In Japan opened a hotel, which employs robots

Japanese low birth rate and an obsession with robotics has led to the fact that there is a hotel where guests are greeted by robots.

Japan is in need of service workers, and the problem was solved by robots, not increase fertility. Japanese hotel has replaced workers with robots. Henn na Hotel or "Strange" hotel in Sasebo in southwest Japan has placed robots in different places to meet the needs and interests of their clients. English-Japanese humanoid robot took the front Desk of the hotel, and next to him is speaking English, Dino-bot, for service of foreign tourists. Sawada, Hideo (Hideo Sawada), a hotel owner, believes that robots will help to increase the efficiency of the hotel.

But robots, this is not the only thing Mr. Sawada uses to improve efficiency. Many other kind of futuristic electronics used in hotel. For example, to get into the room you don't need a key card, instead, it uses facial recognition. What is a hotel without bags? Well, the hotel Henn-na Hotel has a traditional messenger, but instead it has a robot messenger. Boat for carrying Luggage will accompany you and will deliver your belongings to your room, and you won't need to tip.

It Seems that the hotel Henn-na Hotel eliminated the need for manual human labor, however, Mr. Sawada admits that there are still things that can't do robots. For example, to clean your pastels.

The Cost of a night at the Henn na Hotel starts from 9,000 yen (about $80), which is not very much, especially compared to the usual hotels, without a robot dinosaur in the lobby.