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Experience of payment, I want

Article in blogs, because it's just personal experience with MTS and its own lyrical digressions and reflections on the topic.

MTS is a unique Agency. For me is unique in that it is unclear how such a chaotic and not well-oiled mechanism able to grow into something big and clearly profitable to its owners. The question of profit remains a mystery because the company does not even want money from users to take when they voluntarily want to part with them.


Visa and MasterCard will launch Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay in Russia

Until the end of 2016, Visa and MasterCard together with the National system of payment cards (NBTS) will launch in Russia Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.


MTS subscribers will be able to pay the balance of the phone goods and services

The mobile Operator has launched a payment from the accounts of smartphone purchases in offline retail outlets.


[Video] the History of relations Boris Vedeno and Rosebank

Droider continues to experiment with formats. After the video buy gadgets , the front man took something between a clip and a review.

The Boris Vedenskiy tells the romantic story of the relationship with map Rosebank.


The design of Google Maps, fully updated

Google has redesigned its own map service for iOS, Android and the web version.


The most popular smartphones on the secondary market

For some, the secondary market is the ability to save. For others it's a chance to earn extra money by selling unwanted smartphones.


Heroes do not die: Anyone play Overwatch popular bloggers

May 24, Blizzard has released Overwatch — session multiplayer shooter in the new universe. The game holds the second month in the top streams on Twitch, and active base of players exceeds 7 million.


Samsung has introduced at home new tablet – Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has presented at home new model 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016, equipped with a quick connect feature, which, according to the manufacturer, its novelty can easily connect to smartphones and TVs.


[E3 2016] a Dozen memorable Premier Microsoft

While Apple fans intently sledili for WWDC 2016, gamers chained to monitors conference XBOX.


Yota launches service free communication by messengers abroad

Russian mobile operator Yota announced the launch of a service that will allow subscribers for free (even with zero balance) to use instant messengers abroad.


Review of Micromax Canvas Juice 2: loud


a Budget model with excellent performance — that's what Micromax Canvas Juice 2. First, the capacity of its battery is 4000 mAh. Second, he has a great and a very loud speaker. Finally, there is support for two SIM-cards, 2 GB of RAM and a good 8-megapixel camera. Take it!


Lenovo unveiled three smartphone models in the new line of Moto G⁴

The Chinese company Lenovo, which now owns the brand Moto, unveiled three new smartphone models in the line of Moto G – two 5.5-inch Moto and Moto G⁴ G⁴ Plus, which are functionally almost identical, with the exception of the more advanced photofunny the "plus" and a little more simple 5-inch Moto G⁴ Play. All presented novelties will go on sale in mid-summer of this year.


Joint statement by Leica about the camera of Huawei in Huawei P9

After publication of information about that the camera in the smartphone Huawei P9 made not Leica, Huawei and Leica issued a joint statement in which they draw attention to the fact that the camera in the smartphone Huawei P9 is a joint development of the two companies, Leica has been directly involved in the development of innovative camera module. The following is a statement of Huawei and Leica, revealing the details.


Huawei and Leica commented on the situation with camera P9

A Few days earlier the Internet was full of news that camera module is made by a third party, and the inscription "Leica" there are more to attract attention than a real sign of experience and quality. And the truth is - the camera module manufactured by Sunny Optical. But such statements have hurt Huawei and Leica, followed by the official explanation of the situation.

Smartphone Huawei P9 attracted a lot of attention. Not surprisingly, a powerful and technologically advanced device, which the company is touting. We should also say that the smartphone boasts a steam room, a camera and the manufacturer claims that the quality of the pictures was really the emphasis. Yes, friendship with the Leica adds to the intrigue.


"Yandex.Money" has added support for contactless payments

While Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay lazily go to Russia, the service "Yandex.Money" worked in advance.


[Video review] Comparison iPad 9.7 Pro, Pro Air 2 and 12.9

Six Months ago, we thought that the prefix "Pro" is the prerogative of the "big boys". However, introduced in March iPad Pro with a screen 9.7-inch breaks unsettled pattern.


Heroes: with fire and Sword - MMORPG on your smartphone

"Over-level". Now the development of your character is not limited to 100-m level. Upon reaching the maximum level and a special mission proceeds to super-levels. Experience is accumulates in the usual way, but with increasing over-level you get a Golden emblem that can be used for further development in the "Crusade".

MMORPG games are plenty of game modes and their surprising variety of locations. The developers of the new version of the game "Heroes: with fire and Sword" offers you to enjoy the regime of "Perpetual war" that can give a lot of emotions.


Skype - the horror flying on the wings... into the abyss

But modern user who is quite demanding, inquisitive, accustomed to the abundance of the different offers around, this is not enough. But despite that Skype continues to hold the palm of popularity. Because in his time well occupied a niche, and move this giant from the pedestal is not so easy. We are setting a long time ago or now in the habit of Skype to your parents, encourage the brainchild of MIcrosoft, which, in my opinion, support is not necessary. Now we cannot abandon Skype, because there are parents who are accustomed to and don't want to try something new. A familiar situation? Very many hear like it.

If you ask the modern Internet user if she is familiar with Skype, the most probably answer Yes. A this product use. But if you continue to ask questions, trying to figure out why, it is unlikely we will hear in response that this is a handy tool. So I can answer only elderly parents who are not accustomed to technology, but not too savvy it users, which Skype has set the kids, or it was pre-installed on a PC laptop. For them it would be cool if only because it allows you to make free calls, replacing the phone. In short, only those who have not seen any alternatives.


Domestic retailers still unleashed the "price war"

"the Messenger" and "Euroset" deystvitelno started a "price war", which connects mobile network operators.


Blizzard releases a patch for Diablo II

The Company says the number of players of Diablo II so great, that they would be incorrect to ignore. It is recognized that the Studio is very nice that the community's attention to its products.

RPG Diablo II was released over 16 years ago, in 2000. But Blizzard does not forget about your product until now. Week the company has released patch 1.14 for Diablo II. In the gameplay he does not intervene and no balance changes or adds new objects and sets, but aims to ensure stable and trouble-free operation of the game in the new OS, such as Windows 10 and OS X.