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Playstation 4 Pro goes on sale in Russia

Experience this can be after the purchase on the most popular toys: Call of Duty: aerial Warfare, Ratchet & Clank, last of us (updated version), Uncharted 4: way of the thief.

PlayStation Russia announces the start of sales of the new Playstation 4 Pro in our country. This is a more powerful version of the regular Playstation 4. The main feature of the console will be a new level of graphics and gameplay that will get the player. Content for the Playstation 4 Pro is prepared with 4K.


The launch of Watch Dogs 2 on the PC is transferred

The time necessary for developers to make sure that Watch Dogs 2 will run steadily and smoothly on the whole set of PC configurations. For Ubisoft, This situation is fairly typical. Such things have already occurred, for example, Assasin's Creed.

UbiSoft said that the game Watch Dogs 2 for PC does not start simultaneously with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The company requires additional time to finished product, making it as efficient as possible. For PC toy will be available only on 29 November, and for other platforms has 15 numbers.


Major announcements at the Sony PlayStation Meeting 2016

After a couple of hours after the the presentation of Apple, Sony held a private event called PlayStation Meeting.


System requirements Assasin's Creed Syndicate for PC

Console gamers for some time enjoying a new pastime, running through London, but fans of PC try on

Ubisoft reveals the secrets of telling what the system requirements of the company considered sufficient in order to run Assasin's Creed Syndicat on PC, and under what requirements, players will be able to really enjoy the process, explore the game world and defeating enemies. If with consoles, everything is clear, everything is simple, then the PC may have to spend the next upgrade.


Batman: Arkham Knight — Premium Edition (2015) PC | Litsenziya

Year of release: 2015


Magnetic: Cage Closed (2015) PC | RePack ot XLASER

Year of release: may 26, 2015


AMD introduced the new graphics processors on the Fiji 3D HBM memory

Also thanks to a, the speed of the memory is much increased as well as increased throughput. Although it works on much lower frequency, but the memory bus has a width of 4096 bits. Due to this, the performance is not only not lost, but increases compared with the usual cards with 256 - or 512-bit buses.

AMD has announced their new graphics accelerators on base of graphic processor and Fiji using multi-layered memory HBM. Moreover, contrary to expectations, the company introduced more than one card, but four. Meet the Radeon R9 X, Fury, Nano Fury, and X2. These graphics cards are designed to compete with the TITAN line of cards from NVIDIA. It will be interesting to see them in action.


AMD launches flagship processor A10-7870K

AMD has announced a new processor A10-7870K, which is the next flagship of all its model series. It's a hybrid CPU with powerful integrated graphics card, plus it contains an unlocked multiplier, which allows you to overclock it easily.


Android application uses only a single processor core: truth or fiction?

The materials


MediaTek will be friends with AMD graphics

MediaTek today one of the major players in the market. Moreover, almost the entire budget China uses their chips and eminent vendors already largely on MediaTek, if it comes again, on budget models. Meanwhile, budget decisions are becoming more and more, and Director Cyanogen is generally believed that behind such devices the future, and a desire to buy the flagship will be the consumers weaken.

In the framework of the past exhibition MWC 2015 shows were not the only new electronic device, but also became aware of a possible cooperation of two large companies. MediaTek can cooperate with AMD for the production of chipsets for mobile devices. MediaTek will produce processors use the graphical solution AMD.


AMD develop processors focused on Android

AMD recently revealed their roadmap for the next couple of years, saying that plan to join the number of manufacturers of processors targeted to mobile devices. For example, they plan to release a chipset Cortex A57, made on 20-nanometer process technology. It is expected that the platform on which the company plans to focus primarily on Android.


AMD at the market of devices on Android

Advanced Micro Devices or AMD is the main competitor of Intel in solutions for desktop PCs show interest in tablets and smartphones on the Android platform. Although earlier representatives of the company reported that AMD's market Android-devices is not particularly interesting, and the Corporation wants to focus on optimizing their products to work with Windows-gadgets.