Important: flying drone for selfies Lily

The California company Lily Robotics, Inc introduced the world to a fusion of camera and quadcopter, calling his creation a nice name Lily.

"the world's First flying camera" - without a trace of embarrassment, but with a great deal of guile call their project the creators of Drona Lily. Of course, this is not the first development in this direction, but nevertheless, the device turned out quite interesting and deserves your attention, like useful tips guide about the blue screen of death Windows, which can be found the link.

So, Lily, the body which is protected from moisture, dust and sand IP67 rated, able to fly for 20 minutes at altitudes from 1.75 to 15 m, following its owner with a speed of 40 km/h. there is also airplane mode ahead of the curve, that is, Lily will fly in front of its owner at a distance of from 1.75 to 30 m, making her the direct purpose of shooting video and photos in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second or slow motion mode in 720p resolution at 120 frames per second. All camera settings can be changed and edited through a special application for iOS and Android.

Lily is equipped with a small tracking device, which is recommended to be put in your pocket and just forget about it and a SD card of 4 GB, which can optionally be replaced by a more capacious option. Look at Drona Lily in action in a promotional video innovations, but it remains to add that the device is already available for pre-order priced at $499 - and it's promotional price. After the start of sales is scheduled in February 2016, the cost of a Lily will grow to $999. Expensive selfie in my opinion.