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Samsung has introduced another affordable, yet functional mid-level smartphone – Galaxy M30

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics officially unveiled in the Indian market the next model of mid-level smartphone – Galaxy M30, featuring a very good balance between functionality and price.


Samsung announced a new tablet – Galaxy Tab S5e

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics today announced a new tablet model is – Galaxy Tab S5e, which it is positioning as a device with smart features for communication.


New EMUI OS 9.0 will be available this month for HUAWEI P20 and P20 PRO

The Chinese company Huawei has announced that an updated version of the proprietary user interface EMUI 9.0 will be officially available to the Russian users of smartphones and HUAWEI HUAWEI P20 P20 Pro, since the middle of December of this year.

As noted in Huawei, created based on Android operating system 9.0 Pie, EMUI 9.0 improves overall performance by 12.9% and provides a rapid application launcher. EMUI 9.0 received the second generation of GPU Turbo 2.0, which significantly speeds up the processing of graphical tasks through mining, while also improving performance and reducing power consumption. The new algorithm improves the sensitivity of the touch screen and reduces the reaction time by 36%. The app Assistant helps you to configure notifications so as not to interrupt the game session.


Huawei has announced availability of the 9.0 interface EMUI based on the Android OS Pie for smartphones Honor

The Chinese company Huawei has announced that the new version of its proprietary user interface EMUI 9.0 will be officially available for smartphone Honor Play Honor Honor View 10 and 10. Created for the Android operating system 9.0 Pie, EMUI 9.0, as the developers say, incorporates innovations that provide a more simple and intuitive interaction with the mobile device. This significantly increases the comfort of everyday use of the smartphone through the advanced security features, intelligent technology, simple menu settings and improved ergonomics.

The New operating system provides high level of security thanks to the special password vault that allows you to conveniently and safely store and use all user IDs, passwords, and login credentials for web sites and applications. Once saving your access details to the website, the user can at any time instantly log in by scanning a fingerprint to auto-fill the form.


Announced 6-inch smartphone MEIZU NOTE 8

The Chinese company MEIZU introduced a new device out of its line of NOTE in which smartphones possess longer battery life and optimal balance of price and performance model of NOTE 8.


LG introduced a new smartphone with five cameras — LG ThinQ V40

The South Korean company LG Electronics introduced its newest premium smartphone with five cameras, which, in her words, sets a new standard for mobile photography. According to the manufacturer, LG ThinQ V40 is an upgraded model of the popular series V, providing high quality when creating and playing multimedia content.


Huawei has unveiled a new version of its interface EMUI 9.0 Android Pie

The Chinese company Huawei has officially unveiled an updated version of its proprietary user interface EMUI 9.0, built on the Android operating system 9 Pie.


Presents a new generation of Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2

The Finnish company Global HMD, which produces mobile devices under the Nokia brand, announced the expansion of its line of smartphones on Android and introduced three new products: the Nokia 5.1, Nokia Nokia 3.1 and 2.1, running "pure" Android operating system and provide access to the latest Google services including Google Assistant. Nokia Nokia 3.1 and 5.1 are the Android One smartphones, Nokia 2.1 device for Android Oreo (Go edition).

Elegant, stylish and compact, the Nokia 5.1 continues the tradition of classic design of the previous generation. One-piece body made of aluminium 6000 series, the last process of anodizing and polishing, comfortable and reliable to use.


Kodak Ektra – new photomarathon

Kodak introduced its new model of smartphone – the Kodak Ektra, the focus of which is the creation of photos, with the look and control more like an ordinary digital camera. So, perhaps, rather to say that the Kodak Ektra is a digital camera running the Android operating system and having features of a smartphone.


Hackers took 350 million rubles from the pockets of Russian Android users

Despite the efforts of Google, Android fragmentation is doing its job. Green robot and its customers are still vulnerable to hacker attacks.


The exclusives for the line and Pixel Android 7.1. Nougat

The announcement of the Pixel and Pixel XL put an end to the line of Nexus. The developers have promised to update the smartphone according to the schedule, but it is obvious that all attention will focus on devices under their own brand.


Paint your everyday life. Wireless earphone BH-05 from Rombica

For those who value comfort no less than freedom offered to pay attention to wireless headphones Rombica BH-05, which will explain in this review.

music Lovers, gamers or regular users audio cannot imagine comfortable use your favorite devices without this necessary accessory is headphones. They help to communicate, to listen to your tunes, the better to navigate in space computer games, without being distracted by extraneous noises and doesn't make you the source of the noise. With the advent of wireless headsets, in addition to the comfort was the freedom to move and perform certain movements without restrictions.


How many time lives the SIM card of the operators?

Data are presented to support operators in August 2016.

Perhaps you once wondered how it is possible to not pay SIM card before the operator it will block and return the room to myself for resale. Let's see what time frame provided by the modern operators of Moscow: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2.


LG unveiled its top-end multimedia smartphone LG V20 for Android 7.0 Nougat

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the completion of its premium line of smartphones LG V-new model – V20, characterized by the presence of Steady Record 2.0 for high quality photo and video, a quadruple-Fi-Fi DAC, built-in support for HD audio recording and a second information display, wide-angle front and dual main camera.


[2016 IFA] Sony has announced the Xperia and Xperia XZ X Compact

In Berlin Today, Sony announced 2 smart phone called the Xperia Compact Xperia X and XZ. The devices complement the range of X presented at MWC in Barcelona in 2016.


Sony introduced the flagship Sony Xperia Xperia XZ and X Compact technology cooperation between the three sensors when taking pictures

Sony announced the release of new smartphones in the Xperia series, X – 5.2-inch flagship Xperia XZ and compact 4.6-inch Xperia X Compact, which, according to the manufacturer, offer a more intelligent and personalized approach.


Lenovo has introduced a smartphone with support for plug-in modules – Moto Z Play

Lenovo, the opening of the International exhibition IFA 2016, which will take place in Berlin, officially unveiled its new smartphone with support for plug-in modules – Moto Z Play, which is still, according to the manufacturer, and prolonged operation time up to 50 hours.


MTS acquired a Telegram bot

Moreover, because the bot is so trust by sending different data through the network, as well as giving the right to change things that are directly related to your finances, like security and privacy in communication in the creation of Pavel Durov really at the proper level.

Who would say that no, a Telegram is actively conquering the market. They are already used by millions of people, companies also have to product your interest, bots in addition attract audience. It just illustrates what mobile operator MTS has launched the official bot-assistant in Telegram with a good amount of possibilities.


Started selling SIM cards ComfortWay without reference to the operator

The Company ComfortWay, resident of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, presented the system, which will allow users to connect directly to the local mobile operator, and purchase rates for the Internet.


Experience of payment, I want

Article in blogs, because it's just personal experience with MTS and its own lyrical digressions and reflections on the topic.

MTS is a unique Agency. For me is unique in that it is unclear how such a chaotic and not well-oiled mechanism able to grow into something big and clearly profitable to its owners. The question of profit remains a mystery because the company does not even want money from users to take when they voluntarily want to part with them.