The best photo editors for Android


Meanwhile, as you took the picture and the way you shared it, there is another step of image processing. And this step can easily become the most enjoyable part of the process.

The Cameras in current smartphones can do some truly amazing things, and their creators and then announce the new cool chips. And despite this, subsequent image processing can play an equally important role than the shooting itself and the tools for it. Whatever you do, shot a breathtaking view, or catch a colleague who has fallen asleep in a meeting, then attach it to photo "gugliucci", editor never hurts. And more importantly, find the right editor, and that's what we will discuss in the article.

There is much talk about software that comes with the camera of your smartphone, but we will focus on the best individual photo editors for Android – regardless of the quality of the camera in your smartphone or your skill level.


That the desktop, for computers, this program has become one of the most commonly used solutions. It is powerful, professional and successful involves the gradual development of all those hundreds of little things that would just a good snapshot "grow" to level, which is not a sin to hang on the wall. As cameras in smartphones have already learned to do high quality photos, and the processors able to perform complex image processing on the fly, in mobile devices this software allows you to perform edits on the same level, wherever you are.

So far, Lightroom Mobile only exists in a version for Android smartphones, the interface is clearly designed to control the fingers, so as to provide the same editing capabilities as in desktop version. Because of this we have to resort to the awkward zoom in the image, but when you add the ability to edit pictures in RAW, we get a very different level of processing, characteristic of the era of Lollipop. And if you use Lightroom on your home computer, you can add the sync via Adobe to home to continue working with the images.

Download Lightroom Mobile (free, plus additional options for subscription)


Still, for serious work with images requires the appropriate time and place. But in real life and in social networks we usually prefer something more light and fast. To catch a funny moment from the life of his child, to capture the graffiti on the passing train, to remove the sign, which was found on the road – it's what are great cameras in smartphones. But it's hard not to take the opportunity to add something to highlight the of a series of similar or, conversely, to give it a funny or even silly tone. If you are usually so photos do this photo editor for you.

There are two versions of the program PicSay, free and Pro. Both have a lot of light and cool chips that we can use to collect all the likes in the world. You can make the picture paler, leaving color saturated only in some areas, quickly apply a filter, add a clever remark in the comic "bubble" and, of course, send photos anywhere in the same moment. The interface here may seem a little clumsy, it is based on the tap and pinch to zoom that you use to operate the tools simultaneously, and that combination makes it easy something accidentally remove or add. But both versions have a huge amount of features that are at your disposal. In the Pro version, of course, more and it is worth $3.99.

Download free and Pro version.

3. Photo editor by AVIARY

There are many free simple editors where you can use the filter or move the focus, but most of them are tied to social networks, like Instagram, or they lack the settings and they are not worth to install. Aviary editor for fans of filter that improves the quality of the pictures, offering a simple graphical interface that allows the user to quickly zoom snapshot and edit it without interrupting the creative flight of thought.

Edited the with a simple band at the bottom of the screen so that it can be done on the fly and with one hand, walking down the street. The app, of course, serious is not, however, a simple interface and basic tools along with a bunch of effects make it the best among the simple solutions.

Download Aviary for free.

4. Google+ Photos

If we talk about photo editors that are customized for social networks, not to mention the photo service for Google+ from Google, which got its place in the list due to the fact that very good and is literally pre-installed on any Android device. Technically, it is a part of Google+, but it has its icon and the app, so it's very easy to go directly to editing. There is a fair selection of filters and frames, if you need fast treatment, but autoreduction is that generally stands apart. With one button you can turn a decent photo into an outstanding, and if you don't like it, you can use the tools for debugging.

Unlike other editors, not especially sharpened by the swipe, there is the possibility of vertical and horizontal swipe, due to which images can be edited with one hand. It is also very easy to go back and see how it looked before the next series of transformations that you made, in case it is difficult to figure out at what point everything went wrong. Also, if you allow Google+ to serve as a backup for your images, you will get access to editing on the basis of the algorithm is called Auto-Awesome and find out what the computer thinks about your exercises with pictures.

Why not try the editor that is already on your phone and absolutely free?


About photo editing you might think, as some kind of one-time action: you shoot and after editing send the photos to a social network. However, the photo editors can offer you much more. With all due respect to photos for social networks, for example, you can process many photos from an event or make a memorial collection of old photographs. So why not do it on a mobile device? Here comes the Pixlr is not just a standalone photo editor, but also a tool for creating collages and other creative.

This app is also very powerful, and overloaded. If you're used to the interface, the abundance of little black squares you do not scare, but if you are a beginner, then simply. With a huge abundance of tools for those who are not willing to do detailed editing, there is a set of tools for auto-correction. Especially suitable for use on a mobile device tools to create collages that enable you to quickly combine in one composition the selection of photos. And if you find the time to sit down and deal with all the possibilities of this editor, it might become your favorite.

Download Pixlr is a free

6. Traditional item

Now it's time to ask our readers what editors they use and what benefits your favorite programs consider fundamental. Share and discuss!