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For incredible experiences: review curved monitor BDM3490UC

To display the "wrong" forms are used modern matrix and advanced technology, which minimizes eye strain. The developers claim that the curved panel creates the effect of full immersion in virtual reality: the image is three-dimensional, deep and alive. In addition, this monitor is useful for working in multiple Windows simultaneously. Philips did not stay aside and offered his solution to the trend – monitor BDM3490UC, which we will consider in this review.

Bulky tube monitors are long gone. Today, the discerning user will not surprise a compact and LCD displays in an ultra-slim design, the size of the long diagonals of which exceeds 25-inch. Therefore, a completely new solution – monitors with curved panels.


The graphics in the format of a 34 monitor AOC U3477PQU

The Monitor with a long diagonal will not fit on every desktop. Certainly, it will take almost the entire width of the working surface. Initially, this may seem awkward, but starting to work with the model know how it was before. Panoramic screen helps to systematically approach the work, at the same time to open desired programs in different Windows, and to keep before the eyes of all.

just a few years ago the term "big screen" was applied to monitors 22-27-inch. But today such a magnitude to surprise the consumer will not succeed. Today, it is under the "big screens" to mean a 34-inch options such as the AOC U3477PQU monitor.


Monitor Philips BDM3470UP: professional view into the future

The monitor Screen BDM3470UP a diagonal of 34-inch looks like a merger of the two usual computer displays. Full HD resolution specifies the ratio, 3440x1440 pixels, where the value of one point is 0,232x0,232 mm. With these parameters, the human eye can not detect the border pixels.

Monitor Philips BDM3470UP – unusual model designed for professionals involved in the design and construction of the computer. Previously, professionals had to press their ambitious projects in a limited space of a small computer screens. However, a wide 21:9 format and scope of the creative ideas have to be different.


Technical refinements monitor Philips 275C5

In this modification, the company Philips decided to move away from classic black and technology to create something airy, light, almost ephemeral, that would look harmoniously among stylish home decor.

for the First time the Philips 275C5 display was seen by us at the exhibition of home appliances in Berlin in 2014. Gadget attracted us because of its unusual stylish design instantly draws attention to itself. However, is impressive not only for its shell, and impressive powerful features. Monitor Philips 275C5 – aesthetic and at the same time smart not only decorate the computer Desk, and will lead its user to a new technological stage.


LG has announced sverhchetkiy 5.5-inch screen

Today, the company LG announced that in the near future it will launch a new ultra-sharp displays for mobile devices. Engineers South Korean manufacturer has created a screen with a diagonal of 5.5-inch and a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. The pixel density is 538 ppi.


LG put competitors on the blades

The Korean LG, namely, a member of the Corporation a small company, LG Display, presented on the eve of his new, super high-class Quad HD display for smartphones, the resolution of which, as you know, is a record of 2560x1440 pixels.