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A mini version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix seen in the pictures

After enthusiastic reviews Mi Mix, hungry for the unusual smartphones want to buy frameless phablet. Don't feel embarrassed about the high price or limited edition novelties. However, some scared 6.4-inch screen of the device.


Xiaomi Mi Mix is broken when falling from a height of about one meter

The network has pictures of the Mi Mix falling from a height of about one meter, and from the injuries the "deceased". The picture shows the breakaway part of the display and many cracks.In a smartphone when dropped on a corner, is dented or cracked on the body and the thin part of Mi Mix the force of the blow falls on the screen.

not so long ago Xiaomi introduced the Mi frameless Mix, equipped with a 6.4-inch display, which is a record 91.3 percent of the front panel. The device looks beautiful and is very fragile. Kojima really is.


Phab 2 Phab and 2 Plus from Lenovo you can buy in Russia

The exhibition Tech World 2016 in June, the Lenovo anonsirovana line 2 Phab that support Project Tango.


Lenovo presented on the Russian market of phablets and Phab 2 Phab 2 Plus

Lenovo announced the availability in Russia of its new 6.4-inch phablet Phab 2 Phab and 2 Plus, the display resolution of which is 1280x720 and 1920x1080 respectively. In addition, scorpus Phab 2 is made of plastic, Phab 2 Plus – magnesium-aluminum alloy.


Mi Mix – frameless smartphone from Xiaomi

In the Mi Mix, a 6.4-inch display (resolution 2040x1080) is a record 91.3% of the front panel. Front 5-MP camera has moved in the subtlest of the lower frame installed not visible / bag sensor is an IR proximity sensor, the navigation buttons were on-screen. The usual dynamics either, instead it uses bone conduction of the skull and the piezoelectric effect of a ceramic housing for the transmission of sound. Now you need to put your ear to the glass, to hear each other.

At a presentation in Beijing in addition to Mi Note 2, Xiaomi introduced another flagship device - Mi Mix, which, you might say, was a breakthrough in terms of technology and appearance. The fact that the smartphone almost completely, there is no frame on the sides and top of the display.


Xiaomi Mi Mix – frameless and ceramic smartphone

Xiaomi is not limited to only one flagman Mi Note 2 and showed a really unusual Mix Mi.


Became known, when the start of sales of Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The Main, we can say innovation, a feature which is a 3D camera Intel RealSense 3D. In fact, it is a system of two cameras, depth sensors and motion that will with a frequency of 250 thousand times a second to scan the surrounding space. The "trick" of its application – working with virtual reality: from games based on augmented reality, distance measurement, object size, to, for example, a change in the interior of the room in real time using specialized apps, and more.

the head of the direction involved in the development of projects related to virtual reality of Google, the Adhesive Bavor said that sales Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will start in November. It is the only commercial device, created jointly by LG and Google, in the framework of the project Project Tango.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro of project Tango is certified in China

Recall that the Phab Lenovo 2 Pro with an all-metal aluminum case was submitted earlier this summer and is the first smartphone with support of Tango, which goes on wide sale. And based on the fact that this model has been certified, we can hope for her imminent appearance on the shelves.

On the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC to the certification of telecommunication equipment, there is information on certification smartphone from Lenovo – Phab 2 Pro, created in conjunction with Google's project Tango to work with more reality.


[Tech World 2016] Smartphones PHAB 2, 2 Plus, and Pro 2 — Lenovo commercial debut in Project Tango

At the conference, the Tech World was represented by 3 of the Project Tango smartphone instead of one as was expected by insiders and the press.


Lenovo has introduced three new phablet

Lenovo has unveiled a new family of phablets full PHAB2, PHAB2 Plus with dual rear camera, as well as PHAB2 Pro — the world's first phablet with support for the Project Tango platform.


Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi Band 2 for a good photo

Xiaomi Mi Max similar to the flagship device of the company: metal frame, touch-sensitive buttons under the screen. Display diagonal of 6.4-inch with a resolution of 1080p. Inside the Snapdragon chipset 650 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 gigabytes of user. The camera 16 and 5 megapixels.

Xiaomi will hold the next event may 10 in Beijing. It is reported that in the framework of this presentation, the company must show a minimum of two products: Max and Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi Band 2. That is the new phablet of the company, which has already almost all known and also update your winning popularity of the fitness tracker. Both these devices are already today can be seen on a real photo.


The characteristics and the date of the announcement of the Max phablet from Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi is preparing to introduce a phablet with the telling title Mi Max and not even hide it. Hint at early announcement of the there the Twitter account of the company.


May 10, Xiaomi company will hold a big presentation

Xiaomi Company in the may holiday to relax not planning. May 10 the Chinese vendor will hold the event, which will present a huge mobile Max Mi , a simplified version of Mi4S and a new version of the original firmware MIUI.


Xiaomi Max: photo, release date, specifications

Actually, on the photo we just see the upper frame above the screen, which Peeps out from the pocket. Xiaomi is planning to surprise us with a big screen to occupy the greatest possible surface of the front panel, that is a good ratio of screen to all other elements that will enable the device even for this diagonal to be fairly compact.

Xiaomi is gearing to release fableta MI Max, even posting the first teaser photos of the device in the network. First appeared on the MIUI forums, posted by the moderator of the community. The device is large at 6.4-inch, but the company hints that it still fits in a jeans pocket.


Xiaomi will show its biggest phablet Max

Judging by the title, this will be a really great gadget, perhaps the largest that has made Xiaomi. So what is no official information about the upcoming product no.

last week, Xiaomi held a vote about what name to give the new tabletu: Xiaomi Pro Plus Xiaomi, Xiaomi or Xiaomi Big Max. The last option got the most votes, recently came in second place.


The first details about the smartphone Sony Xperia Z6

Sony has already started sending invitations to journalists at CES 2016, where on January 6, will hold a press conference. It is expected that in the event the Japanese will show several novelties, among which may be new flagship smartphones.


New details about the Xperia lineup Z4

Not so long ago we wrote that beginning next year, Sony may unveil their new smartphone in the line of Xperia Z. However, according to the latest data, in 2015, the Japanese manufacturer will show not only the new flagship.


New details about the smartphone Nubia Z7 from ZTE

Recently in a press there were fresh information concerning "plantation" from ZTE. First rumors about Nubia Z7 spread in November 2013. Then insiders claimed that the novelty will be presented at one of the major exhibitions held at the beginning of this year. Which, as we know, did not happen.


Google introduced Google Play Edition version LG G Pad 8.3, Sony Z Ultra white Nexus 7

Google users made a small gift, updating the range of devices from Google Play. Now everyone available LG G Pad 8.3 and Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition, as well as the white ASUS Nexus 7 (2013).


Ruler Google Play Edition meets two debutants

In the framework of the promotion of the project the Android Open Source Project, yesterday, Sony and LG announced on the market their devices from the series Google Play Edition, giant fablet Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition and, accordingly, the tablet LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition.