News digest No. 47. Where lightning will strike?

About fashion on "flagships +", Asus, unexpected move LG, "the Wonder of the world" from Huawei, strange statements, Microsoft and other news.

The World is constantly changing, but keep an eye on these changes being in the center of events, very difficult. It hindsight it is easy to speculate on what events influenced the development of the industry, and what turned out to be completely unimportant. But who a few years ago, could imagine that Apple will show the world "photo frame-overgrown", which will be the beginning of the era of tablets? A device with a five-inch screen will be considered a "regular phone", and some will even complain that the screen is too small? And it all happened in front of us, and theoretically to understand where the wind is blowing, and predict what will the world of mobile technology in five years, anyone could.

While analysts are trying to understand the causes and consequences of events, ordinary people just looking for patterns. The iPhone turned everything on its head, and then another, and the release of the iPad has made a bombshell? All the pattern found. So the following break the pattern is to expect from Apple. And all the rest of attention can not pay, where there before the rest of the famous company from Cupertino.

I have this situation reminds of the old joke:

Talking of an elderly grandmother and a student:

— And say, son, are there miracles?

— No, never.

— Well, man climbs into the Church, falls and any scratches. Isn't it a miracle?

Just luck.

— the second time He climbs and falls again and again nothing?

An accident.

It's the third time...

— And this is a habit.

They Say that lightning twice in one place does not beat. Actually, the beats, and how. Especially in a tall oak tree, alone, surrounded by young shoots. That's just the most shoots tend to grow. Slowly and almost imperceptibly, but inexorably. Some trees wither, some cut down for firewood, but sooner or later, charred from the lightning oak will have a competitor. The lightning will have a serious reason to wonder who to bestow his presence this time, and the long-suffering oak is to breathe a sigh of relief.

So loving to jump out the window man you should think about how still no luck. And we have the sense not to forget to look around in order not to miss a new miracle, this time happened to someone else.


As you already know, HTC officially announced the smartphone HTC One M9 Plus. At the moment we are talking only about sales in Asia, but to promise I wouldn't. Cases where exclusive models eventually got on the markets of other countries, has been, not once. Take the HTC Gratia, previously known as the HTC Aria (exclusive AT&T). Or "Japanese" HTC J Butterfly, which after a few months still appeared on the shelves of our stores.

To elaborate on the smartphone, I will not, after all, Mr. this is the topic of a separate article. Much more interesting the fact of its existence. Especially if he still get to world markets.

HTC One M9 Plus. "All the best — the Chinese"

It Seems that the producers is a nasty habit of releasing a "normal flagships" and "superior flagship". The instigator here not made by Samsung, whose Galaxy Note has been surprisingly successful. For all parameters it was supposed to be a niche model, interesting hardcore "geeks" and rare artists, but in practice it turned out a real hit. And all anything, Yes only if the Samsung flagships differ from each other strongly enough, then other companies, such a trick is not always obtained.

Looking at the lineup of some companies gradually begin to feel that "early" flagships like the Galaxy S or the HTC One become a kind of standard, available to all. But really expensive and exclusive machines are the flagships of "late" that are announced with some delay. And it seems great... until you look at the price.

Previously, many companies also announced earlier in the year at CES or MWC powerful smartphone, but it was not given him for his flagship. For example, take the HTC Incredible S. At the beginning of the year, it was the most powerful solution in the line of HTC, but everyone knew that the real flagship will be announced several months later, and HTC Incredible S is just a machine from the category "above average". Accordingly, it was not "flagship". At that time he was worth 24 000 against the standard price of the flagship 30,000. But now the situation is reversed. To throw the price announced at the beginning of the year the "affordable" flagship, no one thinks, instead of increasing the price of "advanced" model.

Don't know, but in my opinion, when people buy flagship device, they believe it to be the best at the moment, the company is capable. In fact, that is what they are paying such a large sum. And when it turns out that after a month leaves a sort of "leader+" for which the company initially held a number of "Goodies", the owners just bought the flagship is not very happy. Of course, if we are not talking about some kind of operator model for a single country.

In conclusion, I have to share one funny picture in the news topic. Although in fairness it should be noted that the free space under the screen – an engineering necessity, and not the idea of the designer.


For a Long time, ASUS has stubbornly been associated in the mass market with smartphones. Here laptops or, say, the motherboard is another matter. But now the situation is changing and, in my opinion, pretty quickly.

Among my friends, most more or less versed in mobile technology. Avid "geeks" among them a little, but for new products in the smartphone market they are trying to follow. A couple of years ago among them-swept the present epidemic HTC, HTC Desire S or HTC Incredible S was almost every second. Now something similar is happening with Asus, to see a man about Zenfone is easy. Of course, it's too small a sample, and make it the basis of any conclusions I'm not going to risk it. But things in this price segment Asus is clearly doing well.

Talking About it and plans to sell this year, 30 million smartphones. However, the priority is China, which should be one-third of all deliveries.

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My mobile device this company is very nice. And it's not just almost stock Android, removable branded "chips" or a good price. Unlike many other devices, they have your face. Their design is not to be called catchy, but to confuse them with competitors ' products fail. Something like this showed HTC, and also in the medium price segment.

By the way, the same Zenfone 2 has already managed to receive the award iF Design Award 2015 for its excellent combination of design, ergonomics and functionality.

Let me Remind you that the specifications of the smartphone are as follows:

  • Support communications standards: 4G FDD LTE / TDD LTE (150/50 Mbs); 3G WCDMA/HSPA+ (42/5,76 Mbps) 850/900/1900/2100 MHz, TD-SCDMA a 1900 / 2100 MHz; GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; two slots for SIM cards
  • Sizes: 152,5x77,2x10,9-3,9 mm
  • Weight: 170 g
  • CPU: 1,8/2,3 GHz Quad core, Intel Atom Z3560/Z3580 with 64-bit instructions
  • Platform: Android 5.0 Lollipop, ASUS ZenUI
  • Display: 5.5-inch, IPS, with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, the protective coating Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Camera: 13 MP with autofocus and dual two-tone led backlighting; supports Full HD video with image stabilization
  • Front camera: 5MP
  • Memory: 2/4 GB of RAM (LPDDR3), 16/32/64 GB of internal, slot for microSD memory card (up to 64GB)
  • Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS/A-GPS/GLONASS, 3.5 mm audio Jack
  • Battery: Li-Pol 3000 mAh
  • Other: accelerometer, proximity sensors and light, gyroscope, digital compass, Hall sensor

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Competition is good, and I sincerely wish Asus continued success. The more interesting device in the medium price segment, the better for all. Maybe it will make you think And some brands that are paying him too much attention. It is a pity that sometimes the world of mobile technology begins to behave in full accordance with Newton's laws. If one of the players in the market confident moving forward, then someone else at the same time losing ground with the same speed.

At the moment it's Sony that can't decide what to do with their mobile division. Not so long ago the President of Sony Kazuo Hirai said that does not preclude its sales, and now marketing Director Catherine cherry said, that is no reason to doubt the bright future of mobile units.

I would Like to think that lady Catherine cherry right. Only here practice shows that the loud statements of marketers is not always possible to believe.

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However, marketing is different, too. And sometimes takes a very unusual shape. Take LG, which promises to give his fans a 4 000 smartphone LG G4 for almost a month before the official announcement. However, smartphones are only for 30 days, but that's okay. The lucky winners will be selected randomly from all users who left comments on the LG website and in the official groups in social networks. Wednesday the action starts in Korea, and later it will join 15 other countries. However, the CIS countries in the list are not included, so everyone reading this digest LG fans can exhale.

Honestly, it is not clear how the company is going to deal with leaks. Agreement NDA is great, but among thousands of users clearly will be those who decide such things be neglected. It is the journalists who are constantly working in this field, in case of violation of the NDA can be a big problem. But ordinary people, who miraculously received the smartphone to the test, will be a great temptation to spit on everything for the sake of momentary glory.

Maybe this is the basis of the calculation? Cases when the companies were organized they leak, are not rare. As a fan, received in the hands of the long-awaited flagship a month before its announcement, in any case will be in seventh heaven and almost certainly will be his furiously to crack up. That's just presentation then get notoriously boring and totally uninteresting, to surprise of journalists on it, by definition, will not work. In any case, expect some "wow effect" after that just not worth it.

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Chinese companies

"Premium Chinese" are not sitting idly by, and thanks to them, the spring promises to be quite interesting. For example, Huawei is preparing to introduce us to some "Wonder" (wonder of light). And here explicitly refers to the concept of "Shine", not a synonym for "peace." Presumably we are talking about the flagship Huawei P8, but official confirmation of this information.

the Presentation will be held in London on the 15th of this month, until then, you can see the beautiful and rather unusual teaser. Surely in all this there is some meaning, but that's a mystery to me. Maybe you have ideas?

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Apparently, not long to wait, and new products from Xiaomi. However, this time we are talking about the tablet – the second generation MiPad. The rumors about him walking across the network for a long time, and now the company just reduced the price of the first generation tablet. However, no reliable information about the characteristics of MiPad 2.

On the other hand, iron in this case – not the main thing. I fiddle with MiPad and failed, but judging by the reviews, the problem were in software, not hardware. Tablet version of MIUI was too wet, which significantly spoil the impression of the device. What about this case now, I don't know, but I hope that the company has learned from past mistakes. Sometimes from dizzying rise to no less dizzying drop one step. And competitors have long been sharpening their teeth and wait, and when Akela finally miss.

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The date of the announcement of Oppo Find 9 information is also there. But judging by the recent teasers, it is not far off.

First of all, catches the eye is a very interesting color options corps. Rather, it is about replacement panels or some kind of the Chinese equivalent of the service Moto Maker. In addition, it is worth noting the sensor of the fingerprint scanner located on the rear side of the smartphone, as well as dual main camera, reminiscent of the HTC Dual Camera HTC One (M9) and HTC One M9 Plus.

According to rumors, the smartphone will be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and will get 4 GB of RAM. The diagonal size of the display will be 5.5-inch.

And for those who doubt the quality of Chinese products, the company has prepared a short video showing one of the stages of the test smartphone. Test of strength 25 pound pressure, a fall from a height of 1.25 meters, and so on. However, the video shows is clearly not the Find 9.

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A Bit offtopic

4 APR Microsoft celebrated its fortieth anniversary. As with many young players on the market today, 40 years ago this company then no one took seriously. But over time it has become the world's software real giant that changed him forever.

However, the very famous Windows came much later, after exactly ten years after the founding of the company. Yes and then no, the popularity is not earned. The real revolution has made only Windows 95, which appeared ten years later. A fun pattern, isn't it?

Even ten years later, the company's plans was another revolution, this time in the tablet market. In 2004, its representatives said that the development of a new version of the OS for tablets is in full swing and just in time for 2005 we expect the first results. And in this year, the capabilities of tablets and laptops will finally be able to unite. But alas, this time decategorify cycle failed, and no revolution happened.

And now I really wonder what awaits us this year. Maybe this ten years ago, a promise finally fulfilled?

However, while this hope is not very much. Anyway, in the leaked video, which shows a smartphone with Windows 10, nothing particularly remarkable there. Anyway, at first glance – seriously about something to judge by a quick video, of course, not worth it.

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But the innovations of Windows 10 – not the only thing that can surprise us. One of the Microsoft executives recently said that one day Windows may well become the OS of open source. Anyway, in theory.

Well, this event would really be as worthy as the fortieth anniversary of the company and desyatiletnego cycle significant events. But I would rather believe that the employees have learned to fly or walk through walls. It is not that open source is necessarily a bad thing. Just for Microsoft, such a move is as wild as for Apple trying to switch to Android.

On the other hand, this company is like the loud slogans and beautiful words. For example, at the peak of popularity of Firefox, Microsoft was going to create a community of users of Internet Explorer, which could influence the development of their browser in the same way. About how is it possible nobody thought about it. It is possible that some pieces of code in the company is really open, so just open OS Windows itself will not be.

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The Last "offtopa" theme applies to the rental of the iPad, which recently has been practicing one of the libraries in the state of Philadelphia.

Special machines give iPad to all students and visitors to the library for up to four hours. Tablets have pre-installed set of programs, which, in the opinion of the organizers of this project, enough for most children and adults.

Honestly, I can't imagine why I have to take the tablet to rent for four hours. Here at electronics stores this idea came to the place, the opportunity to evaluate before buying a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop is expensive. But why do it in the library a mystery to me. Especially when you consider that there is a similar service for the rental of a full laptops. And you would use this offer?

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