News digest No. 46. Mad race

Even thinner, even faster, even more! This race lasts not the first year and on the sacrificial altar was thrown all: unique design, unusual features interesting form factors and even common sense. In this episode we talk about old and new smartphones, the leaks about the Sony Xperia Z4 and LG G4, questionable antics of Microsoft, Apple's unique packaging, template design, cons SGS6 and homemade pocket smart watch.


Yesterday, in honor of the first of April, on the main page of Mobile-Review was posted a few old reviews of the iconic smartphone. Of course, no practical value they are not. But I personally re-read them it was still interesting.

And you know what? Looking at pictures of the same Motorola V3, Nokia N91, Sony Ericsson K750i or Asus P525, I do not find them ugly. Yes, read the phrase from the series "the phone is very thin (slightly less than 14 mm)" or to learn from the review that 4.3-inch screen is "very large" now, it's funny, but the impression of the devices is not affected.

I Think that most of the people who might catch those times with me completely agree. It was beautiful and quite similar to each other device. Each of them was not only your face but also your own character. Or, if you will, its own soul. And the fact that they resembled not so much a "spade" as "the bricks", is not important.

Can the new Galaxy to give the same emotions as when-that gave the customer the old Motorola e398? Which even in its best days was not considered the flagship model? I do not know. It's not just in smartphones, but also of ourselves. With age, younger people are not, and the technical toys slowly stale. To objectively compare the experience in the distant "then" and the current "now" is impossible, and the endless game of "coulda woulda" by definition are not meaningful.

But all this is once again forced to wonder whether the choice we made? Whether it was necessary to change the quality to the quantity, unique design ultra-slim body, and bright ideas for "parrots" in synthetic tests?

Yes, the devices create not you and me. The engineers and designers at big name companies hardly all night reading "geek" forums, listening to other people's complaints about life. But voting with the ruble for a particular idea. Smartphones old school died out overnight. And buyers had the choice of which development model to support. In this plan, the entire mobile industry – a sort of giant Kickstarter, where without the participation of the buyers are not able to develop any project. Yes, sometimes it can be deceiving. Or wrong are foolishly taking a promising project, just not calculating their forces. And money are frequently put not so much in the product itself, how it is. But in the long run decisions are not so much company, how many buyers. Manufacturers offer ideas, and we approve or reject them.

At some point in the race for the diagonal of the display was justified, the battle for the power of iron required, and the waiver of additional form factors was a tribute to the changeable fashion. But the game is in "very-very fine \ powerful \ fast \ easy phone" has been delayed. That all this was started not just so, and for very specific practical purposes, no one remembers. "I fight simply because the fight" — this phrase of Mr. Porthos can perfectly describe what is happening with the industry.

Virtual Price parrots

The Best is the enemy of the good. And in pursuit of beautiful figures in the loser usually remains common sense. As an example, can result in a battery life test, which was conducted by the resource phonearena. We are particularly interested in the results of the tests and SGS5 SGS6, which many proudly call the world of Android flagships.

If you believe the test, when the average usage scenarios, SGS6 lives on a single charge even less than the SGS5. Yes, he has a screen with higher resolution, and battery capacity he, on the contrary, slightly less than its predecessor. And charged it almost two times faster. And critical this reduction will not name. However, the battery life is one of those indicators which directly affect the usability of the smartphone in real life. And the fact that it is not only not growing, but even slightly reduced, was not happy.

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The Second example is the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4. Although official confirmation of these data no, several source has announced that it will use the Snapdragon 810. The same processor, which, despite the large number of "parrots" in synthetic tests, has serious problems with overheating. What everyone could once again see for example, the HTC One M9, which can turn out quite a decent frying pan.

By the way, recently it was reported that problems with overheating M9 HTC decided to the new firmware. Most likely lowering the CPU frequency after all interested persons have already checked how cool he is. And published the results of the tests on pages of sites and blogs.

In addition, recently, the network got a screenshot of the benchmark, which you can see the rest of the specs Z4. And that's what the screen size of 5.1-inch with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, 3 GB of RAM and a 20 MP main camera.

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Slowly the whole race behind the numbers begins to tire even the buyers themselves. Who just love to know exactly what "the fastest", "most powerful" and so on.

Take, for the success which for the second time showed a Pebble, collected on the production of Pebble Time through Kickstarter for about $ 20 million. Kickstarter is a record and at the moment, the Pebble Time is the most successfully funded project in the history of this service.

In my view, the success of the project can be explained very simply. For many buyers, this kind of plea, "Give us finally what we really need! You do not need any overheated processors and mega cool screens! Just make a good machine for living people with whom all of us will be convenient to work!"

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However, among the A-brands come across exceptions. So, the black sheep in this world remains excessive characteristics of LG G4. In any case, if you believe the rumors. Instead of OCTA-core Snapdragon 810 he will get a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor (four Cortex-A53, two Cortex-A57, graphics accelerator Adreno 418). Will users really notice a difference in performance? Frankly, I doubt very much. But the heat from the burning building they'd notice for sure.

Other characteristics of the alleged next flagship: the screen size of 5.5-inch with a resolution of 2560x1440, 3 GB of RAM and a 16 MP main camera.

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However, it may be that we are not talking about the flagship, but its budget version. Definitely something to assert will be possible only after the official presentation, which will be held on April 28 this year.

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Era templates

Interestingly, the LG smartphone are often called faceless and complain that they lack vibrant design. And here I always thought that to confuse them with the products of competitors is not easy. And although the appearance of the flagships of LG imagination not amazing, job of designers are clearly visible.

Alas, most of the other smartphones are not. In recent years many companies have brought out for myself one simple rule – "if you want good design is copying the iPhone". Promatyvaya news feeds of relevant resources and looking at pictures the next "charm of the Chinese unit" suddenly realize that even to grasp its characteristics and find out the price of desire just yet. From clone initially don't expect anything good.

Just for the sake of experiment has now opened 4pda and not looking poked at the first page news. The result was not long in coming – another phone with the "aluminum body" and "USB Type-C," this time under the name JiaYu S4. The photo and result below.

It Seems that two of the famous designer Samsung propagated by division, and at least with the speed of agent Smith. And to date, has captivated all.

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On the other hand, small companies can understand. Make a step to the side – and then be booed by the crowd, which is better than any out there designers know how to "properly" and as "not right."

Even the major A-brands try to experiment with the design very carefully. It is the elements of style the next iPhone you can add without even thinking, but something else- only a hundred times all weighed, measured off two hundred times and the result is nothing from the boring template and not cutting off.

With time, each company has its own set of clichés that they use when creating from existing template "unique design" for a particular country. For example, Japanese and Chinese versions of the flagships usually possible to distinguish at first glance. Buyers in each country will receive the usual design, which criticize they will not turn the language. But in other markets such versions of smart phones that are not often that automatically relieves a company from claims of "untrained" users.

For example not far to seek – a few days in Asia were presented smartphone HTC One E9+, which is easy to notice that "Chinese charm", which the designers have added to your standard layout. In this case, the unusual design of the camera, which will likely cause the rejection of the greater part buyers from the CIS countries. And for good reason – in my opinion, the device looks interesting.

And here, for example, "Japanese charm", performed by HTC – old HTC J Butterfly. In our latitudes this type of design usually uses much more popular, though, it would seem that the difference between these two smartphones have to search with a microscope. But to enjoy them we, again, are not often given. Although this particular smartphone to our market in the end, even got you should thank your local HTC. But at such a time and at a price that is certainly was not for the buyers interest.

However, this is all a thing of the past. If we go back to the HTC One E9+, it should be noted that the technical characteristics of the full procedure. The smartphone features a 5.5-inch display with a 2K resolution, support for 5.1 surround audio, with Dolby Audio and HTC BoomSound, 20 MP main camera and an UltraPixel front-facing and a set of programs for processing images the HTC Eye Experience.

Other specifications for the HTC One E9+

  • Support communications standards: (SIM1), GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; 3G WCDMA/HSPA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz TD-SCDMA 1900/2000 MHz 4G FDD LTE 850/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, TD-LTE 1900/2300/2600 MHz; (SIM2) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; two slots for SIM cards
  • Sizes: 156,5x76,5x7,49 mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • CPU: 2 GHz, OCTA core, MT6795M support 64-bit instructions
  • Platform: Android c HTC Sense
  • Display: 5.5-inch, a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels
  • Camera: 20 MP
  • Front camera: UltraPixel
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, slot for microSD memory card (up to 128GB)
  • Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth v4.1, NFC, USB, GPS
  • Battery: 2800 mA/h
  • Other: Accelerometer, light Sensors and proximity, Gyroscope, Electronic compass, Magnetometer

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Another interesting news – the dismissal of the lead designer of HTC. According to rumors – too hot dispute with the sales Department. I wonder whether it is performed for more bright design of the handsets or Vice versa were against it?

Great times RT @scroyle: blast from the past. @JonahABecker good luck on your next step. @Claudibus good luck @htc

— Jonah Becker (@JonahABecker) March 27, 2015

Anyway, the management structure is changing very quickly and it will be interesting to see how will this impact somehow on the new flagship, which we'll see next year. Are you not going to endlessly exploit the design of the HTC One M8?

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Among those who finally fail to see in today's mobile devices original design, there were people who decided not to give up. Lacking among them and journalists known resources.

For Example, how do you look at to make the wrist "smart" watches in the pocket? Edition Android Central liked the idea and they decided to try. All they needed to do chain pocket watches from real ones Yes detail, printed on a 3D printer.

In my opinion, was very impressive. But what do you think?

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While some users are finished with a file (sometimes metaphorically, and sometimes in literally) design of mobile devices, the designers of big companies are doing their own thing. For example – develop revolutionary packaging design.

Take, for example, the recent patent of Apple. The company is clearly concerned that their packaging is simple enough, functional and intuitive. Therefore, a new option box will have a transparent upper cover, which will immediately allow you to appreciate the beauty of a new iPhone or iPad. But at the same time and configure it right on the spot. You only need to bring a package of your past "Apple" device, click the special button and BAM all your contacts, photos and other personal data is already inside.

I Wonder, what's the point. To use the tablet without taking it out of the box? Or send your contacts to the phone standing on the shop counter? Well, Apple knows best.

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(Not) healthy rivalry

Competition and rivalry is still two things that are only good in certain doses. When about someone else's success, you begin to think even more than on their own or try not looking, "to lick" all the achievements of a competitor – it has a bell. Though very disturbing.

But for the market this is the norm – first copy, then understood. Or do not understand, but simply copied. Because once people buy it so it is useful for someone.

One of those bizarre news – Microsoft plans to release a rival for "Chromebook" from Google. It seems to me that with the same success could be to compete with Firefox OS, Ubuntu Phone, smartphones on Tizen and other mythical characters. At the moment for the company they represent about the same threat.

On the other hand, from the advent of cheap laptops on Windows 10, the price of which amounts to around 150$ for anyone will not be worse. Anyway, if they show more or less the sane level of performance, not to step on the rake gradually dying family of netbooks.

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The Second news is even more strange and frankly resembles a "duck". On the other hand, Microsoft never really know what to expect... and more often in the negative sense of the word. If a company has two options: reasonable and completely ridiculous, then rest assured, she will honestly try to go second.

According to the resource Neowin, Microsoft is actively working on a way to run Android apps on Windows smartphones. And supposedly this information came from several independent sources.

Sounds like a complete absurdity, which finally put an end to the OS from Microsoft will show the world the "success" of the company in this field, and the secondary mobile solutions on Windows. On the other hand, the infamous Nokia X, which was positioned as "smartphone to run Android apps", was developed by Nokia, and in that moment, when in fact the actions of the Finnish company was controlled by "big brother" is almost completely.

Maybe this is the destiny of the current version of Windows mobile? To become the "OS for running Android applications"? And in most companies, meanwhile, will try once again to start from scratch a couple of years and will release some kind of "Spartan OS"?

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Customers love to compare your choice with the choice of others. And it also makes the overall picture a touch of his madness. Be sure any new flagship of any known company then measure from all sides, compare with the parameters of the competitors and spend a couple of hundred different tests. In most cases, all these tests do not say anything, but people like it. It is considered that this is objective information that speaks about the usability of a particular device.

For example, here is a speed test of the iPhone 6 and SGS6 Edge.

What can we conclude after watching the video? The designers with Samsung it's time to stop squinting in the direction of Apple. As for performance, all of these game researchers do not say anything. Although the ego of owners of vehicles of the respective brand, of course, very nice.

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