Lollipop for the owners of Huawei

Huawei has been steadily releasing a rather interesting devices in terms of smartphones. But their owners may be slightly disgruntled by the fact that only now appeared in the list of devices that the company will update to Android Lollipop. Huawei is not in a hurry, unfortunately. Though now the update is promised, but to hear it will still be waves, but not simultaneously.

Is Expected to Ascend Mate 7 will be the first to get the long-awaited candy. Then follow Ascend P7 and Ascend Mate 2. Some devices will get Lollipop right away with Jelly Bean.

A Bit of a surprise that the newly introduced Honor 6 and Honor 4X will have to wait for Android version 5 right up to August. Apparently not just goes to the programmers Huawei pairing proprietary shell Emotion UI with stock Android.