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[Video] How to transfer data from iPhone to Android?

In recent years, the line between Android and iOS has almost worn off. No matter what OS the smartphone is a popular services and applications available to members of both camps. However, the transition from one system to another still causes discomfort, especially if the user has preference for Apple services, not Google.


It also disclosed details Droidcon Moscow 2016

Natalia Alimova, I. O. SMO e-Legion

September 22 in Moscow hosted the third annual conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2016. In Technopolis gathered more than four hundred greedy of knowledge of the participants, Google Developer Expert s and media representatives. The event was organized by Apps4All developing Russian community of mobile developers, and a leader of mobile development in Russia and abroad e-Legion.


YouTube is the Go – to service for viewing the video in offline mode

Google introduced the new YouTube Go to watch the videos without Internet connection.


TADHack hackathon will be held in Moscow

TADHack is the largest international hackathon, aimed at popularization of technologies of real-time communications. In 2016 TADHack plans to collect more than 2 500 participants from 33 cities worldwide, including: new York, Tokyo, Seattle, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Singapore and others. For the first time to a global coding will join Moscow.

October 15-16 at the site of hackspace "Steel — Forge Technology" will be an international TADHack hackathon dedicated to creating projects in the telecommunications industry. First global non-stop coding will join Moscow. The event was organized by Voximplant.


The main conference in Russia about the real-time communications INTERCOM will be held in the hackspace "Steel"

Communication technology — "hot" trend this year in the IT field. Due to the active development and spread of instant messengers, bots and services-chat they have become an integral part of modern life and is increasingly being used for customer interaction in a business environment. A number of specialists consider them as a new stage in the process of building communication with customers.

on October 6 in hackspace "STEEL – Forge Technologies" will be held the first Russian conference dedicated to modern technologies of communication with customers – INTERCOM. Event organizer — company Voximplant.


Spectacles glasses for broadcasts from the creators of Snapchat

Even Google has abandoned the commercial model of Glass, but the idea of smart glasses continues to live. This time Evan Spiegel, CEO Snapchat, with colleagues, introduced sunglasses Spectacles. "Smart" accessory is able to broadcast video from the first person.


[Photokina 2016] Fotogazeta and Karma

Photography is not a core topic of the channel and the site Droider, however, we follow the latest developments in this field.


Advanced ergonomics, features: 4K monitor Philips Brilliance 241P

Philips Brilliance 241P embodies everything needed to perform any task: with ultra high definition 4K UHD image is bright, intense and alive, advanced technologies save energy and reduce eye strain. Display offers advanced ergonomics – the user can rotate the display clockwise to adjust the angle and height relative to the surface of the table. Proceed to a detailed review.

How to be a monitor for professionals working with color and graphics? With a detailed, clear picture, lifelike color reproduction, fast response time and technology to work on the computer all the time without harm to health, and huge energy bills.


Project Daydream from Google came out of beta stage

October 4, Google will hold a special press conference, where he will show new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


App Duo was updated to version 2.0

Application for a tete-a-tete video Duo today received an update to level 2.0.


New Samsung smartphones will recognize the owner's face and voice

It will give smartphone owners more options for identity verification. For example, the fingerprint scanner works worse on wet fingers, then you can use voice command either to look at the camera for facial recognition. In addition, the emergence of new ways of biometric authentication will increase the level of data protection and mobile payment applications.

year after Year increases the level of protection for smartphones. Fingerprint scanner is no surprise. Samsung, for example, has already installed in Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner, which allows users to unlock the device look. And the Koreans are not going to stop. Samsung and Sensory, is the developer TrulySecure, have announced a partnership. So what can we expect in the new Samsung smartphones will be added, authentication by voice recognition and face.


In Android 7.1 there will be new icons and a restart button

Google does working on Android 7.1 Nougat. OS version to debut with new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


Samsung smartphones will be able to learn the owner's face and voice

One of the "Pisek" Galaxy Note 7 was a scanner of the iris, supplied with the usual fingerprint scanner.


"VKontakte" began testing the gaming

"VKontakte" launched a testing platform, which will allow you to broadcast gameplay directly to the social network and earn money.


Droider Cast #39 — Hadron chauvinist

Lock PornHub, ambitions Samsung, the launch of another Chinese company in Russia — all in the new issue Droider Cast.


Doctor Web: Trojan Android.Xiny learned how to infiltrate the system processes

The Trojans of the family Android.Xiny known in March 2015. Virus writers actively disseminate them through various sites – collections of software for mobile devices and even through the official application directories, such as Google Play and the company "Doctor Web" reported previously.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found a new version, Trojans of the family Android.Xiny, which is designed to seamlessly upload and removal of programs. Now these Trojans can infiltrate the process of system application and load the program to exploit various malicious plug-ins.


Some PS Plus subscribers will be able to get on IgroMir 2016 for free

To do this, go to the official website and fill out an application. In the end, will be selected 100 winners.

In Moscow soon will host the exhibition "IgroMir/Comic-Con Russia in 2016", it's going to happen on September 29 and will run the event until October 2. Those of players who have a PS Plus subscription, which ends not earlier than 1 November 2016, will have the opportunity to get to IgroMir 2016 for free.


Google will release messenger Allo 21 Sep

From the stage of Google I/O 2016 submitted and Allo Duo — new text and video messaging company. Analog of Skype and Facetime managed to gain 10 million units mid-August, a competitor to WhatsApp and iMessages came out so far.


Siri became friends with Viber

Apple's Intelligent assistant helps you to manage popular messenger Viber voice. You can now command, for example, sending a message, adictiva his voice, or ask Siri to make a call in Viber network to the selected contact.

the Press service of Viber reports that Apple device owners can now control the application by voice, giving commands Siri, which in turn will execute them in Viber.


Solid Explorer has added support for encryption and dactyloscopy

Open the file system – this is a serious argument on the side of Android. Competing in the Play Store dozens of file managers, but one of the most popular is the Solid Explorer.