Repair Pebble smart watch Time will not be a problem

The Portal iFixit, which experts recently took apart the smart watch Apple Watch, and put them not the highest score, today revealed another gadget wrist — watch, the Pebble Time. They turned out to be well versed on the parts, which makes them quite suitable for repair.

Watch, the Pebble Time, went on sale earlier this week and has managed to conquer the hearts of many. Still, because they are able to work for several days on a single battery charge due to its economical display. In addition, they can be paired with iOS and Android, which is also very, very good. Watch, the Pebble Time, has received nine points out of ten on a scale of maintainability iFixit. The point was made in a laborious process of dismantling the glass — it will need to heat, and when installed back — to replace the adhesive.

All other components removed from the housing without any problems, and even display — it is not one with a protective glass (Gorilla Glass 3, by the way), so when it breaks, a replacement will be cheap. An added bonus is the removable battery. Watch Pebble Time are worth $ 200 at retail, and money on their production going on the Kickstarter platform. An additional argument in favor of buying these smart watches is the fact that the campaign had collected several times more money than required.

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