Igra Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut — dlya Android (Tegra 4, K1)

The Game Q. U. B. E.: Director's Cut — Android (Tegra 4, K1)

Q. U. B. E.: Director's Cut — a game for Tegra 4, K1 — Great game that managed to conquer the hearts of many gamers on various gaming platforms is now available for the Android operating system, but with one caveat — you must be a NVIDIA SHIELD tablet running on a fairly powerful video accelerators Tegra. In the game you need to use high-tech gloves, which allow you to manipulate various objects. The game has many puzzles based on physical phenomena. The game has excellent graphics, smooth animation of any movement and unique gameplay that for a long time to get you to stay off screens of your mobile devices.

* to Enable the Internet and then install the apk, run the game!

Google Play ▷ https://play.google.com/store/apps...

Skachati: Qube-DC-v2-0.apk.mobims.ru.zip (APK and CACHE in archive) Mirror: Qube-DC-v2-0.apk.mobims.ru.zip (APK and CACHE files)

** Path cache: sdcard/android/obb