WEXLER.TAB 8iQ OCTA: magic number "eight"

the Magic numbers of the tablet WEXLER.TAB 8iQ OCTA revolves around the number 8. Here the 8-core processor and the screen size is 8-inch. Also present traditional metal rear panel. And though the latter feature is not related to the magical figure of eight, our charm budget tablet WEXLER.TAB 8iQ OCTA remains.

Exterior view and delivery set

The Tablet also comes with the adapter for charging, USB cable-microUSB for him and quick start guide.

The Style of the tablet is the same pretentiousness, and it can be called more restrained and austere. Front cover of the device completely dark, it will not find any sensory or mechanical control buttons. To manage the interface of the operating system is proposed using on-screen buttons that appear when the screen. He is completely covered with tempered glass.

The Frame of the tablet is quite wide, which makes it comfortable to hold in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Random clicking on the screen are excluded.

The Metal on the rear panel has a velvety texture. Only in the upper part it replaces the plastic insert, which housed the camera lens and led flash. Streaks or fingerprints neither metal nor plastic is not collected.

On the right side of the device are the volume buttons and lock screen. Next to them is a retractable tray under miniSIM. The upper end is the connectors for headset and tray for memory cards microSD. On the bottom there is a connector for charging and computer connection, and a microphone.

The weight of the tablet is relatively small – only 318 Physical dimensions are 215 (L) x 122 (W) x 8 (In) mm.


The tablet uses IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 8-inch with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. Individual pixels to consider on this screen is impossible. If only not to look at them with a magnifying glass. Fonts smooth shading gradients are smooth and soft. Supply of brightness, and viewing angles correspond to the majority of displays with IPS good.


The Device has two cameras – a front for selfie 2 MP and primary 5 MP. Naturally, the first will fit only for video and pictures of yourself in good weather with sufficient lighting. The second copes well with a clear shooting documents: texts are perfectly readable. For photos in social networking this camera is perfect.

Performance and autonomy

The Processor of the tablet's 8-core production company MediaTek codenamed MT6592. He works at a frequency of 1.7 GHz, while the accelerator Mali-450 operates at a frequency of 700 MHz.

The processor adjusts CorePilot technology. Depending on running on the tablet task runs a certain number of CPU cores, while the rest are idle. They are not taxing the system and does not eat the battery wasted.

With this technology managed to achieve good indicators of autonomy. Gently use the battery at 4000 mAh enough for two days without recharging. Gaming marathon will take 6 hours to complete discharge device, and continuous festival videos on YouTube will do the task in 10 hours.


The Tablet WEXLER.TAB 8iQ OCTA can be called a true flagship in the lineup of affordable tablets company WEXLER. He has a productive iron, good range and excellent quality. A true flagship that is pleasant to hold in hands.