Sony friendly to developers of custom firmware

Install custom firmware - a fresh breath for those whose smartphone is no longer officially supported, does not receive updates from vendors. However, the desire to try the fresh version of Android is not lost, and maybe Vice versa - only increase. Now Sony are going to meet those who develops and uses custom firmware. The company issued a special bootloader for their devices that allow you to simplify this process.

It was the difficulty of getting Rutachange recovery and install a different firmware deters those who would like to try, but afraid to turn your smartphone into a brick.

Now with new bootloaders Sony gives the option to boot to recovery from. Thereby diminished the number of trouble for developers who previously had to modify the Android builds. Will be easier to install and use Android-related systems such as Firefox OS or Ubuntu Touch.

The First Sony device that will be with these bootloaders - Xperia T2 Ultra, Xperia T3, Xperia M2, Xperia E3. All on processors with ARM Cortex A7. It is expected that in the future such devices will become even greater. Sony has not announced it officially. But the native firmware for the smartphone company has already received support for this feature.

In this regard, it is not clear when Sony is going to use such measures for high-end devices. But in any case - the example is positive, and the rest of the vendors too can get the pros in karma, doing the same.