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Presents a new generation of Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2

The Finnish company Global HMD, which produces mobile devices under the Nokia brand, announced the expansion of its line of smartphones on Android and introduced three new products: the Nokia 5.1, Nokia Nokia 3.1 and 2.1, running "pure" Android operating system and provide access to the latest Google services including Google Assistant. Nokia Nokia 3.1 and 5.1 are the Android One smartphones, Nokia 2.1 device for Android Oreo (Go edition).

Elegant, stylish and compact, the Nokia 5.1 continues the tradition of classic design of the previous generation. One-piece body made of aluminium 6000 series, the last process of anodizing and polishing, comfortable and reliable to use.


Xiaomi has introduced a new smartphone, the Mi 2S MIX

The Company Xiaomi today announced the Mi 2S smartphone MIX, equipped with dual camera with functions based on artificial intelligence technology, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 last generation, and up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.


An official announcement of the flagship LG — G6

Today, LG Electronics unveiled its new smartphone G6, whose body is made of aluminum and glass white, platinum and black colors and equipped with a display of the new format, which occupies large area of the hull and providing a cinematic image quality, wide angle camera and many other innovations. According to the manufacturer, model G6 is designed with the customer in mind. This is a classic smartphone premium, which gives users all the necessary functions, among which a special place is a big screen that fits comfortably in one hand.


LG and Google unveiled a smart watch on the platform Android Wear 2.0

The Company LG Electronics and Google have unveiled a smart watch operating system Android Wear 2.0 – LG Watch LG Watch Sport and Style, whose global sales will begin on 10 February in the United States. Later in the same month, the watch will be available in major markets in Europe and Asia through the online Google Store and in select retailers.


Google introduced Android Wear 2.0

Google has presented its new version of operating system Android Wear 2.0, intended for use in "smart" hours. According to the developers, the new version they made dials are more informative, have found ways to improve the effectiveness of sports, has offered new opportunities to work with applications and has developed more options to stay connected. Moreover, the new operating system for communication with users, will be the voice assistant — Google now.

In the new OS, the user can configure the dial of its smart watch Android Wear based on personal preferences, displayed on the main screen relevant data and add the most necessary functions of your favorite applications.


HTC has announced another smartphone – the HTC U Play

In addition to the flagship 5.7-inch models: HTC U Ultra, HTC has announced, in fact, its simplied version in the form of HTC U Play in the same "iridescent" style, but with simplified technical characteristics.


HTC introduced a new flagship with two screens — HTC U Ultra

The Taiwanese company HTC today unveiled its new smartphone – HTC U Ultra whose distinctive feature is the presence, in addition to its core 5.7-inch display, small of 2.05-inch information display, similar to what we have previously seen in some models from LG Electronics last year.


Google asked Samsung not to interfere with the development Assistant

At first glance, this "duck" is not unfounded. However, for the year 2016 in the IT-world managed to happen a lot, so it is worthwhile to understand the situation.


3 tablet MiPad from Xiaomi will get Android

2 years have passed since the presentation MiPad second generation and "leaks" about the future release was not. However, recently a new tablet Xiaomi has revealed many characteristics, and also appeared on the press rendering.


Google introduced Android for the Internet of things

Google has announced the release of a preview version for developers (Developer Preview) the new version of the Android operating system Things, designed to work on smart devices, combined with the concept of the Internet of things.


Google has opened access to Assistant for third-party developers

A Virtual assistant was introduced to the public in may 2016. Then IT giant promised to provide the possibility of its use in third party programs. However, Asisstant remained exclusive to the smartphones Pixel speakers Home.


[Video] a Month of living with the Pixel from Google

About the new "Google phone" is easy to come up with a variety of epithets – from the stylish to the bizarre. However, after continuous use you can determine exactly what happened at HTC and Google in 2016.

For a test drive took Boris Vedeno, who has lived together with the Pixel for a month.


[Video] Google Home: unboxing and opinion

The presentation Made by Google it was difficult to compete with smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. However, Google Home it happened.


A virtual assistant can Samsung to 2 name

The Company can give a brand a voice assistant of 2 names. Version with a male voice will be referred to Bixby, and in the female, Kestra.


Xiaomi Mi Mix with Cortana included, and no Nano

Marketing Director of Xiaomi said that the Xiaomi Mi product Mix Nano simply doesn't exist. However, later the news in the Weibo was deleted.

Some time ago in the network appeared rumors that Xiaomi will release the Mi gadget Mix Nano is a smaller version of the smartphone that surprised everyone with frameless design and has a genuine wow-effect among consumers. However, now have official confirmation from Xiaomi that it was indeed just a rumor.


Samsung Galaxy S8 will be equipped with a button call assistant

The Button will be somewhere at the ends of the gadget. However, while we are talking about prototypes of the device, because the commercial release, the situation could easily change.

did you know that Samsung is going to introduce in future Galaxy S8 is your personal intelligent assistant in the manner of Siri or Google Now/Google Assistant, which received the name of Viv. About it reports Wall Street Journal. The company makes it a high rate, so as to add that the Galaxy S8 will be even a separate button to start the assistant.


The announcement of the Galaxy S8 will be delayed for the sake of new "chips"

After Proval Galaxy Note 7, saying "seven times measure — cut once" is in danger of becoming for Samsung new philosophy.


Google continues to campaign for the transition from iOS to Android

Google has published on the YouTube channel from 2 of the video, which elaborates the process of "moving" with any iPhone on the new smartphones Pixel with Android Nougat.


Ended in Moscow the international hackathon, TADHack

Partners of the event were the Matrix, Apidaze, hSend Mobile, Telestax, Ubuntu, Cisco Spark, Tropo, Voximplant.

on October 15-16 in the hackspace "Workshop Technology" for the first time in Moscow hosted the international TADHack hackathon, organized by Voximplant is a cloud platform for voice and video telephony.


A smart watch from Google is getting closer

Now, if you believe the reports of a reputable @evleaks, the release date of the devices as close as ever. Evan Blass says that Google will delight us with new devices in the first quarter of 2017.

it is not the first time we hear that Google is preparing its own smart watch. Now that sounds very very plausible after the release of the series smartphones Pixel. These watches, which we will have to get into the market with Android Wear 2.0 and the new Google Assistant, which recently showed us a search company.