The results of WWDC 2015: iOS9, watchOS 2, El Capitano and Apple Music

Yesterday, Apple held a conference for developers WWDC 2015, which was presented to update all the operating systems of the company and also announced a music streaming service.

If you haven't watched our stream on Twitter, below we suggest to familiarize with a brief summary of the event and the opinions of Twitter users about the announced updates.

OS X Mavericks

A New version of the operating system got its name in honor of the mountain peaks of El Capitan, located in Yosemite, California. An unusual name instantly became a topic for jokes.

Are You ready kids? El Capitan! #WWDC

— Anton Pozdnyakov (@kuingul) 8 June 2015

In OS X 10.11 paid special attention to performance: Apple promises to speed up the system in half, twice quickly will switch between programs, and preview will open faster four times.

With the new version of OS X, new computers will work half as fast, and the old one and a half times slower. The Magic Of Apple! — Serge Vilianov (@vilianov) 8 June 2015

New functions a bit and they pull rather, the title of "chips", but each of them pleasant and really need.

Straight from the Windows came the "split screen". Now apps can be moved around the screen, prigancova them to the corners, thereby conveniently organizing work.

The Safari Browser has learned to change the size of the tabs and display which one is currently reproduced sound. By clicking on the icon, there is an instant mute.

Has been Significantly improved search Spotligt, which if it is being actively took lessons from Google Now: now the program understands more "human" requests in the spirit of "show me letters from my Mother that I didn't read" or "slides from Brian about El Capitan". The most important thing, now the search window can be moved on the screen — Apple knows how to make a revolution in the industry!

A Beta version of OS X 10.11 for developers is available today, while the public testing will begin in July. Output free system upgrade is scheduled for autumn 2015.


In iOS 9 much attention has been paid to assistant Siri, multitasking and time of Autonomous work.


As Spotligt, Siri learned to answer more sonoporation issues and also analyze how people use your iPhone or iPad, and offer him, for example, enable the music at Breakfast. API for third-party apps will make the transition to the program of the voice query, and run it in-context search: e.g. to create a reminder from SMS text messages or emails. A similar opportunity Now on Tap presented by Google a few weeks Renee.

Siri is able to send from the search result in a specific application. Just like on Android.

— Vedeno (@vedensky) 8 June 2015

Show hints and objectives in the context similar to Google Now On Tap. — Vedeno (@vedensky) 8 June 2015

One of the chips — search for photos by location or by what they depict. A great, but frightening possibility, but innovation is still not drawn.

Siri is able to search the pics on your phone as Google Photos – it seems no wonder Google has held early IO15))) all very similar

— Valery Istishab (@istishev) 8 June 2015

News and Notes

In the new version of the mobile OS, Apple has significantly redesigned the app notes where you can now add photos, bulleted lists and little sketches.

When you're not a Galaxy Note, but really want

— Ryabova Twitter (@ilyaliya) 8 June 2015

In addition, iOS 9 will have its own news aggregator News where the user can compose a selection of news relevant to their topics.


Apple continues to develop its mapping service. Along with the upgrade to iOS 9 will be able to view the routes for public transport, pedestrians and cars. By clicking on the restaurant or shop a user is displayed information about it: in particular, does the institution pay using Apple Pay.


Some innovations will be able to test only the owners of iPad: the owners of tablets became available the panel with additional buttons to edit the text, imitation of the trackpad, as well as full multitasking and multiconnect, as in the "adult" OS X. the Latter has several modes: Slide Over will allow you to "pull" from the edge of the screen, for example, the messenger that you received a message, and then continue to use the browser.

Split View works similarly to the one in OS X 10.11: the screen is divided into several parts providing simultaneous access to programs.

The Mode of "Picture in Picture" is borrowed from Samsung and it allows the user to watch videos in a floating window on top of other applications.

Also the new iOS would be more humane to treat the battery of your gadget: Apple promises that the iPhone 6 on the latest version of the system will be able to work an hour longer. In addition, the system has an energy saving mode.

At the time of this writing, the iOS 9 Beta 1 is now available for download. The release of the full version of the OS is planned for the autumn, along with updating OS X.

WatchOS 2

After only a few months of sales of smart watches Apple Watch, the company announced a massive upgrade for them.


While third-party developers still don't have access to create third-party watch faces for the wearable gadget, Apple introduced their. The owners of the accessory will be able to put a photo of your own photos, timelapse and display information from third-party applications.

Alarm clock

During charging, the Apple Watch will be able to perform the alarm function. An important innovation, considering how Time-Lapse Wallpapers and video playback will consume the battery.

The Video on the Apple Watch. Because you deserve

— Roy Droider (@droider_ru) 8 June 2015

Native application

The developers got access to all components of hours, like Taptic Engine and Digital Crown. This was done in order to native applications that do not need an iPhone. Access to key features of the Apple Watch will help developers to maximize the capabilities of the wearable gadget. Information from the "real application" will be displayed on the home screen along with time in the Apple, such an opportunity was called as "complications" or "complications".

Communication and Navigation

New watchOS 2 learned to translate audio FaceTime calls, reply to e-mails. In addition, it has become easier to work with maps and navigation.

As with the rest of the new system for Apple Watch will be available in the fall of 2015. The most impatient can try the beta version already since yesterday.

Apple Music

A favorite For many Apple fans slide "One more thing...", we waited for the music streaming service Apple Music. The first fifteen minutes, few understood what it all about.

I collect the crumbs of innovation music service Apple Play. So playlists you can put your own cover.

— Vedeno (@vedensky) 8 June 2015

Anyone even understand what he was talking about Drake? I understood the words but did not understand the meaning.

— ʎɐsʇɐd ʎdɯnɹƃ (@alexmak) 8 June 2015

Based on Apple Music is the Internet radio Beats One working on a schedule 24/7. According to the company, it will be available in 100 countries simultaneously.

The User has four tabs: the "My Music", "For you", "New" and "In touch". The first to store entire music library, access to which is possible even without a network connection. The second tab is regularly to offer the user new tracks, based not only on algorithms but also on the manual selection of the curators of the service.

The"New" will remind the main page of the iTunes store and cover all the trends of the music industry. The last tab is of the greatest interest: Apple has enlisted the support of the majority of famous musicians to create service own pages, which you can subscribe. Performers will be sharing photos, videos and short messages, keeping in touch with the audience.

Apple Music will be available on 30 June the owners of iOS devices. However, the fall is expected to release a client for Android, where service will be direct competition to Google's Music.

Users will be able to try the new service from Apple for three months absolutely free. Then they will have to pay $ 10 for each month of use. However, the company announced a "family plan" by which the subscription for six persons will cost only $ 15 per month.

For developers

Do Not forget that that WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference, and is primarily for developers. A significant event for them was the appearance of the Mac graphics engine, Metal, made its debut in that year on the mobile platform iOS. Apple claims that games and programs with graphics will now work on 40% faster. The necessary APIs already used by developers such as 2K, Blizzard, and others.

Important announcement for own programming language called Swift. The applause in the hall caused not so much a presentation of the second version of the language, as the opening of its source code. Unusual step for the company, for a long time professing a closed system. Apple believes that the Swift 2 is able to become one of the major programming languages. Also it is now possible to write programs under Linux.

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