Pre-release start selling Mortal Kombat X in M-Video

14 April the long-awaited release of Mortal Kombat X. But the day before the store M-Video has pleased us with the early start of the game and not only. M-Video spent the whole tournament, gave the opportunity to get acquainted with the game, organized competitions and invited the game's producer Sean Himmerik and artist Sergey Svistunov also known as fear-SAS, whose work has served to create an exclusive Scorpion costume "cold war".

How it started

The First 18:00 tournament started, but with a slight delay in a few minutes. I arrived 15 minutes before beginning that, in fact, gave me the opportunity to buy a glass of Pepsi at the local Burger king for 85 rubles, and free to refill it unlimited times.

Stands with the consoles was divided into two sections: the first tournament was held, the second was to try out the game. I did not participate in the tournament as it wishes. But I wanted to try the game, so with one guy we were among the first picked up a controller. The first one I chose - my darling Scorpio. As a game for each fighter introduced three modes of warfare, has changed, and management. So, a new Persian I had to look at the list of combinations. Details about the game I'll explain later in a later article. Meanwhile, I was already playing its third round of Quan Chi, when approached by journalists with questions about first impressions. Oh, how I had nothing to do at this point :) Even not on time used x-rey, but a couple of questions I have answered. After finishing play, after three rounds without a break, we lost others. I was only to observe how others play.

There Are also experienced players bend over beginners, but the last periodically won. Guy plays for JAX, I offered to find a way to strike the earth in order to stunned pretty cool Armaka. In the end, Jack won. Among us was a boy of about 7-9, tormenting endless questions running the game. He was never allowed to play because he was not 18 years old.

Competition time and the performance of Sean Himmerik

At 19:00, we gathered at the scene. The presenter stood and told what awaits us in the next hour. Then started the first competition, which may be referred to it as "guessing". Asked questions on the history of the MK series and asked the exact date of the announcement of the game. Then followed the contest shouting words. The most popular phrase was "get over here", many left the scene. But especially pleased with one of the participants. Despite his squeaky little voice, this nerd still shouted the phrase epic Scorpion. OOO, it must be heard, it's unspeakable.

Then followed at 19:25 speech by Sean Himmerik. He came out with his interpreter, saying his jagged ice "as I am glad to see you", and began to talk about the game. Brought the console and the controller are discharged, so that the organizers began to thrash from side to side in search of work. Finding one, handed the hands of the producer. Chimeric began to talk about the game. Nothing new we have not really talked, since most of those present, I hope, we track the news for MK X.

Sean chose Liu Ken, but the opponent has appointed Ermaka which suspiciously poorly resisted. Next, invite a person from the crowd to play against one of the creators of the game. Came out some guy, and the people began to cheer him, shouting and even Mat. The host asked who is a fan of producer. Hand raised only a few people and I, all the rest supported the guy who won. Again continued the competitions.

Next was the cosplay contest. Was the Scorpion with the previous Game, kitana, jade and Sonya Blade two. First, the choice of best costume was given to the producer, but he's like a stereotypical American decided to take a vote, and, by the way, I support his decision. Therefore, the championship was taken by the Scorpion, on the second place came to be kitana, the third one of the dormice. By the end of this contest came Sub-zero. The costume looked impressive, I think he would have won first place. People have suggested the Scorpion and Sub-zero to fight. The host asked the latter if he knows how to fight, he waved his head in different directions. Now I understand why Sub zero always loses to Scorpion:)

The Last was a drawing competition. Leading called to the scene of all those involved in the contest, asked the names of the participants and where painted. Among them are one person. The host asked her at first where she was drawing a picture, to which she replied – "Christine". Probably, in the mind of the lead then came the word – "understandable". I will say this, I myself am not an artist and draw absolutely can not, but the main number of the drawings were so-so. Stood out pretty good with arts Sub-zero and Siva. Artist Sergey Svistunov them and chose the winners. Was just few minutes before the start of sales.

Forgot to tell you about the gifts. They were quite good headphones, mouse, mouse pads and AMD. Gifts for the organizers of the M-Video is not stingy.

The Beginning of sales and the end of the event

Before the start of the event organisers pre-built boom used for Queuing. The watch showed 20:00, gradually began to let customers in a few people. Those who bought it, immediately heading for autographs Chimerica and Svistunov. From the prices I almost fell. PC cost 990 rubles, and PS4 and pre-order the Xbox One cost 4190 rubles. No, I understand that this is a collector's edition with Goro, with an exclusive Scorpion costume and stiboka, but 4190 rubles! Poor fans and console owners. Although I, too, am a PS4 owner but not a fan of the game, so this price for me is too high.