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ASUS ZenFone AR – smartphone-enabled virtual and augmented reality

ASUS has announced at the international consumer electronics show CES 2017 new smartphone-enabled augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality – ZenFone AR, which, in her words, will be the first smartphone with a Google Tango and Daydream.


Samsung prepares 2 new VR headset

Sleep Hun Hong, Vice-President of the South Korean company, Virtual Reality Summit in San Francisco said that Samsung is working on a pair of virtual reality helmets.


Apple working on glasses similar to Google Glass

According to sources, the American company Apple has ordered suppliers a number of screens, which is designed for a close contact with eyes. This is necessary in order to test their own concept within the company. It seems that Apple is not actively engaged in the development and is not planning mass production of the device, as the size of the order of the components is really small so far.

Bloomberg reports that Apple appears leads the development of some device which will be very similar to Google Glass. Also sunglasses with electronic gadgets and augmented reality that we've seen from Google, Epson and Microsoft.


Apple tests smart glasses with augmented reality

The smartphone Market is stagnating, and Apple earns there 2/3 of the profit. Obviously, Tim cook is looking for new sources of income, one of which can become augmented reality.


Mobicode - international technical conference on mobile development

Audience – developers for mobile devices (iOS, Android, cross platform development) Senior and Middle level.

3 December Mobicode - international technical conference on mobile development.


The future of the IT industry according to Gartner

The Analytical company Gartner has published 10 predictions about how to develop the information technology industry in the near future.


Nonclassical annual conference MIXAR-2016 ended

Like last year, MIXAR joined in one big space exhibition area EXPO, three lecture halls on the topics of business, art and science (LECTURE area), the food court area and recreation LOUNGE, and in the late evening AFTER-PARTY.

Second conference MIXAR at the site of the Cultural centre has collected more than 4,000 visitors interested in the development of new technologies, namely VAMR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), 3D and interactive technologies. The main target audiences of the event were developers, representatives of the business environment, the creative class, experts, and all interested in VAMR technologies.


Became known, when the start of sales of Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The Main, we can say innovation, a feature which is a 3D camera Intel RealSense 3D. In fact, it is a system of two cameras, depth sensors and motion that will with a frequency of 250 thousand times a second to scan the surrounding space. The "trick" of its application – working with virtual reality: from games based on augmented reality, distance measurement, object size, to, for example, a change in the interior of the room in real time using specialized apps, and more.

the head of the direction involved in the development of projects related to virtual reality of Google, the Adhesive Bavor said that sales Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will start in November. It is the only commercial device, created jointly by LG and Google, in the framework of the project Project Tango.


To go or not? 5 reasons to visit the interactive festival WEGAME

One of the participants of the festival will be the company Frogwares . Creative Studio was founded in 2000, and since then games have become very popular among gamers. The developers of Frogwares, a series of games dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes:The Mystery of The Mummy, The Awakened, and others), Dracula (Dracula: Origin), travel and Apocalypse (80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

on 10-11 September in Kiev will host a festival of interactive entertainment – WEGAME . Still don't know if you let it go? The event will gather the best representatives of the game industry, game developers and gamers, well-known cosplayers of Ukraine, players of world renown. Do you still have doubts? Here are 5 more reasons which their notes.


The games already available for Android and iOS

After a steady run game the social network Miitomo is the debut mobile project Nintendo, the company shows the following product with the support of Google and The Pokemon Company.


Smart glasses Google Glass EE officially exist

A Number of rumors about the corporate version of Glass leave no doubt in their development. Today, however, Google indirectly told about the new product.


Technologies that will become standard in 2017

To stand out from the competition and increase market share, manufacturers are constantly taking innovative solutions.


Itogi AngelHack Saint-Petersburg

Your category in the competition also introduced the partners of the event – Google, "Beeline", together with OneAPI, "Open mobile platform" and Code4Impact.

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The event brought together more than 70 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 14 the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team Street Cleaner, who developed an interactive service to combat unwanted advertising. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


[Tech World 2016] Smartphones PHAB 2, 2 Plus, and Pro 2 — Lenovo commercial debut in Project Tango

At the conference, the Tech World was represented by 3 of the Project Tango smartphone instead of one as was expected by insiders and the press.


Lenovo has introduced three new phablet

Lenovo has unveiled a new family of phablets full PHAB2, PHAB2 Plus with dual rear camera, as well as PHAB2 Pro — the world's first phablet with support for the Project Tango platform.


Why virtual reality is cool

Virtual reality is embedded in us deeply and permanently. Its potential is almost limitless, and most importantly — it gives emotions and feelings. What is sorely necessary for modern people. Success is practically guaranteed. It remains only to tighten, to push in a convenient form and to put on the conveyor. All the stages are passed. Ahead of E3 2016 — finish line.


Knowledge is light: top 5 educational apps by MATA

For those who decided to study mathematics in depth, MathStudio is the perfect solution. The program is a mathematical calculator capable to solve simple examples and draw graphs. The creators have invested in the development of data that greatly simplify the work. It is particularly convenient that the application does not require Internet access. To operate the gadget very easy: enter data, press the button and a worked example or a ready-made schedule with the useful data already on the screen. Tasks can be saved.

to Master another foreign language, to figure out how the body, or to make an interstellar voyage? In the era of digital technology there is nothing easier. In this article we will discuss top 5 mobile apps to acquire new knowledge. Team MATE made a rating, focusing on ease and speed of use, functionality and relevance of the topic. Using each of these apps can acquire new knowledge quickly, easily and at any time.


Camera Android learns to recognize objects

Google doesn't take kindly to services that are not popular. So the rumors that the company will close the browser augmented reality Googles, no surprise.


Google has patented an interactive book

In the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks U.S. has seen a lot and hardly surprised strange inventions, the authorship of which is fixed an eccentric inventors.


Laboratory Google X change logo and activity

In August 2015 Google became part of Alphabet holding company, which was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin. Along with search engine giant, conglomerate entered Calico, Wing, Nest and other companies.