Google patents robot with human personality

Google has registered a patent for a robot (Robot Customizable faceted personalities), the identity of which can be downloaded from the cloud.

According to the opisanie on the website of the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks U.S., the robot can be programmed under “gone to another world, friend” or some “celebrity”.

“the Robot can be programmed to accept the personalities of the real people and their characters. You can set the basic personal equipment. For example, set some features by default and also provide his mood, character, teach, wonder, feel happy, fear, sneer and so on. You can get the robot woody Allen or Rodney Dangerfield”, — stated in the description of the patent application.

If the owner does not choose the personality for the robot, the machine will be able to do it yourself, analyzing the search queries and content. Based on this individual information and will create a unique identity. In addition, the system can use face recognition and speech to personalize the user experience.

The relevance of the digital profiles can be maintained by linking with accounts of real people in social networks. Thus, the robot personality will be to obtain accurate information about the prototype.

The Robot personality will be able to learn. If the owner did not like the behavior of the machine, it can make a comment – and such turmoil will not recur.

It Sounds cool and science-fiction, however, guarantee that Google will continue to develop direction – yet.