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Vacancy iOS developer

The article ended. continues to publish jobs from our friends who are looking for talented developers, hungry for employment. For example, now requires a person to develop mobile applications on the iOS platform for Xamarin. Details under the cut.


Meizu came with a smart clock Mix

Meizu focuses on the fact that their product Mix Meizu no touch screen, no operating system, even if adapted for hours. It is primarily a conventional quartz watches, which are additionally stuffed with a range of sensors.

the Company Meizu decided to join the race of manufacturers of smart watches, presenting his vision of the moment. However, after meeting with the official press release, it becomes clear that this is not the usual smart watch, which arises in the mind, when pronouncing the name of this class of devices. Rather, it's a little hybrid device, representing a classic watches with elements of the fitness bracelet. However, the details under the cut. Are introduced.


[Video] Look at Droider Petersburg via Prisma

Prisma not only gained instant popularity, but also became a leader of neural net trend in applications. Revision Droider could not pass by this phenomenon and immediately decided to create a bright clip-in style photo editor.

But everything turned out even better. Boris Vedeno for a month changed Moscow to Saint Petersburg. And it is hardly possible to find scenery more beautiful than "cultural capital".


Raziskivaem.Net developer

More under the cut.

And we continue to look for intelligent developers to work on interesting and promising projects. This time required people for jobs with tasks similar to previous, but on the platform.NET.


In the app "2GIS" appear offline Navigator

In a mobile application, the map service 2GIS will soon have long-awaited feature Navigator and superior design.


[Review] Duo — a competitor to Skype and Facetime from Google

At the may developers conference Google announced 2 application — Allo and Duo. First specializiruetsya on the text, the second for video calls. The company has promised to release both applications before the end of summer 2016. However, the Duo did not wait for a colleague and appeared in the Play Store separately.


Requires Android-developer

Email -

Administration Droidnews sometimes it helps your readers to find a job. As we communicate and make friends with different companies, we have interesting jobs. For example, now Moscow's largest company is looking for Android developer on a permanent basis. Details on the requirements and the proposed conditions below under the cut.


Samsung stirs interest in the Z2 smartphone on Tizen OS

The Manufacturer keeps trying to interest consumers with opportunities Tizen OS. This time published the video with the characteristics of the budget smartphone Z2.


The traffic police will be fined based on the records from smartphones

Traffic police will be fined the owners of transport on the basis of clips shot by citizens with special applications in smartphones.


Tomorrow starts the beta testing version 4 of the firmware for the Playstation 4

The Current firmware update has been code-named SHINGEN.

Sony announces the Playstation 4 tomorrow will start beta testing the new major version of firmware 4.00. The update is scheduled to be large and will bring a lot of changes. Here updated design and personalization settings, and new ways of connecting and new opportunities to share your content.


LeEco smartphone with 8 gigs of RAM is on the way

This monster is going to introduce a Chinese brand LeEco next month, it is even possible that the event will coincide with the release of the iPhone 7.

If you suddenly upset by the reports that Samsung may release Galaxy Note 7 with 6 gigabytes of RAM only to China or Korea, you all really not so bad. Not Samsung om only live market. Those other Chinese, with whom intended this course to compete the Korean company is ready soon to show the smartphone with 8 gigabytes of RAM.


Protection mechanisms Google save Android users from QuadRooter

Earlier, a figure of a billion or even more devices that are potentially exposed. But now it turns out that the default functionality of the application verifier, which works on all gadgets with Android 4.2 and above can be a great shield for malicious applications on a user's device. This is enough, because the user to become a victim, you need to install the application on the smartphone. In this case, the smartphone and the system will track and alert if you want to commit this dangerous action, installing an infected app. So first of all simply remove the head. Think about whether you understand the implications and whether or not you want the app that causes issues in the system. After all, explicitly prohibit the installation you can't, but at least I will.

When you first started talking about QuadRooter, many were horrified. It turned out that a huge number of processors Qualcomm devices are at risk. This is a serious security breach, however, the problem actually turned out to be somewhat exaggerated. Built-in Android mechanisms to protect users from Google successfully detects dangerous apps that fall under the phenomenon QuadRooter.


Facebook has declared war on the ad blockers

In the first half of 2016 was actively discussed ad blockers: legitimacy, monetization and prospects. Banners – "bread" the social network, so the segment leader does not intend to lose it.


[Review] New Skyscanner "multitool" for travel

Planning a trip is always accompanied by stress: find plane tickets, book hotel room, rent a car. Online services have simplified these tasks, but to search for the best conditions we have to work with 3-4 different applications.


Started selling tickets to the conference Droidcon Moscow

September 22 at the Congress center of Technopolis "Moscow" will be held on Droidcon Moscow 2016 - the third largest Eurasian conference of Android developers.


Nexus Launcher implemented in the beta version of Action Launcher 3

Last week pojavilis screenshots of the new launcher for Nexus smartphone, which debuts with the release of Android Nougat.


Gatherings on Tuesdays No. 96. About The Play Store

When I use iOS, I go regularly to the App Store to see what's new appeared, and sometimes even downloading something, but here in the Play Store such was never, and here's why..


HTC opens world's first store of the VR content

HTC has announced Viveport - the world's first variety of store content for virtual reality.


Best mobile banks 2016 under version Deloitte

App "Tinkoff Bank" 4 times in a row was the best among the mobile clients of the Russian bankof.


Weather widget will appear in the quick settings menu Android Nougat

Google will allow third-party Android developers to add their apps to the quick settings menu.