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Honor first became the leader of the Russian market of smartphones

The Russian retail company "M. Video-Eldorado" has summed up development of the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2019, noting that the results of the period January-March market growth of 8% in units and 18% in the money to 6.8 million units and $ 112.8 billion rubles. The average price has thus increased year-on-year by 9% and reached 16 500 rubles. In this case, the market leader in unit sales for the first time has become the brand of Honor – he had more than a quarter of smartphones sold.

The market Leader for the first time for the quarter, the brand became the Honor, ahead of Samsung and occupying more than a quarter of the market. The demand for devices of this brand have increased year-on-year by 2.5 times. Earlier in 2018 was leading two brands together – Huawei & Honor – which, at the end of Q1 2018, accounted for about 16% of unit sales.


6 Christmas ads on the Apple Watch Series 2

Apple has published on the YouTube channel a series of mini-clips The Gift Of Go, alluding to the fact that the best gift for the New year are smart watches the second generation.


LG is already making flexible displays for Samsung and Apple

In 2016 again intensified rumors about the upcoming wave of flexible and foldable gadgets from IT giants. A considerable role was played by new patente.


The FAS brought the case to Apple for repair monopoly

At the disposal of "sheets" were documents that contains information that the Federal Antimonopoly service initiated a case against "Apple Rus". Russian representation Apple podozrevayut in the abuse of a dominant position in the field of repair services for the iPhone.


The best games and applications for the year 2016 by Apple

Not long ago, the 2016 podvela Google. Now it is the turn of Apple to speak. The company announced the list of the most popular content in the App Store and iTunes.


Droider Show #269 Mashina Apple i Pro 6 Plus ot Meizu

In a new series Droider Show longtime leading talk about the results of the The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, Plana Apple on unmanned vehicles, announcement musical phablet Meizu about "utechki " on a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone on Android.

Valery Istishab looks to the future, where there is already radioactive batteries, integranova gun DroneGun, "cloud" the Amazon truck and the battery HandEnergy, which is charged by hand movements.


Apple confirms interest in unmanned transport

In a letter to NHTSA (National Directorate of traffic safety on highways of the USA) said that the Corporation "believes in the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transport" and "investing heavily in the study of mechanics and automation systems".


[Video] How it all started with the iPhone 2G

The Team Droider back into the past to recall how much has changed the IT industry. But at the same time to return to the audience promised duty for the activity on YouTube.

In the video, the Valery Istishab indulges in nostalgia, decompresses "the" Apple and compares the model with the debut of the latest iPhone 7 Plus.


The company Xiaomi is selling smartphones at cost

Hugo Barra, Vice President Xiaomi, in a recent interview with the news Agency Reuters explained why the company will not suffer much from a drop in sales of smartphones.


So it tells about the character of the owner?

They came to the conclusion that the iPhone lovers are less sincere than those who have chosen Android.

If you take a typical Android lover and someone who prefers Apple products, then you can easily play a game "find 10 differences". Researchers at the University of Lincoln and their colleagues from the University of Lancaster decided to share with us their observations about how the difference is usually the characters of these two categories of geeks.


Droider Show #267 "flagship Killer" OnePlus 3T and Apple in the US

Hi, drogerien! 267 second edition Droider Show is ready to tell about the announcement of killer flagship OnePlus 3T and live broadcasts in Instagram.

Also, presenters will share the rumors about the return of Nokia, the transfer of production iPhone in the US and a selection of unusual gadgets. Among them: the flying taxi, the watch is charging from the body, sneakers with a screen and a paper helmet.


Samsung fans are loyal to the brand

Research firm Ipsos conducted a social survey among Samsung smartphone users in the United States. It turned out that the incidents with the Galaxy Note 7 had no impact on the loyalty of Americans to a Korean brand.


Apple may shift production of the iPhone in the US

Add that Foxconn even as consider the idea while Pegatron completely refuses to even think about that. Moreover, such a measure will lead to the fact that the cost of Apple products will grow approximately two times.

it would Seem, and then Donald trump? Meanwhile, the Nikkei Report reported that Apple ventilates the subject of the transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States. Maybe just because the newly-elected American President even before the victory promised that Apple will be legally obliged to release their products at home.


Apple stores a log of calls without the knowledge of the user

The Russian company ElcomSoft has found that the Corporation keeps on the server information about the calls iPhone for 4 months, but does this does not prevent.


Apple may shift production to the U.S

In the future, the Corporation may place the production of branded products throughout the United States and not China where the factories are located now.


Apple working on glasses similar to Google Glass

According to sources, the American company Apple has ordered suppliers a number of screens, which is designed for a close contact with eyes. This is necessary in order to test their own concept within the company. It seems that Apple is not actively engaged in the development and is not planning mass production of the device, as the size of the order of the components is really small so far.

Bloomberg reports that Apple appears leads the development of some device which will be very similar to Google Glass. Also sunglasses with electronic gadgets and augmented reality that we've seen from Google, Epson and Microsoft.


The collapse of the Galaxy Note 7 was not helpful Apple

Problems Samsung seemed obvious advantage for Apple, which introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus behind the Korean tabletop.


Apple tests smart glasses with augmented reality

The smartphone Market is stagnating, and Apple earns there 2/3 of the profit. Obviously, Tim cook is looking for new sources of income, one of which can become augmented reality.


[Video] a Month of living with the iPhone 7 from Apple

Deciding not to do a traditional review of Apple technology, which abound in the media, Valery Istishab talks about personal experiences of life with the iPhone 7 for 4 weeks.

To further complicate the experiment, was chosen smartphone in the colors "onyx black", he is jet black, which is supposedly easy to scratch. Fresh video you can find out all the pros, cons and pitfalls of owning the latest flagship device kupertinovtsy.


The ranking of the most Autonomous of the flagships of 2016

Every year the producers say about the increased hours of operation, however, seldom has a smartphone lives on a single charge for more than a day. However, among the variety of gadgets you still there are favorites and outsiders of autonomy.