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Discovered advertising software for Android, which affected millions of users

Anti-virus company ESET reported the discovery in the app store Google Play long malicious cyber attacks, which killed millions of Android users.

Top 5 countries affected by family Ashas


Possibilities Galaxy Note10 will be available on the Galaxy S10

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced that with the release software update for Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, they will get the functionality of the Galaxy Note series: AR Doodle, built-in video editor, Link to Windows and many others.

The Manufacturer promises that the camera Galaxy S10 will be even more functional: now night mode will be available for the front of the module, providing even more opportunities to create high-quality images after dark. The upgrade will ensure the creation of content with elements of augmented reality AR Doodle, improved video stabilization Super Steady and lively focus for video with the front or main camera.


In Russia started sales of the new miniature smartphone PALM

The Chinese company TCL Communication has announced the start of sales in Russia of a new miniature smartphone under the Palm brand, is designed, according to the manufacturer, especially for digital minimalists – users, leading an active lifestyle and seeking to optimize online communication and consumption of digital media, while maintaining access to all your favorite Internet services and applications. Palm is running the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo and has full access to Google Play Market and Google Assistant.


Kaspersky Security Cloud will show what permissions are granted to applications on the device

Anti-virus company "Kaspersky Lab" has announced the addition of to its Kaspersky endpoint Security Cloud for Android new function "Check permissions" by which the product informs the user about all the potentially harmful permissions that have applications installed on the user's device.

Under the threat implied permissions that allow you to control the settings of the system or may jeopardize the safety of personal user data, including contacts, information on the location, SMS, access the web camera and microphone, etc. Thanks to a new feature, according to developers, the user will be able to promptly assess risks and based on this information to make a decision on whether to limit the list of actions available to applications.


For the development of ecosystem foldable Fold smartphone Galaxy, Samsung works with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter and other Android developers

Samsung Electronics with the launch of the first mobile device with flexible screen of the Galaxy Fold has announced its willingness fully collapsible interface that was created with partners and the community of Android developers around the world.

It is Stated that software development for the Galaxy Fold at the level of the infrastructure began in April 2018. In this process, Samsung introduced a new interface and worked closely with Google to provide integrated support for the Android operating system on the device. This was optimized for Galaxy Fold hundreds of applications, including services from key partners like Amazon Prime Video, App in the Air, Facebook, iHeartMedia, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter, VSCO and many others.


In Russia will start official sales of a new line of phablets Samsung Galaxy Note10

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the start of sales of the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note10 in Russia. Starting today, Galaxy and Galaxy Note10 Note10+ available in sales channels for a suggested retail price 89 990 rubles 990 rubles and 76 respectively in the colors Aura White, Black, Red.


Huawei has introduced a new version of the user interface EMUI 10

At the last Congress developer Developers Congress HUAWEI, HUAWEI has officially unveiled a new version of the proprietary user interface EMUI10. Presenting a new product, van Changlu, head of software development of HUAWEI's Consumer Business Group, said that EMUI10 — the first of its kind operating system that is able to effectively work in any mobile devices. Its creation opens the way for implementation of new features, such as making audio and video calls with any smart devices from mobile and wearable gadgets to automotive media centers. The same application can be deployed on all kinds of devices that will significantly reduce establishment costs, increase development efficiency, and most importantly — to offer users an identical interface and comfort level on all available devices.

EMUI 10 received three major improvements affecting interface design, improve ease of use in various scenarios and stability. In addition, EMUI10 there is a new dark mode, which is more comfortable for eyes in the evening and at night. It optimizes the contrast, color text, and system icons on a dark background, the result has a positive effect on the visual appearance and ease of reading.


ESET: new encoder for Android is distributed through pornography

Anti-virus company ESET announced the discovery of a new ransomware Android/Filecoder.C, aimed at users of Android devices and which attackers distributed through malicious links and QR codes in the subsections of pornography on Reddit, and a forum for Android developers XDA Developers.


L10 Zebra – rugged tablet for enterprise employees, operating in difficult conditions

The Company Zebra Technologies Corporation has introduced a new heavy-duty L10 tablet computer running the Android operating system. It includes a wide range of tablet Zebra (as well as a special mobile computers) for enterprises and public institutions and is designed to work in difficult conditions in warehouses, manufacturing, construction, etc.


In Google Play apps discovered to bypass two-factor authentication

Anti-virus company ESET reported the discovery of its experts in the Google Play number of malicious apps that seek to access one-time password to bypass two-factor authentication.


HUAWEI is developing its own application store HUAWEI AppGallery

Chinese company HUAWEI announced that it continues to develop its own app store HUAWEI AppGallery that became available to Russian users at the end of 2018.

As part of the ecosystem of mobile services, app store HUAWEI AppGallery became available outside of China in 2018. To date, mobile services, HUAWEI is used by over 500 million people in 170 countries around the world. Monthly active audience in 2018 reached 262 million users, surpassing the previous year by 117%. The proportion of young users aged 18 to 34 years has increased over the year by 8.3%. In HUAWEI say that her store offers users a wide range of applications and content that pass thorough four-level security clearance.


The EMUI update 9.1 is now available for nexus device owners

Huawei has announced that for owners of smartphones series of HONOR 8, 9, 10 and other devices of the brand, which came after 2017, will be able to update to EMUI 9.1, based on Android 9 Pie.

In the new version, users will be able to evaluate the file system EIO, improved optimization of applications and technology for accelerating graphics processing GPU Turbo 3.0. The size of the new software system EIO less than the previous version of 2 GB, which frees up the smartphone additional space for 900 photos or 500 songs. Also among the novelties it is worth noting video editor, working on the basis of artificial intelligence.


Samsung expands the Samsung Forward

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the expansion of its Samsung Foward, which provides the ability to use mobile devices the Galaxy series for a small monthly fee. Now the programme is available for subscription smartphones updated line of Galaxy A models A50 and A70, and since the start of sales in Russia in the portfolio of products will appear a model Galaxy A80. Geography Samsung Forward expanded to 71 cities of Russia, the number of stores increased 6 times, including networks of "Technopark" and "Beeline".


Adobe Premiere Rush became available to users of Galaxy devices

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced that the Premiere Rush for Samsung, specially adapted for smartphones Galaxy version recently submitted applications Premiere Rush for Android became available for download on her device. This solution offers content creators, according to developers, all the necessary tools for simple and convenient installation videos at a professional level in a few simple steps.


In Google Play apps discovered to steal cryptocurrency

Anti-virus company ESET reported the discovery of its experts in Google Play several apps to steal cryptocurrency users. The activity of cyber criminals is associated with positive dynamics of a course of cryptocurrency.


Huawei will present on may 21, a new flagship series of smartphones Honor 20

Chinese company Huawei has announced that will present the flagship series of smartphones HONOR 20, which will include models of HONOR 20, HONOR HONOR 20 Lite and 20 PRO. The new series, according to the manufacturer, made in unique design with application of effect of "dynamic holography". Global presentation of the smartphone 20 series will be held in London on may 21, 2019.

It is Noted that the designers HONOR 20 used for processing the rear surface of the smartphone the effect of multidimensional dynamic holography. Glass rear case surface of smartphones HONOR 20 is made using a two-stage process technology Triple 3D Mesh. The lower coating layer is formed by high-precision application of millions of tiny prism-like particles of diamond. Passing through the prisms of the inner layer, the light is refracted and reflected in all directions simultaneously. Then the housing cover with glass and put the painted layer. The result is an unusual optical effect of depth.


Beta Android Q available on Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi MIX 3 5G

The Chinese company Xiaomi has announced its participation in the beta program for Android Q, thus, with her words, giving developers and fans of technological innovations the opportunity to experience the latest version of Android on their smartphones Mi 9 and Mi MIX 3 5G. This will allow you to try out the latest features, test your applications to ensure that they work well on Android Q.


Samsung has extended the functionality of the buttons Bixby on Galaxy S10

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced the release of software updates for line of flagship smartphones Galaxy S10, which allows you to assign the functionality of the buttons Bixby and open it using selected application.


Yandex.The phone went on sale in Citylink

The Company "Sitilink" announced the appearance from today in its stores smartphone "Yandex.Phone" at a price 13990 rubles. The owners of this unit will be available gift package from "Yandex" for a total amount of 3 thousand rubles, including six-month subscription to the service "Yandex.Plus" ("Music", "IMDb" etc.), bonuses in the application "Yandex.Taxi", "Yandex.Disk", "Yandex.Money."


The increase in the number of fake banking applications

Anti-virus company ESET warns of rise in the number of fake banking applications, disguised as an official program. Their goal is access to your data and stealing money from the accounts of the users. The company noted that the danger of such fakes is underestimated because of the relative technical simplicity.

According to experts of ESET, the main advantage of such fakes is the ability to reliably copy the official banking applications. As a rule, the user accepts the forgery of a legitimate program, it downloads and begins to use, by providing login credentials in online banking.