News digest No. 45. Weekdays mobile world

What can be interesting the gray days of the mobile world? For example, the epidemic of "frameless" devices, augmented reality from Google, bionic prostheses and firmware for Xiaomi Mi4-based Windows 10


Recently, I have heard many times that the world of mobile electronics has become boring. Moreover, from different people. And, to be honest, blamed it all on current prices, which is hardly positive. Most of the people are interested to read about what they do with. Even given the fact that the flagship at the price of 30 thousand rubles was ready to buy, to put it mildly, not everyone, people still to look after him. Someone seriously considered the top device to buy, someone gently wondering if there are any new anything, for what would be worth to push the boat out and spend on a mobile phone more than originally planned. Some buyers considered the flagship as demonstrating the capabilities of the company, choosing which brand to buy a camera in the medium price segment, others were waiting for prices to fall. Finally, someone just watched the announcements with only one goal – to proudly claim that his iPhone \ Galaxy \ Nokia not worse. Now, when the price of vehicles has increased in two times, is most interesting about them even dream of and instead of interest, they cause one irritation. With the same success it is possible to read reviews of Japanese phones, or operator versions of smartphones from the United States.

In General, for a long time I believed that all this depression solely to blame financial crisis. The last straw for me was the article Artem, written a few days ago. It is called "Electronic fatigue", as if to order. And it is here depression change prices exactly to do with it, so the whole theory goes to hell.

"Email fatigue"

The Desire to use high-quality and stable technology to me is absolutely clear. Moreover, if inevitably have to use something else. But fatigue or boredom? That's just what I understand it is very difficult.

In Any case do not want to put the approval of the master questioned, but the phone living from charging for weeks and do not require any updates of the software invented for a long time. Bright representative of this tribe is unforgettable Nokia 3310. And the lack of paper books or "Normal" hours in our day either. As for pedometers and other fitness devices, it's all the same tools for very specific things, and not fun toys, interesting in themselves.

Brave new world

I don't Have a tenth of the experience of reputable journalists working in this area over the years. Perhaps that is why the mobile world does not seem to me boring. And hardly ever seem — in any case, as long as I'm somehow going to catch up to speeding on all pairs of technical progress. Of course, I also sometimes annoying that one or the other company until the last follows the principle of "why fix what is not broken" and trying to make the most of one of the developed device. Or trying to replace common sense marketing ploys. But this is the trouble of concrete companies, and not mobile technology in General. Alas, large companies operate for profit, and not of our interest, and it should be considered.

On the other hand, recent deadly boredom from mobile devices is not complaining just lazy. More often heard the idea that nothing new and original is not created that Android and iOS is the crown of creation, the design name of Kazimir Malevich — the only possible option for today, and the news of the mobile world not long ago are to follow them. And in captivity you begin to wonder: who is right really?


Below I provide some standard of news published on the relevant resources for the last week and especially I will try and bring your comments to a minimum. Week between us was pretty mediocre, something really revolutionary here is not even smell. But even better is a great example of the most that neither is the monotony of everyday life in the world of mobile technology.

But how these very gray days interesting — it's you and only you. In fact, this is the essence of the experiment is to try to understand whether the mobile world is as boring as it is now possible to think. Is there anything in the world of mobile devices something interesting or nothing new for us to see is not really this? Do you follow the announcements of some companies, or in advance don't expect anything from them interesting? Let's try to understand together, to share their view on this issue. And then just compare the comments and see how all really bad.

Thanks in Advance to all who will take the time to tell us about your opinion and leave a comment. Maybe all together we will be able to understand what's going on here: in mobile devices or in the spring depression.

Xiaomi Mi4 and Windows 10

Let's Start with the news of a possible partnership with Xiaomi and Microsoft. It would seem that the news is banal in the extreme, but the company managed to turn it into a true detective series. Well, or a soap Opera — who is closer.

Exactly a week ago, Microsoft mentioned about the project for testing Windows 10 on a smartphone Xiaomi Mi4. According to the company, a select group of beta testers will soon be able to install on this smartphone Windows 10 Technical Preview and to tell MS about their experiences. Needless to say, this all sounds very interesting — actually, this is another step in the direction of smartphones with the simultaneous support of several different operating systems. Something like we saw in the case of the same Ubuntu, but from MS this "feint ears" expect a few. Still, he is a player of a different weight class, if he should release a custom firmware with your OS to "other" smartphones?

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The Vice President of Xiaomi, in a couple of days said that there was no partnership between his company and Microsoft at the moment. But all experiments with alternative firmware for Mi4 — case only MS, to which Xiaomi itself is irrelevant. They just "supports the desire of users to experience something new" and no more. As for me — a very strange position. The company is clearly holding something back and it is certainly no accident. A joint project with Microsoft they have, but what is not is the confidence in his success. What the heads of Xiaomi all the forces distanciruemsa from this experiment, preferring to observe from the side.

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Microsoft and Linux

As for Microsoft, the company clearly seriously thinking that iron may be one thing, but the OS on it is completely different. And it's not just about smartphones, but also laptops, where some users may also "carry" Windows and put the same Linux. It would seem that such enthusiasts — a drop in the sea of happy users of OS from Microsoft. But to sponsor someone else's OS, even in such a controversial way, the company is clearly not going to.

Along with Windows 10, MS will present the new version of UEFI secure boot, which, under the auspices of the anti-virus can prevent to install on the computer an alternative OS. As a solution, manufacturers are encouraged to establish a special "switch" that will allow users to enable and disable this feature. But to do it or not, each manufacturer will decide for himself. And for weeks there are rumors that the absence of such "switch" may become a mandatory condition for obtaining a sticker "Designed for Windows 10".

Someone might find it funny, but I'm always for choice. Even when I personally, and nothing else is going to choose. I do not think that in the near future I would bet on your Linux computer. But I prefer it to be my decision, not a Directive of some kind of Corporation. And let it be yet more such "horror story" for the geeks, dreamers, than a real threat... but who knows what their next step?

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NVIDIA and photorealism

Who in their right mind would confuse a picture of 3D game with real life? NVIDIA believes that almost any. And periodically invites pessimists to test your skills by guessing which picture is real and which is just a screenshot.

Such a high-quality image has been obtained using Iray 2015 — new type of GPU-accelerated rendering, physics-based interaction of light and materials. Yet to work with this technology requires very strong iron, but, nevertheless, support Iray 2015 will be added to popular programs like Maya or 3ds Max in 2015. So, photorealistic games or visual novels already looming on the horizon. Even if we see them more than a year or even two.

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Google and augmented reality

But in Google think there is no sense to invent a new reality when in our possession and already have one. Which is a bit more photorealistic than full. But to add to and tweak it to your taste — a sweet deal.

For this company and was created by Magic Leap technology that allows "on the fly" to combine virtual and real worlds. While we are talking at best about a demo version of this technology, but at this stage it is already impressive. To evaluate it you will be able the video below.

If you believe the representatives of the company, in the near future we are waiting for a 3D shooter in which the game locations will be the same room, which is a gamer.

Honestly, the prospects of such technology is slightly frightening. Some nesmie balanced people manage to confuse the real world with a computer game. And here the difference is blurred even more. Well even if the monsters will have a frankly cartoony look — as well as the authors of the game try to put in a real room, the virtual images of the people with whom the player will have to fight? Like then out of the corner passerby got punched in the forehead — just out of habit.

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Against the background of demonstration of Magic Leap the company about the bright future of Google Glass will not cause a skeptical smile. Yes, it is not as fast as we would all have liked, but who said that everything will work out quickly and easily?

It is Worth noting that Google have learned from their mistakes. The second version of the smart glasses is planning to show the public the not before that bright moment when she is completely ready. And, in my opinion, this is absolutely correct. Moreover, it is not clear what expected of a company selling testers with a crude prototype of the first version of points, which by definition does not cause any enthusiasm.

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Transparent displays and foldable device

Another unfinished, which told the public too early — folding mobile device from Samsung. Actively campaigning for the subject started back in 2013, and according to the initial plans for their mass production was scheduled to begin in late 2015.

According to updated figures, the first folding smartphone we'll see on store shelves only in 2016, but considering that for 2015 was originally only scheduled start of production, the company has not so sinned against the truth.

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Plans to create a similar device was a LG, but unlike its main competitor in this company in no hurry to prematurely disclose the card. The only thing that managed to pull reporters from the company — the hint is that prior to the production of transparent displays remained not so much time as people think. However, the project is not yet ready to end, and some engineers have yet to finish.

In my opinion, it is even more interesting than bendable displays. If a pane of glass, the glazed surface of the table or the transparent wall of the lift will really be able to turn in a full display — it will be great. The question, as usual, in price.

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Smart phones and smart electronics

From 28 to 29 may this year, will host the annual conference Google I/O 2015. The company had no immediate comment on all the rumors that walk on the net for the last couple of weeks. And what we will show at this event, is unclear.

According to the latest gossip, watch on Android Wear will officially receive the support of smartphones on iOS, but is it really so unclear. On the one hand, it seems doubtful that the iPhone will not prefer a smart watch from Apple. On the other — in reality, one particular brand linked not all. And more recently, the combination of tablet from Apple and Android were committed everyday.

The only Trouble is that the clock on the Android Wear and Apple Watch differ not so much as once seemed. And how many people will want to change sewed on soap — a separate issue.

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In recent years, the number of devices of companion to a smartphone is growing exponentially. And it's not only smart watches, but also various sensors, headsets, medical devices, testers, drones, cameras, items, smart home and a bunch of other devices.

Caught among them, and very unusual items. For example — the bionic hand called Handiii. The device can read signals from muscles and translate them into movement. Apparently, it is time-consuming, and as the assistant of this "hand" is the smartphone.

the Most interesting that to make Handiii easy enough, in theory, that should be enough possibilities of a 3D printer.

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Another example of "smart" devices, for which you may need a mobile — shoes Volvorii Timeless. From ordinary shoes, they differ in that have a built-in E-ink display, which you can download any patterns. I'm sure the mods on this idea appreciated. Unless, of course, such shoes will ever go into mass production — and judging by the course of fundraising on Indiegogo chances of it not very much.

And Yes, if the phrase "smart shoes" you laugh, take a look at an article about "smart" clothes — there are two or more, and such.

the rights-offtopic: Smart clothing

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Peter Chou and HTC

This week it became known that Peter Chou stepping down as the head of HTC. Don't know, maybe I'm unfair to him, but I want to say only one thing: "it's time". Yes, once with it a little-known OEM manufacturer has become known worldwide And the brand. But with him, this company has lost much of its luster, turning from the "Taiwan miracle" in the usual smartphone manufacturer.

They Say a friend is known in trouble. And a good Manager is learned in the black for the company days. It is not difficult to give thoughtful interviews and proudly present new machines, so far so good. But extremely difficult to admit their mistakes, to step aside and give way to young, when everything is already a year that goes awry. Too often, managers at this rank it is customary to ascribe all the success of the company, but in all its failures solely to blame hapless subordinates. Loudly promise to leave in the event of another failure — and then to forget his words and continue to "save" the company.

Very excited to become CEO as HTC enters a new era! Confident that Peter will continue to excel in driving our future products strategy. CW

Cher Wang (@CherWang) March 20, 2015

I Want to believe that we will now have a chance to see the very HTC, for announcements which millions of people watched with bated breath. The company, which is equal to arguing with a giant Samsung and again and again showed the difference between quality and quantity.

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China and "frameless" epidemic

Importantly, what would the next HTC did not "frameless" smartphone. In fact, after the presentation of the Sharp Aquos Crystal, among the Asian manufacturers have started a real epidemic of "frameless" devices. For example, judging from the leaks, soon similar smartphones, we will enjoy at least the Oppo and LeTV. Unfortunately, many companies believe that the lack of a framework in itself, but it is not. Sharp Aquos Crystal attracted in the first place unusual design, where the lack of framework — part of the selected image. But its "frameless" design of competitors is quite a model.

The First smartphone has the working title the OPPO R7. If you believe the rumors, it will be built on an eight-core processor MediaTek MT6795 and get the integrated camera with a resolution of 20.7 megapixels. Presumably, the novelty will appear on the market in the coming months.

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As for the smartphone LenTV, the lack of a framework isn't his only specialty. It is expected that he will be the first Android smartphone with USB connector Type C. other characteristics may be noted a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, OCTA core processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Instead of an epilogue

Well, the issue came to an end and it is time to draw conclusions. Will we in the future something interesting or all that capable producers is a boring running in a circle? Can mobile technology be interesting, or she's long become standard home appliances, like kettles and vacuum cleaners? Decide how usually you. Statistics is a stubborn thing and I don't dare to argue with her. But still hope that the optimists will be more.

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