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"Doctor Web": scammers are spreading Android malware with the help of Instagram

Antivirus company "Doctor Web" reported the discovery of its experts in the Google Play a large number of Trojans of the family Android.HiddenAds designed to display annoying ads. Since the beginning of February it was revealed nearly 40 new modifications of these malicious applications, they have been downloaded about 10 million users. Some of these Trojans scammers spread across Instagram and YouTube. Through advertising in popular social networks and Internet services with an audience of millions the number of potential victims that can install dangerous programs, increases significantly.


What is the cause of the blast Galaxy Note 7 and that is a line of smartphones Note?

And in the web already appeared the hypotheses, some quite justified. The cause of the explosions Galaxy Note 7 of the "first series" probably lies in the batteries SDI and the shape of the hull with rounded edges. The fact that the batteries from the SDI a little bigger than replacing them ATL, and tight against the angled edges of the smartphone. And at the slightest pressure plate insulating the cathode and anode are bent and damaged, which can lead to short circuit and explode. With smartphones from the "second safe, the series" the situation is more complicated. These smartphones were powered by smaller batteries ATL, not prone to snapping. But, as we found out, the Financial Times, in a safe Galaxy Note 7 settings were changed chipsets, to accelerate the charging process. Perhaps the battery failed power charger. While the Samsung representatives do not comment on any of the options.

Despite the shutdown and care Note Galaxy 7 market, Samsung still need to answer the main question: why the device exploded? While that Samsung engineers failed to get to the truth.


SuHide app from Chainfire to hide root on your phone

For Example, root access is absolutely contraindicated in Android Pay, don't like it, and various Bank applications and antivirus (well here at all for obvious reasons). And even if getting root on your Android device, you will hardly be able to hack the banking system, using only the client application, the banks consider that you agree to allow the attacker to gain complete control over your device and sacrifice their own safety. In part it is, because the root is played only for advanced users that understand what the consequences might be in a position to weigh the pros and cons of such decision.

Get Ruth-access on device with Android often gives the user a lot of different privileges and buns. But in our modern world where more attention is paid to security, root access at the same time bring some disadvantages, because it is a potential security hole, or simply too many possibilities for a user, where this should be avoided.


8 simple ways to protect data in the drive

Summer is coming to an end, and if you have not been on vacation, you probably thought to spend the last warm days by the sea. However, even on vacation do not forget about information security.


Discovered by Doctor Web" Android malware can buy the program in Google Play

The Trojan added to the virus database Dr. Web as Android.Slicer.1.origin is installed on mobile devices other malicious applications. It has a characteristic popular service programs and utilities-optimizers functions. In particular, Android.Slicer.1.origin can show information about memory usage and "clean" it by terminating the active processes and allows you to enable and disable wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, this app does not have its own label in a graphical operating system shell and the user can't run it yourself.

Among the malicious applications for Android OS became widespread Trojans showing Intrusive advertising. Some of them may perform other unwanted actions – for example, to download and install programs and steal confidential information. One of such Trojan which has detected virus analysts the company "Doctor Web" under certain conditions is able to buy and install programs from Google Play.


Android Nougat will get protection from extortion

In addition to an extensive list of the announced innovations, Android 7.0 contains several of these that are detected independently.


In Russia, 23% of users stick with a web camera

“Kaspersky Lab” conducted a survey, which found that 23% of Russian Internet users stick with a web computer camera for security purposes.


"Doctor Web" found in Google Play Trojan that steals usernames and passwords of users "VKontakte"

Android.PWS.Vk.3 hiding in the app "Music from the VC", which is distributed by cyber criminals through Google Play on behalf of the developer MixHard. Virus analysts "Doctor Web" has informed Google about this malware, however, at the time of publication, Android.PWS.Vk.3 was still available for download.

the Specialists of "Doctor Web" found in Google Play a new Trojan. This malware, named Android.PWS.Vk.3, steals user logins and passwords from accounts in social network "VKontakte".


Banking Trojan attacks lovers hacked mobile games

In the field of view of the enterprising cybercriminals that distribute the banking Trojans as fans of mobile games, which tend to get everything at once, without paying a penny and not spending any efforts. In particular, when users are trying to find in popular search engines information about cheats to facilitate passage of play – for example, possible to obtain infinite gold, crystals and other in-game currency, or just want to download the cracked version of the beloved gaming applications in the search results, potential victims are demonstrated links to numerous fraudulent web-sites created specifically for fans of the infamous "freebie".

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" is constantly fixed cases of distribution of various banking Trojans designed to infect mobile devices running Android. It is no secret that cyber criminals often try to hide such malicious applications for a harmless and useful program. Was no exception and the bunker Android.BankBot.104.origin, which virus writers teaches potential victims how to hack the popular mobile games and also under the guise of programs for cheating.


Android malware from Google Play tricked users to install programs

All applications, which are built in Android.Click.95, are quite primitive crafts. In most cases, they represent typical program is the compilation of various tips, horoscopes, horoscopes, jokes and other information for each day, freely available online. Virus analysts "Doctor Web" has discovered more than 190 such applications distributed in Google Play at least six developers: allnidiv, malnu3a, mulache, Lohari, Kisjhka and PolkaPola. Thus, in total, of the Trojan managed to load at least 140,000 users. Google is already aware of this incident, however, at the time of writing many of the identified applications is still available for download.

Directory of digital content Google Play is the most trusted source for smartphones and tablets running the Android OS, but from time to time and still found all sorts of malware. Recently the specialists of "Doctor Web" found in this directory more than 190 applications, which is Android.Click.95, frightening users that there are problems on mobile devices and forcing them to install advertised programs.


Kidlogger - parental control application

It Is immediately noticed that Kidlogger is available for many platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, iOS. We take a closer look at the Android version.

Today's Internet is a tricky thing. The number of divorces and scams and unsafe sites rolls. And just questionable content, which not every adult can digest, really a lot. Because children who are happy to go online with tablets, smartphones and PCs, will be useful for permanent custody of the parents. Keep an eye on your child using the app?


Skype - the horror flying on the wings... into the abyss

But modern user who is quite demanding, inquisitive, accustomed to the abundance of the different offers around, this is not enough. But despite that Skype continues to hold the palm of popularity. Because in his time well occupied a niche, and move this giant from the pedestal is not so easy. We are setting a long time ago or now in the habit of Skype to your parents, encourage the brainchild of MIcrosoft, which, in my opinion, support is not necessary. Now we cannot abandon Skype, because there are parents who are accustomed to and don't want to try something new. A familiar situation? Very many hear like it.

If you ask the modern Internet user if she is familiar with Skype, the most probably answer Yes. A this product use. But if you continue to ask questions, trying to figure out why, it is unlikely we will hear in response that this is a handy tool. So I can answer only elderly parents who are not accustomed to technology, but not too savvy it users, which Skype has set the kids, or it was pre-installed on a PC laptop. For them it would be cool if only because it allows you to make free calls, replacing the phone. In short, only those who have not seen any alternatives.


Adware, the Trojan has infiltrated the Android firmware devices and applications of well-known companies

The Trojan, dubbed Android.Gmobi.1, is a specialised software package (SDK-platform), which extends the functionality of Android application and is used as handset manufacturers and software developers. In particular, this module is designed for remote updates of the operating system, analytical data collection, display various notifications (including advertising) and mobile payments. However, despite the seeming harmlessness, Android.Gmobi.1 in many respects behaves like a typical Trojan, so the containing programs are detected by antivirus products used.Web for Android as malicious. At the moment the specialists of "Doctor Web" found this SDK on preinstalled system ON nearly 40 popular mobile devices and applications TrendMicro Dr.Safety, TrendMicro Dr.Booster and Asus WebStorage, which is available for download on Google Play. All the affected companies were notified of the problem and are addressing it. So, the latest official version of Dr programs TrendMicro.Safety and TrendMicro Dr.Booster do not contain this Trojan.

Many modern Trojans are designed to display Intrusive advertising, as well as installation of various software on mobile devices. With their help the virus makers get good profit, it is not surprising that the number of such malicious programs is increasing. One of those Trojans, which investigated in March the specialists of "Doctor Web" was found in about 40 firmware Android-devices. In addition, it was discovered in multiple applications from well-known companies.


New features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android – protection management via "smart" watch

The Company "Kaspersky Lab" has announced the release of a new version of the solution Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. The updated product allows you to control protection for the smartphones and tablets with devices running on Android Wear, such as smart watches.


Android Trojans have learned to infiltrate the system processes

This set consists of three acting in concert the Trojans, which were given the names Android.Loki.1.origin, Android.Loki.2.origin and Android.Loki.3, respectively. The first of them is loaded with a library of, detektorami by Dr. Web for Android as Android.Loki.6. This library is implemented in one of the system processes with Trojan Android.Loki.3 — as a result of Android.Loki.1.origin can act in the system with the privileges of the system user. Android.Loki.1.origin is a service that has a wide range of functions: for example, the Trojan can download from the official Google Play any app using a special link containing a reference to the account of a particular affiliate program, allowing attackers are able to make income. Other features of Android.Loki.1.origin should note the following:

Architecture of malware for the Android mobile platform becomes more and more complicated every year: if the first malicious programs for this system was a fairly primitive application, the current sometimes is not inferior to the complexity of even the most sophisticated Windows Trojans. In February 2016, the specialists of "Doctor Web" has revealed a set of malicious applications for Android that possesses the widest spectrum of functionality.


The most popular app for Android and iOS

App Store and Google Play is filled with apps, but smartphone users "settle" their smaller part.


Dozens of games from Google Play Android contains-Trojan

The virus Writers have built the Trojan in more than 60 games, which are then placed in the directory Google Play on behalf of more than 30 developers, in particular Conexagon Studio, Fun Color Games, BILLAPPS and many others. The company "Doctor Web" has already alerted Google about the incident, at the time of publication of the infected game was still in Play, it is recommended not to download games from the catalog in the next few hours on the devices that are not protected by antivirus.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found in Google Play dozens of gaming applications, which hides the Trojan Android.Xiny.19.origin. The main purpose of this malware – download, installation and run programs at the command of attackers. In addition, the Trojan can show obtrusive advertising.


A hazardous Trojan horse that is detected in the firmware of Android-smartphone Philips S307 arc

The First information about the Android.Cooee.1 appeared in October 2015, when the malware was detected at several budget Android smartphones from, to put it mildly, not the most famous brands. New case detection of the malware showed that the unknown attackers appetite is gradually growing: the app has been discovered on a mobile device Philips s307. The specialists of "Doctor Web" has alerted about the incident the manufacturer, which is currently considering possible solutions to the problem.

Among the main trends of the past year may be noted the emergence of a large number of pre-installed Android malware, which are invisible to users could download and install different SOFTWARE, and often showed the hype. One of these Trojans has become Android.Cooee.1, built-in GUI several budget smartphones the production of a number of little-known Chinese companies. Apparently, the attackers decided not to stop and continued unsafe practices in the next year: the specialists of "Doctor Web" revealed another case of the Android implementation.Cooee.1 for Android device, and this time the "surprise" awaited buyers of smartphones from well-known electronics manufacturer.


"Kaspersky lab" has introduced a free antivirus

A Good antivirus program is worth their money. But among the free it's hard to find quality. This niche aims to fill the Kaspersky Free.


John McAfee declares war on passwords

John McAfee, Creator of McAfee antivirus, has decided to declare war on passwords, launching on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the development of Everykey.