however the Korean giant continues to update and expand the range Tab new models.


OnePlus 3 will cost a little more than $ 300

It will be the third generation of OnePlus devices. It is expected that we will see here is typical of the flagships of this year, the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The smartphone has already been emblazoned in some benchmarks, their database and taken the following specifications. RAM announced today a record number of 6 gigabytes.

the Company OnePlus came on the market, promising even better flagship device with uber-features at a price that will be lower than the well-known and popular vendors. The latest rumors around the OnePlus 3 reported that the device really will fit in this model.


Two new smartphones Sony noticed in the network

GFXBench says that the device F3216 will get a 4.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p. Here's 21-megapixel camera, led flash, 16-megapikselnaja frontalka photos, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 GB of custom. Powered smartphone with MediaTek chipset MT6755 Helio P10, in which four 1.9 GHz Cortex-A53 and graphics accelerator Mali-T860. The Android 6.0 System.

Benchmarks today - one of the main sources of leaks on the subject of specs of devices that await us in the near future. Recently noticed two new devices from Sony. The names of the gadgets are not yet clear, only their business names: F3216 and F3311.


Helio X30 makes the Snapdragon 820 AnTuTu

According to the latest data released MediaTek Helio X30 for 10-nm process technology. The processor will decategory where tasks do not require high performance, will be performed by the Cortex-A35, the rest will fall on the shoulders of cores Artemis. In addition, Helio X30 will be able to work with 8 gigabytes of RAM. Graphics accelerator PoverVR.

Analyst Pen Jutan published in Weibo interesting comparison of two popular solutions today to build mobile devices. Chipset Mediatek Helio X30 compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 in the benchmark AnTuTu.


HTC working on Nexus smartphones S1 and M1

Rumors that the next manufacturer of Nexus devices will be the HTC went a long time. After the news about the three-year contract the Taiwanese manufacturer and Google did not doubt.


2016 Moto X benchmarks

Even specify that the model should get the name of the Style Moto X or Moto X Pure Edition.

no one has any doubt that the flagship of the current year from Motorola, but in reality, of course, Lenovo is in development. And look at the results of the run in benchmarks the Moto X 2016 today. The information is divided Geekbench. The smartphone runs under the name XT1650.


OnePlus is working on a premium version of the flagship

Questionable trend of production of the flagship and the premium version seems to be picked up by engineers from OnePlus.